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  1. Heya, Ms. Sassy....awww, my friend, not a directed comment..more of just a casual observation...
  2. Amazing what you can learn about people from their posts and words (oops, had left off my whole thought) , in front or behind the scenes.
  3. I'm so excited for you! Congrats, congrats! And, I adore the name and the history and meaning it holds!! Give him a kiss from me!
  4. Thanks everyone! It was a joy to read your posts!!!! And, I can now announce that I've officially finished my Masters program! Whoo..that was a lot of work! Glad to be done but getting started on my doctorate in October. Reading your posts sure made me smile!
  5. My best friend, Priscilla, set me up with her out-of-town brother. She loved to play Cupid and he and I joked that we would just "play along" to make her happy until he left back to CO. I guess we did a good job of "playing along" because we were married 4 months later. Priscilla passed away at the age of 33 only 3 years after setting us up. She left me with 2 priceless gifts, the gift of friendship and the love of a lifetime. It's why I believe that we really do have angels sent to us in our lifetimes, even if they only stay briefly...
  6. Hey, folks...didn't know if anyone would even remember but I thought I would announce that we found out 'Lanche is a BOY! DD and baby are doing well with C-section scheduled on 2-10-04. 3 more weeks and I'll finish my master's thesis and receive my master's degree in education...the paper is due then and I'll be happy to be done with it! Health problems continue to plague us with DH having a return to hospital for chest pain and me with my share of ouches and ohs. Hope my CB FRIENDS are doing well! Thanks to everyone that PM'd me to ask how I was!
  7. Thanks, Dacman...appreciate your contacting me!
  8. DACMAN...Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
  9. ROFL, Credit Please (did I ever tell you I love your name?) Thanks...Dr. Nana..lol..I like that a lot!!! I'll be leaving town folks! Having my vacation before I have to go back to teaching on top of all my own schoolin'! Whew!!
  10. Thanks, Jessica and Eric! I can use all the luck i can get with this monster project!
  11. :::::::::::waving furiously:::::::::::::: Hi, Allen! I had to pop in to say hi to you!
  12. Oh my, aren't you all the sweetest!!! Thank you for asking! Believe me, I missed you all, as well!! Doing ok here and my CR sitaution is almost right..but not quite..and I'm fighting that one... I have a post over in general kinda updating everyone on stuff....and I do read posts and try to pop in and pm folks when I notice something state-wise or with a nanasi in the heading.. Oh, and I saw the baby..little lanche looks just like me..teehee Ok, so it's hard to tell at 9 weeks but hey, I can dream, can't I? Again, you all made my day...thank you!!!
  13. Hey, PSP and Sarge!! Thanks!!!!!! All that said, I'm going to be taking a credit break. I'm in the last class of my Masters program and it has a huge project to be completed! (YUCK!) I'm afraid, as much as I hate the thought, it's going to be taking a great deal of time and I better just suck it up and get it over with. LOL When done, I'll be starting my Ph.D. in Educ.. Didn't want anyone to think I was not responding for any other reason but I'm going to be researching and writing! Again, it has been great to get back in contact with you all again!! I'll check in as I can!!! Here's hoping for Happy Credit Days ahead to you all!!

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