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  1. As the title explains, my wife had been making my payments to DoE monthly for nearly a year straight. We were forced into moving, well maybe not forced, but refused to live in a slum house the landlord won't fix. The move wasn't something we had financially planned, so the student loan got set back. Last payment was made June 3, 2012 and today, Aug 14, 2012 I get a call from Windham Professionals stating my $2,300 student loan now totals $6,987. And this is where things got interesting. The first offer was to settle the loan for $5,900 if I could get a loan and pay it in full. Not likely, since now I have a defaulted student loan...DUH! The second offer she made was to pay $3,000 today (initial payment exceeds my loan amount nearly 100%) and a third lender would be able to pick up the remainder of the loan. Don't have $3,000 or I would have paid the loan off already while it was still only $2,300. Next brilliant idea? The thrird offer was quite suspicious. I have to agree to go into their rehab program with payments of $85 a month for 9 months, then a third party lender will pick up the loan at a lower interest rate. If I agree to the rehab, they will stop interest today and at the 9 month mark, drop an additional $1,200 in interest. So, naturally, I asked to see the agreement. She refused to send the agreement until the first payment posts. I will not, under ANY circumstances agree to a contract without having reasonable time to review said contract. I do believe the Consumer Protection Act will back me up on this. I am not disputing I have failed to make payments in 60 days, but DANG!!! That was the quickest default without notice on any loan I have ever gotten. Nor am I going to try and skip out of paying it. So, for all you people who would lay claim I am trying to shirk my responsibilities, you could not be more wrong. For nearly 2 years, I was never late on my payments. My concern is the agreeing to a contract by making initial payment when I am yet to review said agreement. Further, the value they claim is 3 times the amount my account shows from DoE. Any suggestions?

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