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  1. They sold it to merchant but merchant say they dont have it
  2. thought soo been awhile since i cleaned up my credit... The account was originally with the CA until it was DV. They deleted it and it went back to OC. The sis has the money to pay it.
  3. Ashro is the OC and the one reporting....they said the CA has it but the CA are not reporting on the CR. It was her younger sister and she finally got her act together she doesnt want to hinder her growth....stupid i know...
  4. She doesnt want to do that, she wants to make them prove she did it....the debt is for $300
  5. my bad....it was not her debt a family member did it.
  6. I had my friend send a dv letter to ashro and they responded back with "this account was referred to collections on 4-25-09. Your opportunity to request validation of this debt under the Fair Debt Colelctions Practices Act as expired. Please contact the following agency to make payments. She has disputed the acct with the CRs and the collection agency deleted the acct. The OC is the one reporting now not the CO they are stating. What is her next step.
  7. My friend has an medical acct that she got a collection letter on, she checked her report because she got a letter from the CA but it hasnt shown up on her CR yet. I want her to do the Hippa Letter Program and not skip any steps. Since its neither the hospital or CR are on her report yet can she just send payment to the hospital using the Form letter to the OC?
  8. The house was built in 1983, so its an older house
  9. Leon County site says Building Value: $88,546.00 Land Value: $22,000.00 SOH Differential: $0.00
  10. The realtor said it may need a roof but an inspection hasnt been done yet. Its a sold as is foreclosure. There is no stove and no fridge.
  11. its in tallahassee and its a bank owned foreclosure. It has two houses next to each other for sale. Its far out about 30 mins from downtown. You think I could offer $60k?
  12. I am looking at a foreclosure listed $99k. It qualifies for a usda loan. The house is going to need a roof, appliances and carpet. What would be an offer that would likely to be accepted? This would be my first home.
  13. Thanks, that just didnt sound right, but she did not believe me.
  14. I have a friend who went to a lending consortium and told her that her DTI is too high but her credit score is great. She pays all her bills on time with no lates. She was told she can write a letter to the CRAs, basically saying since I am current, can you remove me from your database because I am buying a house. She has hight utilization. Is that true? I have never heard of being able to remove a positive TL.
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