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  1. Are you not able to get a personal loan to lower your monthly payment?
  2. Looking at getting a loan to pay off these credit cards, $12,000 in total. Looking at Prosper, Lending Club, or even my credit union PenFed/NFCU... Pros? Cons? Should I look at other avenues or other banking facilities?
  3. https://i.imgur.com/TXusJYf.jpg There is nothing they can do, based on the last sentence, correct?
  4. To answer your question...lower interest rate, if I went FHA... I'm thinking like 2-3 years down the road though...
  5. So, I went with NFCU 100% Financing Homebuyers mortgage option. The APR is 5.2%, yet no money down AND no PMI. The cost of the home is only 128K I did the math, even if I refinance 2-3 years down the road, I still come out on top...What is the criteria to refinance, is this feasible?
  6. Thanks yet there is no PMI, with Navy Federal 100% finance program. ​ I'm just hoping that I can lower this 5% five years down the road.
  7. Navy Federal Credit Union's 100% financing is sitting at around 5% APR, if I was to apply. Is it possible to re-finance this a few years down the road? Are there some limitations or guidelines when re-financing mortgages.
  8. Thanks for not answering any of my questions in the original post. By positive, it isn't listed as a collection or a charge off. Actually a paid status. People can have positive timelines with a late
  9. It is a student loan and majority of my credit monitoring services lists it as a 'good account' and states it will be on my report for 10 years. I have three of these that are identical in payment history. Nelnet recently verfified a 'never late' dispute. Attempting the goodwill route...again. Even though it will affect my AOAA, having three of these...hurts my credit report by about 100 points. (This is based on how high my credit score jumped during the dispute.) I'm thinking of going the Jack Attack Route. I don't believe Nelnet is federal. Thoughts?
  10. No...Tried to pay $1.00 straight from the card's site/interface.. Probably misunderstood you guys...
  11. Well, I wasn't able to push a $1.00 to the account. Yet, I did just purchase something that was like $5.00 and it was accepted and shipped. Wondering how much this positively affect my score...since the card's status on my credit report was Inactive/This will remain on your report until 2022.
  12. There is no Way this is true! Oh, that's absolutely true. ​Regarding the rest, if paying, then DVing has worked for you, keep doing it. If it works, it works. I just know that I see thousands of examples where paying merely cements it to your report for the next 7 years. Post a link to the contract agreement....didn't think so! Yes... because empty bickering is my life blood. Ugh. Reply was to OP - you've made clear you disagree. Cool. It is not empty bickering. It is not spreading misinformation on a public forums. Tons of people come here and don't even post. Don't spread ignorance and say it's gospel.

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