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  1. Hello, Is there a spreadsheet that explains how to maximize score? I remember something along those lines from years ago. Link if possible, please? 😀
  2. It's not working for me in FF or Chrome. Maybe I have a permissions issue because my account hasn't been used in years? (Trying the xls link)
  3. Still getting the download error saying it's not available..
  4. Ok, thanks. I applied for and received a CLI from the Sallie Mae, bringing the limit from 3000 to 4500! Lowe's said no, but apparently gave a small automatic increase this month. The Sallie Mae pull was hard, so I decided to apply for three additional cards: the FNBO, a Union Bank card, and a Charter One card, all with 0% BT deals. I haven't done business with them before, so I will see what happens..
  5. Thanks for the reply. The Sallie Mae card is through Barclay's. Should I apply for an additional card, a credit line increase, or both?
  6. I still have a CH 7 BK and related accounts on my reports from almost 7 years ago. I managed to get a card from a local CU, a Lowe's card, and the Sallie Mae card. I applied to Citi, but was told that I would have to wait until the BK comes off of my reports before they would issue a card. Please recommend banks/CUs that offer 0% BT promotions that may issue cards to people with prior BKs.
  7. To obtain credit. I would like to build credit lines over time. But I want to avoid cards with annual fees or ones that don't offer promotional bt rates, if possible.
  8. I was recently approved for a HELOC after declaring ch 7 BK over 5 years ago. I would like to, at some point in the near future, start to obtain new CC accounts. I have read about opening multiple accounts at a time as a strategy to obtain a large amount of credit. Would that be the way to go, or should I just apply for 3 more, since I already have 2. I would like to get additional credit without destroying my score. Thanks,
  9. I have started to receive both letters and phone calls from Acqura Loan Services regarding a mortgage for a property that was surrendered during Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008. I have explained the situation and have asked them to stop calling, but I continue to receive loan statements and phone calls. Oddly, the statements contain the following message: "If you are in active bankruptcy or received a discharge which included this debt, this communication is not intended to be & does not constitute an attempt to reaffirm or to collect a debt against you personally & is for informational purposes only." Does the above message exempt them from collection rules? Am I entitled to sue them under the FDCPA? I would like to sue and collect damages, if possible, or at least have communications stop. Thanks
  10. Hello, If your part of the refund was taken by the IRS, i.e. the refund attributable to your wages and withholdings, then you can still receive your portion by filing the "injured spouse" form, Form 8379. Just read the form and instructions carefully and answer each applicable line item. I am an Enrolled Agent having experience in these matters. Good luck!
  11. Enrolled Agent here. If the tax bill from 2009 stems from your ex's income, you should file "innocent spouse" paperwork, Form 8857. Then, for your 2012 refund, you should file "injured spouse", Form 8379. It's really easy to do, and the IRS is generally easy to work with.
  12. I received a direct loan to cover my tuition for last semester. I requested a loan to cover 12 credit hours. The manner in which they had me make the request was through e-mail. What actually happened is that a loan for more than that amount was issued. The balance on my account from the 12 credit hours was paid, and I received a check for the excess. I simply cashed the check and applied the payment as a refund through salliemae.com. I called and asked why this had happened, and they (financial aid at my school) said that it was a mistake. But one month later I received a check from the school for over two-thousand dollars. I called and asked for an explanation, and they said that a mistake was made (another?) and that they wanted me to cash the check. I explained to them that I did not request any additional loans and that I didn't want more loans showing up on my credit report. I said that I would not cash the check and told them to cancel the check. I called a few times to no avail. They are now saying that I owe them for the amount of the check, because the loan was cancelled since I didn't cash the check, and they said that they would put my account in collections. They also charged a late fee. And I just received a notification from Sallie Mae that another loan disbursement is planned for this week! So my questions are as follows: 1. Can they send checks for loans I did not ask for and demand that I cash them? 2. Can they send my account to collections and hold me responsible, even though I never cashed a check they sent to me? 3. Can they charge a late fee for the money they say I owe, money that never left the school's account? The check is from the school. I am in a bit of a dilemma because this is preventing me from registering for classes for the next semester. I want to avoid having additional unnecessary loans appear on my credit report, as I plan to refinance my home some time during the next two months. Thanks
  13. Unfortunately, a refinance of the second isn't possible. A refinance of the first is only possible under the current lender (and is in process). The home was purchased during the "bubble", so the value isn't high enough to accommodate traditional financing. Penfed seems like a great CU. I know that they offer HELOCs on investment properties (up to 3). I will join next year. I have been looking for other fixed bt offers. The ones that I have found are for existing holders and for CUs that have very stringent membership requirements. Just using one Penfed card would be fine, but I'm not sure they would allow a cl of that size, so I want to find additional options.
  14. I am looking for the best deals on fixed-rate balance transfers. My Mother has a second mortgage at 10%, for which about 18k is owed. I know of the Penfed deal, but I don't know if they would provide a line that large since her other cards have limits around 7k at the most. 1. Would Penfed or another bank allow more than one card to be opened, if they would not allow one card with a limit of that amount? 2. What other fixed-rate BT offers are worth looking at? She lives in Michigan. Thanks

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