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  1. Inspired by the stories of the posters on this board (and the story of the founder), I'm going to try to clean up my credit file. I had a second loan on a property that was recently short-sold and although I have proof the bank agreed to settle with me, they're reporting it as a charge-off. In contrast, the primary lender (first mortgage) also settled with me and is showing the debt as paid off. I've pasted a couple of screenshots of the letter I got from the lender SLS and what they're reporting to the credit bureaus. What would be the best way to get this cleaned up? Should I offer to pay for deletion? Since I have a written "release from liability" from them, I don't believe I could mess anything up by conntacting them...or am I wrong? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/feedback you might be able to provide.
  2. Bump....I'm sure one of the regulars will be able to help you out. Good luck
  3. Very useful thread. Thanks for the heads up.

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