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  1. Hi, I can confirm they report for AUs, my wife had it for almost 13 years and since adding me it has helped a lot. Good luck!
  2. amex bcp and fnbo had already closed their statements so I couldn't have removed her from those cards in time. But I may have to because I don't know if I can PIF the FNBO at this time. I would like to keep the payment history though. Any cash we have available we want to use to show strong emergency fund reserves and ideally 10% for the down payment. Amex BCP to be PIF is doable by next close. We are super excited to report however, that all cards in wife's name only have been paid in full, and we just paid off my big 6k BOFA balance too. At worst, she will have 2 cards with balances by next week, and both will be mine; and at best just the FNBO will be there, just getting below 30% UTI
  3. oh interesting, thanks for this. So if I'm understanding correctly, she can be removed from fnbo for example to improve utilization and yet still keep the AAOA benefit (11 yr old account, but for her it won't age) for 10 years, even though she was only on there for a couple months?
  4. Hello everyone, my wife and I are looking to finalize some last minute strategy before we pull her credit to try to obtain a mortgage and get the highest possible score boost. In order to grow her score the past several years I added her to some of my oldest and/or highest limit cards as an AU, but I do have a few balances albeit with very friendly balance transfer rates. In the meantime we've been solely attacking the cards that are in her name only. Here's what her report showed on her most recent pull (696 EQ middle score, TU was 702, EXP was 685): Amex BCE 242 / 3000 8.1% *PIF, this will report as 0 balance on 7/17/18 Amex Everday 0 / 1000 0% Wells Fargo Visa 49 / 8500 0.6% *PIF, this will report as 0 balance on 7/16/18 Capital One Platinum 0 / 3500 0% Chase Slate 0 / 6500 0% Chase Freedom 0 / 500 0% Discover 0 / 2200 0% Victoria Secret 0 / 6000 0% Dress Barn 0 / 1570 0% Citi Simplicity 1558 / 3300 47.2% *currently 0% interest, will report next on 7/21/18 FNBO 9350 / 30000 31.2% (AU) Amex BCP 3000 / 33000 9.1% (AU) BofA 6129 / 13200 46.4% (AU) citi diamond 0 / 14700 0% (AU) kohls 0 / 1500 0% (AU) Our main question: would the 2 dollar trick work if we use it on the citi simplicity card and only pay 1556, assuming we pull again after 7/21 and let BCE and WF Visa report as zero by that time? Or will this not work because other balances are being carried elsewhere, even though they are on the AU accounts which are only my financial responsibility? please note I am not applying for the mortgage, it will only be in her name. Pretty sure we'll crack 700 middle score either way, but we're really hoping to hit 720+ for various extra advantages in the mortgage application process. Any input or experience in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help over the years, we have come a long way and are very close to landing the home of our dreams. We could not have done it without you.
  5. Thanks very much for this CV, please let me know if I am misinterpreting you here but it sounds like when I make the request BofA could actually flip it on me and move limits in the opposite direction that I intended? ie, assuming I only have 2 bofa cards of course which I do, move limit away from my older lower rate card, to create a high limit on the newer one with 24% apr? Thus still technically satisfying my intended limit combining request, but at the same time reassessing my risk profile to best suit their needs and not mine obviously. I hate carrying a balance on that card as well, unfortunately I must for now, as I am battling down other balances with higher rates and in order to finally get everything paid off the plan was always to have BofA be the last one, forcing myself to just suck it up and accept that I would be paying a little interest to them in the short term. BT offers have dried up across all cards so those are a no go. Of course they could always decide to jack up the rate on me at any time anyway, in which case I will scramble and readjust order of operations ;-)
  6. Hello all, looking to see if anyone has had any experience in dealing with bank of america on a limit combining situation similar to mine. A bit of background: I was about to pull the trigger on moving available credit limit over from my bank americard about a year old (5k limit currently, 24% regular interest rate, and essentially worthless to me other than for a balance transfer offer I briefly took advantage of), to my oldest card of 12 years the cash back rewards which currently has a limit of 8400 and only 11% interest rate. She confirmed it was a soft pull and I only had to leave behind 200 dollars on the donor card. Since I'm currently carrying a balance on the latter card, this maneuver would be a nice help. I stopped short, however. when the representative on the phone began reading me the disclosures and they concerned me when she said "the APR structure and the fee structure could change on the account receiving the additional limit upon making this request." I told her I was concerned because I know how good my rate is especially in this environment of rising rates, and then she sort of backtracked and said she didn't think it would happen. I reiterated my concern and asked her if I could back out of the request in the event there would be an APR increase, but she said no once submitted this would be final and no turning back. This kind of threw me off because I figured, perhaps wrongly, that it would be somewhat like how you get the chance to back out of a regular CLI request when you get countered what you originally ask for, and you can choose to accept, upgrade to hard pull to try for more CLI, or say no thanks altogether. I'd certainly like to take advantage of this if I could, as any other way to get my limit higher with bank of america has proven very difficult after 12 years, and yet I would be annoyed if they screwed me out of that market friendly rate. I've had excellent credit my entire life (around 715 Bofa TU right now due to some balance carrying lately but usually around 730 or higher with no derogatories of any kind ever) and yet Bank of America has historically treated me worse than any of my other credit relationships, so I wouldn't put it past them to pull some other stunt. Has anyone ever experienced a similar situation? Gotten that disclaimer and went through with it anyway, with luck or regret, or instead backed out like I am now considering? Any input and expertise would be greatly appreciated!
