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  1. Sharing with you all a small success story 😀 January '17 I had a 420EQ score, I got good advice here and started my journey. I'd wrote letters to improve my reports and started my new cards last July (secured with Los Angeles FCU & Capital One, Discover) and managed to get approval for an unsecured 3100CL NFCU GoRewards. I've pretty much been gardening them since then, managed to rehab my student loans thanks to suggestions from folks here. My EQ score has gotten up to around 650. This week I had to find a car loan, and I knew I am still rebuilding and had high usage so I added a cosigner to help get me the best rate on the auto loan. Got denied by two of my credit unions, but NFCU came back with 5.19% interest rate on my loan. After this success with getting pre-approved earlier this week for auto, last night I felt saucy and had a f' it moment just to see if the LUV button would do some good. I put it in 15K as my request, and received a page saying "your request will be reviewed". Woke up this morning to my Navy Federal account showing the limit has been increased to 10K from 3100!!! This is my first 5 digit card ever :-) and I'm pretty amazed and stoked bout this. I thank everyone that has contributed to CB overall, and responded to my posts in the past. This is just the beginning of building something greater! With this new CLI and the fresh auto loan diversifying my report, I hope I can crack 700 in my scores :-)
  2. theRbro


    Poconos, PA
  3. Discover it secured cashback ($300 SL) 561 EQ 562 EX 639 TU (August 2018 in Los Angeles, CA)
  4. Don't do it. Once a CA is paid they have no reason to ever deal with you again. Have you had success with them? and which approach did you take?
  5. I just PFDed an ATT/Diversified collection with no luck. I am going to go the route of paying it off and trying for goodwill removal.
  6. theRbro

    NFCU CC?

    U are fine utilization wise pull the trigger its just one HP. +1000
  7. theRbro

    NFCU CC?

    Percentage owed on the card. The statement balance is what they will report to the credit reporting agencies each month and will affect your score. What are the current balances vs credit limit?
  8. Very nice Kayve!!! Certainly inspirational!
  9. theRbro

    NFCU CC?

    I can also vouch that you should be okay with getting an unsecured card with NFCU. My TU score was about 603 and I only had a $500 secured card (4% util) and I was approved for Go Rewards with $3100 SL. My report also showed a collection account and student loan lates; Generally they'll pull your TransUnion report only for new CCs My one recommendation is make sure your Utilization on those two secured cards is reporting low on your reports before you apply. I've read some stories of people with high utilizations getting denied for just about anywhere because of high utilization %
  10. I recently had success with both TransUnion and Equifax by calling them on the phone and getting addresses deleted. Experian you'll want to use CMRR snail-mail as they tend to not make changes over the phone. You could use the mail method for all three CRAs if you'd like. I sent this letter CMRR to Experian and they deleted the entries I requested with no problems, I also included copy of drivers license, ss card, and utility bill with current address: [YOUR NAME & ADDRESS] Date of Birth: XX/XX/XXXX SS#: XXX-XX-XXXX [CREDIT BUREAU & ADDRESS] 08/26/2017 Dear [CREDIT BUREAU], Please delete the following addresses shown on my credit report: [OLD ADDRESS 1] [OLD ADDRESS 2] [OLD ADDRESS 3] I am not at any of these addresses and this causes a major concern that the reporting of these addresses on my current report may create an opportunity for identity theft. Please make sure my current address is as follows: [YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS] You will find proof of my current residence address on my current utility bill along with my driver’s license and social security card. Thank you, [YOUR NAME]
  11. Update 8/25/17 - Got dinged hard on EX & EQ from a collection added from Diversified Consultants / ATT U-verse (old account). Got a Delete from Concentra on my TU report. Now it is a clean report. Received a Huge score jump EQ 543, EX 550, TU 770 I also got dinged 10 pts for my NFCU card on experian I thought maybe I'd have some success with TU pulls after seeing the 770. I got denied for Barclaycard, I called for recon and they said my file was too thin. I also tried PayPal Extras MC (Synch bank) and was denied. I've decided I'll be gardening my two cards for a few months and maybe open one more secured card. Working on getting this new collection removed plus this Scana Energy Charge-Off and an old Georgia Power Collection to clear up my EQ & EX reports.
  12. Got the deletion from the first PFD with Concentra, I paid the Charge-Off directly with Scana, they updated all of my CRs as "Paid Charge-Off". I am still seeking a delete from them. Still wobbly as far as creating a plan to file a complaint or get delete somehow. I was also thinking maybe I could try goodwill letters to some folks in the credit department?
  13. Just chiming in on my experience- I applied for NFCU CC about 45 days after starting a Checking & Savings (with $15 each). Hard pull on TU, score 658, Approved for $3100 at 18% apr. I assume they started me lower since the only other thing on my TU report is a collection and a $500 secured card. 18%. At a CU that means "If we could charge you more, we could. But we can't so we wont" Yep lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just chiming in on my experience- I applied for NFCU CC about 45 days after starting a Checking & Savings (with $15 each). Hard pull on TU, score 658, Approved for $3100 at 18% apr. I assume they started me lower since the only other thing on my TU report is a collection and a $500 secured card.

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