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  2. Just got through on the other #. CSR apologized and refunded the difference. So 3 reports and scores for $7.46 for me!
  3. Just noticed that the 7.46 is only for TU. I have been getting all 3 + scores though.
  4. I have been getting billed the $7.46 for the last 6 months. I called their # and they referred me to another # which isn't open yet.
  5. Here's a link. It still show's $7.46 after a 30 day trial. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/catalog.gsp...3A5433%3A453270
  6. I noticed mine went up on my cc bill. It was 9.95, not $11 However I signed up for the $7.46 plan through walmart, so there should have been no reason for it to be 9.95.
  7. Mine went up this month with no warning. Anyone else have this? Gonna call and see what's up when they open.
  8. Well it ended pretty well. They called today to let us know that it was ready to take home. So we went to inspect it and it looked great. We had decided not to fight anymore and just move on with life. However the manager called us in and told us they were dropping the price by a grand and throwing in a free extended warranty. We left feeling much better about the deal. Thanks again for the advice!
  9. After we signed the paperwork, they called us a few days later and told us that it had arrived from the other dealer. We went in to look at it in their showroom. My wife sat in it while it was there. She never drove it or even turned it on. And we were never given any keys or anything else that to me would denote ownership. Did we take possesion of it by her sitting in it?
  10. We have not even seen the keys yet. They sent it to the leather guy already though.
  11. We have already signed the paperwork for the financing and titlework. However we have not gotten the vehicle yet. Are we still obligated to keep the vehicle or can we still walk away from the deal?
  12. We agreed to buy a vehicle that our dealership was going to get for us from another dealer. It had everything we wanted except the leather interior group. No problem the salesman told us, they could have the leather added. So we sign the paperwork for the financing and wait for it to arrive. After we get home we price the vehicle on their website and realize that when you pay for the leather group normally, you get some other extras such as heated and power seats, tri control ac, and air filtering. So I call the salesman up and he tells us that he can't imagine that this vehicle wouldn't have these things. Great. Couple of days later he calls and says that he was wrong and the vehicle does not have this, but we could add some things on for a discounted price! (We paid the full amount of the leather option already) Then he informs us that the vehicle was sent to a local guy to do the leather. We feel duped and think we are entitled to all the features we paid for and thought we were getting. Is there anything we can do now. We would like to cancel this whole thing and take our business elsewhere if possible. Thanks for any advice.
  13. I need some advice and to rant a bit. Last year in April I closed my sorry Capital One account because I was finally able to get better cards. Around November I got a bill for nearly $200 for late fees, member fees, finance charges and an unknown charge. I immediately called and told them something was wrong. They had me fill out fraud papers even though no charges should have even been possible after the account had been closed for so long. They tell me the account will be $0-ed out and closed again. Great. Next month I get another bill. Same thing, nothing fixed. Call again and told that there was a problem with the fraud adjustment, but they would take care of it. Next month I get a statement that shows 3 past due fee credits, a finance charge credit, a member fee credit but still showing a balance for the fraudulent charge. And another Late Fee charge!!!! Even though they had just credited me three others. I am at wits end and need some advice. I just talked with another rep who told me again that the account would be closed and $0-ed out and to call back in two weeks. I have taken notes including rep #'s, time/day of all conversations but this seems not to matter to supervisors. Any advice?

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