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  1. What are you doing different today in light of the date? That is, to stay safer?
  2. I've been flooded with e-mails all telling me to remember 9/11. I've never met an adult who's forgotten, have you? I wonder, do these people think they are the special ones that remembered and the rest of us need to be told?
  3. We went down there and asked for the paper with both halves attached. It was interesting to say the least what the top half stated. I asked for a POA that has clear language of title transfer etc. for one time use only. Amazing how they fumbled and stuttered. Also, the POA for me had the wrong address on so I made them get a new one. We were friendly and polite and gave them the benefit of doubt that they didn't mean to be sneaky, it got us some free upgrades and we don't have to go to the BMV!
  4. I found out that their TOS actually threatens prosecution if you sell one of their phones. They added that part to the TOS last month. At first, it seemed to focus only on selling them outside of the US, but then a sneaky little line was added to be inclusive of any sell. Some have said that in order to pass the phone on, you must give the new owner all of the info you used to buy and register the phone. Could be a lot of sensitive info. I just don't want to be in contract, paying high prices for nothing
  5. If there was anything on the POA to read I would. That was my point. There is nothing on the page with info, only where to sign and a sticky note attached that it's for the truck. I was hoping to get some sense of if this is normal so I don't get fed some bs.
  6. It's been a few years, but I didn't. Waited until people were posting here about pushing the button and getting some love, it worked, then 6 months later I got an auto increase. Haven't seen any action in a year though.
  7. It's the Samsung Galaxy 2. I just can't deal with android. Unfortunately, I tried long enough that my 15 day return window has expired. I haven't seen any for sale on craigslist so wondered if it's hard to sell them?
  8. We traded in our SUV for a truck. The SUV was in both of our names. They already paid off our SUV. (kudos to them) They want my POA for the SUV, I get that. But they also want his POA for the truck? and it's only the bottom half where the signatures go, no explaination for purpose of POA for the truck. Have you ever heard of this? We took deliverly of the truck and they've sold the SUV.
  9. She makes good choices! We're planning a cycle tour there and discovered that not all of those venues are open Mon - Fri. Be sure to check special closings too.
  10. I didn't like the cases offered on Amazon for the straightalk so I went to a mall kiosk today and found that those for AT&T fit perfect. I don't want an anti-virus, I was told it needed one. iphone is so much easier, but I'm hoping to have a good experience with android. Thanks guys!
  11. We always pay the BT off in the offer time before starting another. I really like the float time for large purchases!
  12. If it's always 0 transfer fee and 0% APR, is it a bad thing? Any one else have a BT going at all times?
  13. I second that! You worked hard and acheived a family of your own and a degree. I'm with Nem, more of the write them off type. If strangers on the internet can see how much you've done and be proud of you and happy for you then family is missing out on a lot of joy provided by you and your accomplishments.
  14. I'm new to Androids and just figured out this might need an anti-virus? If so, which one? I also discovered this phone comes in different models according to carriers. I can't find a nice case for the straight talk version. Why would they make the phones different?
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