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  1. I sued this creditor and they are trying to settle with me, but they are acting like they have no idea how credit reporting works... They gave me this letter which I plan to try to use to resolve the issue because I much prefer the delete over a correction. They swear (under oath) that they have never reported anything negative. Yet, the account is negative....
  2. I have multiple accounts showing derogatory status from one creditor on all my credit reports. They claimed to never have reported anything negative, yet they verify the accounts as accurate in every dispute. I have secured a letter from the creditor that says any account in derogatory status is an error and needs to be deleted. What is my best option to use this letter to secure a deletion? Regular CMRR dispute? Or is there any special department to send a letter from a creditor?
  3. Do you think going manic like that is going to help your cause? I didn't give a timeline, I don't think I went manic. I disputed and got no reply, although they updated my report to say "consumer disputes." After about 2 months without getting an answer to the dispute, I opened a BBB complaint. After about 45 more days, I called on the phone. They told me on the phone that I could send them a document to help. So, I faxed it after the phone call. During the same phone call, I asked if they would delete some addresses for me and they did. About a week later, I thought I would check to see if the addresses were deleted and if anything happened with the pending dispute that is now months old and still says "Consumer disputes re-investigation in process" on the credit report. Instead, what I found was that the entire file appeared to be missing when accessed via two of three websites attempted, including the CRA's own website. Do you have any thoughts on my initial question. Why would my file be missing on these reports? In other tangentially related news, I attempted a CLI from a creditor that uses the CRA where my file went missing today and got a $2,500 increase.
  4. Checking MPM today, one of the CRAs was just entirely blank. Then I went directly to the CRA's website and pulled a report. It pulled an entirely blank credit report. Then, I went to a third website to pull a 3 bureau report with FICO scores. On this site, I was able to see my report and score. But on MPM and the CRA's own site, I get nothing. Any idea on what could have happened? With this CRA, I called them on the phone recently and complained about a dispute that has not been resolved and is past their deadline, while on the phone I asked for some addresses to be deleted. I also opened a BBB complaint against them for the unresolved dispute that is past their deadline. I also sent them a fax following the phone call concerning the unresolved dispute.
  5. Day 45 credit report, item still marked "Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress," BBB complaint opened.
  6. What situation might have triggered the 45 days? I cited a reference number off a previous response to a dispute from the CRA, so I didn't directly cite any free annual credit report number. I do not believe I sent the CRA any additional communication since that fax, so I see nothing that would have given them a 15 day extension. I could blast them now, or I could wait until day 50 to be safe. But I'd hate for them to verify based on extra time then refuse to delete when I could stop them now and force them to delete.
  7. I sent a dispute via fax to a CRA. 40 days have passed. I know they received my fax for two reasons (1) the item in dispute has a dispute notation on my credit reporting and (2) I have the confirmation from the fax machine. In hindsight, I do wish I used CMRR, but I did not, so please do not point that out now. In my experience, letters like "you failed to answer me in 30 days, so delete" result more often in either a 15 day extension based on new information or a brand new 30 day reinvestigation starting. This is true even when you put big bold letters across the top of the page stating this is not a request for reinvestigation. How do you best notify the CRA of their failure and need to delete so it doesn't simply get pushed into an automated 30 or 15 day process? I've considered a letter to the CRA's registered agent, a BBB Complaint, a CFPB complaint, or a letter CMRR to the regular CRA dispute address. Thoughts?
  8. My thought would be to wait 35 days from the day the first letter was signed for then send another CMRR including a copy of the first letter and the RR. I would inform them that their time to investigate the other six items has expired and I expect them to be deleted immediately. That would be my inclination, I'll let others chime in with more experience. But, even if you do this, I would expect they will just open a new case and you will wait to hear back in yet another 35 days.
  9. What are the typical outcomes from an ITS to a CRA? What are the possible downsides if you send an ITS and later decide not to sue when they do not comply with your demands?
  10. Too late to reconsider now, already went out to the registered agent addresses. I was polite and made respectful requests rather than demands. I don't think I did anything to put the current accounts in jeopardy. I will try to play nice first, but if nice doesn't work, I think deleting the negative accounts is more important than keeping the positive accounts.
  11. A letter to the General Counsel that DOES NOT threaten legal action would be the best avenue to pursue. That ARE the ones presumed to know the law in-house and are the ones most apt to actually LOOK at the issue (or have their far-more-competent-than-phone-jockey staff look at it). Threats of litigation when they know it isn't going to happen rarely get anywhere with a lender. Most of them realize that if there was a legitimate chance of suits being filed, the consumer would NOT be the one signing and sending the letter outside of the consumer ALSO being an attorney and the letter going out on firm letterhead... With a creditor that I do not have a current account with I sent their registered agent a letter saying that I wish to avoid hiring an attorney and hoped they would settle the matter. The result was a settlement agreement that included the deletion of the account. A few days after signing the agreement, the account was deleting from the every CRA. I am hoping for a similar outcome. The error on the credit report is the same as I am dealing with on the other accounts. I decided to go with a simple and polite letter addressed to general counsel using the registered agent address that doesn't even hint at legal action in the letter. I just dropped them in the mail.
  12. MPM Customer Service informed me earlier today that the problem was fixed, then again just now that they are aware the problem is continuing and they are working on it.
  13. Wait you're in BK dispute mode. What are you doing checking fake reports every day? These reports are useless for what you're doing. I can see if the BK7 says "dispute in progress" or not. If it falls off or not, I will know the results a few days before they come in the mail. I can also see the status of the IIB accounts where I have been corresponding directly with the creditors. And I have one creditor that is constantly toying with a few accounts (literally about once a week it switches between positive and negative reporting and it is my only installment line left) which is causing FICO scores to fluctuate by about 50 points and I want to keep tabs on it.
  14. Is a letter to general counsel an implied threat of legal action in itself?
  15. I got no reply when I sent them a letter to their general address. They verified a dispute as accurate. I thought my next step was going to be an ITS to their registered agent. They are reporting an account IIB that was NOT IIB. They are also reporting other accounts that were IIB as charged off instead of IIB when they were never late before BK7. Perhaps instead of an ITS, I could submit a polite letter to the registered agent address? When the other creditor, they are reporting a charge off 4 months after the BK7. I wrote them twice and the first answer said there was no error. The second letter was to their legal department and their response blamed the CRA for the error.

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