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  1. Is it possible to obtain a cash out re-fi on a rental property these days? I've read about 50 posts today and in some cases, it looks bleak, but in others... Situation: Rented since purchased four years ago; documentable via lease and bank statements. Conservatively worth $110,000 (documentable via sales on same street w/in last 60 days and they didn't have new AC and roof like ours does;-) $18,000 remaining mortgage, want to re-fi to $75,000, taking cash to pay off a student loan and remaining mortgage on primary residence. No other debt. Six months reserves and $ to pay closin
  2. We purchased our home in Florida in 2006, and of course it is now worth about 60% of what we originally paid, even though we got a good deal at the time. We have an 80% loan at 7% which is tied to LIBOR, so we anticipate that will be going up in the future. We have a fixed 20% loan at 10% interest rate. We have managed to amass a fair amount of money in the past couple years and now need to decide the best way to dig out of the 80/20 hole. We have the funds to pay off the 20% loan completely but since that loan is fixed, I'd really rather address the ARM first if at all possible. (If we a
  3. So, from the way I read things, if the LIBOR is at approximately half of what it was 6 months ago, and my ARM is tied to the 6-month rate, then my mortgage will go DOWN??? The mortgage company can't change their margin, right, and the rate is down, right??? Or am I just completely reading the whole thing incorrectly? I mean, we re-set once already and my rate went up, even though I think the LIBOR was actually down from when we closed. Anybody out there able to lead me through this? I'm obviously reading this wa-a-a-a-y wrong. Thanks BK
  4. A little history...Filed medical-related BK in 2004; health and finances fairly well recovered now. So, a week a go I took a tumble. Woke up unable to walk. Thought leg possibly broken; needed to have it checked out but it was a Saturday, so my Dr. not available. Very responsibly looked up, through my insurance provider's site, nearest urgent care, as did not want to use ER unecessarily or pay ER deductible! Seen at urgent care, paid $75 co-pay at time of service. Checked site today to ensure the Dr. filed claim. They did and it's been processed. Remainder of bill I am responsible for: $128.0
  5. Closed mortgage in February. YEAH! In our closing papers it said that the loan was being sold immediately to another mortgage company. We were told to pay our first, (due May 1) and subsequent payments to the second company. We were even provided with two coupons for the second company. We paid these first two payments well in advance of the due dates, but when we had not received any statements or coupons by the time the third payment was due, we called the second company. They claimed they had never heard of us (although, by then both checks had been cashed.) We went ahead and made the thir
  6. Friend is panicking, trying to re-fi. Is this okay? I think I see junk, plus how does this help her, other than her estimated payment increase will only be $52.00 Basic situation: 3 yr ARM @ 3.75% coming due next month. Payment will adjust upwards minimally $109.24, max $186.00. Good credit, but broker says expected equity is not there. Was planning on appraisal at $165,000, broker says likely to come in at $145.000. Money very tight! Broker is suggesting: 5 year I/O 80% @ 5.87% 20% @ 9.05% This will make payments go up total of $52.00 per month Loan Amount $112,500
  7. Thanks Marv! A Toyota TL will look nice on my CR, post-BK...
  8. Dealer says will finance through them. What is known about them? Thanks.
  9. Finally found the Tier info I was looking for regarding Toyota. Besides the FICO, what else would put you into or out of a tier?
  10. Hi Marv and/or anybody else in the know... I searched, but can't seem to find much info on Toyota. (If I missed it, just point me in the right direction please.) I need to know the Toyota tiers. Was told a 682 Beacon (ae) is a tier 4, but could be pushed to a tier 3??? Seems wa-a-ay off to me. Could it be a tier 3? or even a 2? Any input appreciated. Thanks!
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    Actually, we just had an appraisal done (FL) on a property we wanted to buy, and we knew the seller was WAY out of line in the asking price, so we were hoping the appraisal would come in somewhere in the correct range. The seller originally said he would sell for appraisal price. Well, in this part of the country, appraisers are definitely minding their p's + q's. Even though ALL of the houses for sale in the area are priced in the same range, the appraisal came in more than $20,000 below the asking price! That's because what has actually SOLD, as opposed to what is for sale, has all bee
  12. I have to say that United has done an INCREDIBLE job throughout my very extended illness. There are things that are a pain, like needing to get referrals for the specialists, and needing pre-authorizations for surgeries, etc. but these are common to HMO's. What has been great as a patient is that most of my providers are linked to them via a computer system, so bills are in AND PAID within a couple weeks. I keep track of everything via the United website, so I know what to expect in terms of co-pay billings, etc. You DO need to watch out on the prescription end of it. My meds are so
  13. Inconsistencies are common across reports from anybody outside of actual paper reports from the individual CRA's. (I've even had a couple instances where the online report and the paper report from the same CRA differed!) It is well worth the time, $$$, and effort to get paper reports from each individual CRA.
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