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  1. This might be a good way to help us out of the mess that we've gotten into. I read how one person was asked for salary, mortgage, minimum credit card debts, auto loans as a basis for whether they qualify for hardship program or not. Is this typical? Doing quick calculations, I figure that we are at 50% for those items. Would that be worth us trying to enter hardship programs? When the accounts are closed, will they report it as closed by you or closed by creditor? I want for my husband's credit to not be harmed.
  2. I carry just two...........Merrill+ and Amex Blue Biz. 130K is enough for emergencies I suppose.
  3. I tend to agree with Bullwinkle, dont try for this card unless your reports are clean. Merrill is a 5 star rated card that is pretty much for people with immaculate credit. Once you are in, they do treat you well.
  4. Merrill is my best card hands down. I have a decent CL with mine, and you can't beat the service. I have never had an issue with this card. Anyone out there still have the 5.9 fixed apr that was given when they first introduced the card?
  5. 600/month * 12 months * 30 years = roughly around $216,000 +/- tax, fees, etc. These numbers are incorrect. The numbers above do not reflect the interest that you will pay. $216,000 at 6% for 30 years equates to a payment in the neighborhood of $1300/month. To get your payments in the $600 range, it works out to about $90,000 at 7%.
  6. I have heard (wife's cousin is in the mortgage biz) that these days with the subprime mortgage situation, that even people with prime credit are getting denied mortgages because they don't have at least 20% down. When I did my mortgage with BOA, to get the best rate, you had to have at least one score above 720.
  7. Chase used to combine any card combinations. Now, they are giving the co-branded speil when trying to combine. If you are really serious about combining, I think you can convert a co-branded card to one of Chase's generic cards (i.e. Freedom) then combine it into the other card.
  8. Feeding the bull is calling the number on the back of your Merrill+ card, and transferring all (or part of) the credit line from another BOA card into the Merrill+ card. I, like many others here, have done this.
  9. Not sure if you can conver to Merrill+, but you can combine cards with BOA.
  10. Hmmmm, if credit were important, DW would have never married me. I personally don't care what a potential spouses credit looks like. I have good enough credit now for the both of us........Besides, you never know, now my credit is better than DW's
  11. Having been a road warrior in the past, I have accumulated over 500K of frequent flyer miles both with airline credit cards and travel. Recently, I realized the devalutation of the frequent flyer miles and switched everything to no annual fee cards. Given the airlines current financial woes, they will continue to push the frequent flyer miles and degrade redemption opportunities. I recall reading elsewhere that all of the airlines have such a heavy financial obligation with frequent flyer miles that if they had to redeem them all, they would all be bankrupt, yet they still depend on the sal
  12. Rawhide


    1) OCCUPATION : Senior Network Engineer and part time professor at a local junior college 2) SEX : Male 3) AGE: 45 4) SALARY: $110.000K 5) LOCATION: New York 6) TOTAL DEBT: $110K (truck and mortgage) Old fart here.
  13. I have the Merrill+ card. Don't have any of the ones you mention in this post. Merrill is a great card. Also it is my highest limit card. I have to totally agree about the Merrill+ card. Highest CL, best service out of all my cards.
  14. I have a Home Depot MC in the mail to me, and a Citi platinum card. Does anyone know if Citi will allow the combination of these two cards?
  15. I personally have a problem with the CRA's making money off of selling my information. Realistically, when one is doing credit repair, you want to keep the lowest profile possible to avoid any last minute gotcha's. Even though my credit repair is complete, I still have a bogus collection for AT&T broadband (which I have never lived in an area that offered AT&T broadband) that is being sold from colletor to collector. I just have to keep doing debt validation until they finally give up.
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