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  1. I can't seem to download the tracker. Does anyone have it?
  2. Thanks for responding so quickly! I am already opted out. I will start trying to remove prior address but I have to get my current liscense changed first. This was a bill that I never paid, which went to collections and then went to judgement ( i never received the paperwork, I had moved from the address where they sent it) I settled with the collection agency for less. Here is how it shows up on Equifax (with private info removed) Type: Judgment Date Filed: 03/2009 Case Number: xxxxxxx Court Number/Name: Court Address: 310 Center Dr Riverhead, NY 119013309 (631) 852-5200 Plaintiff: HUNTINGTON HOSPITAL Defendant: xxxx Amount: $6,003 Status: Date Reported: N/A Satisfied Date: 06/2012 Verified Date: 08/2012 Comments: Medical Any and all help is appreciated! Personal name removed by Stroked89Coupe
  3. Hey, I have looked into Why Chat's method of removing medical collections. I have a collection that went into judgement and that I paid after the judgement. Is there anyway to get this remove? I already tried a standard dispute and that didn't work/ Thanks for any help. Sean

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