  7. see that's what throws me off sometimes. I know that its a business for them and they want to earn interest off of me to meet said target profits. Now if I have shown a propensity to carry a balance in the past, its because the rate is what I consider reasonable ie something that I am willing to pay for a very short amount of time. I have carried a balance before on the BCP at 13% into another cycle... bothered the hell out of me and I hated doing it, but at the end of the day I was willing to bite that bullet. Now with the 22% its like are they trying to scare me away from carrying any balances with it, or are they thinking I'll fall for that trap? If I am a betting man I would say without a doubt its the first one, like their way of saying don't you dare do it as MrJuggalo pointed out. Sadly, there was a time before I found CB where I actually believed all credit card issuers wanted me to carry a small balance on their product so they could make a little something off of me, and in return I would get boosts in scores...If only I'd known about the trick to pay off all accounts except one and leave 2 dollars on it instead of what I had been doing...
  8. ^ this If you play the game right, the banks pay you to use their cards, not the other way around. *sigh I know this already, trust me :-/ I've come a long way from being 99% util on all cards and paying only the minimums after Bofa randomly CLD'ed me in 2008 and started balance chasing chain reaction. It's taken a lot of patience, and I do see light at the end of the tunnel (PIF status across all accounts), its just coming along ever so slowly.
  9. He did. Read the post. Sorry about that. My eyes aren't the best today. Oh. Wait a sec. Guess I'm only half-blind. No worries uber I know you all reply to lots of threads, so even if just taking a quick gander at my long posts, I appreciate it tremendously!
  10. You know thats a good point, but will a 4506T request all of a sudden be asked of me even if I don't make any more CLIs or apps with them? I don't plan to do that anyway, I just want to keep PIF the BCP and never go above 30% uti on the new card Ah yes another thing about those BT offers which I used to get all the time. About a year and a half ago they just stopped completely. And not really much different between now and then , always paying 3x minimums or more, overall UTI always relatively low, never above 30% uti on a single card, unless something came up unexpected which even then never went above 40% on single card :-/
  11. Your inability to qualify for a higher limit/lower APR does not make them crooks. We can't tell the future and we're not AmEx so we have no idea if their policy will change or not. Yeah their internal scoring models are probably more important than my fico score. In fact I'd probably say that's how it is with all the lenders, fico score is just a guide. All excellent points Takeshi thank you. Thanks Brandon, I will definitely be paying in full. But I don't want to close the card either once the promo is up, I would like to continue building the relationship with Amex and hopefully grow with them as well. The rep I spoke with kind of left a bad taste in my mouth though, but there actually lots of things I like about Amex. haha thanks Hegemony, sorry if I do not seem appreciative of the approval, I am. Definitely don't want to miss the forest for the trees on this one. Ego took a hit though when I saw that APR. Since 2010 I've gotten just about everything I wanted/needed whenever looking to make a credit move, whether it was a strategic soft cli here, apr reduction request there, the handful of apps I submitted had never been declined etc. I guess the first "loss" in a while stung a little. But I promise not to call them crooks again guys geez Thanks Kat, and yes definitely a cold app, didn't even think of that. actually I had 6 open cards before this one, and for the longest time I was ok with that. Then I came to the realization that was a "thin file" from what I have read and would eventually like to build up my history with a thicker file, sort my long term goal in this. Mainly because I think this goes back to another problem I have, and that is how I tend to hoard inquiries and try to avoid using them when possible, but if I had a thick file with a built up history, having to use an HP once in a while wouldn't even be something to worry about. Or if an account were closed on me, or one of my closed student loan accounts drops off the report it won't hit the AAOA as hard, etc. never intended to, but that's a good way to look at what their actions are telling me for sure. Thank you for the responses though everyone. I am wondering if any of you know if the the transferring limits feature has been around a while with Amex? I kind of doubt they will get rid of that option, but who knows right? Because I think the only way this could really hurt me is if 15 months from now I can't move some limit back to the BCP for some reason. I use that thing a ton, and get a lot of cash back from it.
  12. Hello, first time poster, longtime reader. Have studied much and will continue to do so via this great resource. Thank you all very much. Just thought I'd share an experience I had with an Amex everyday I just applied for, and was curious if anyone else was shocked by something similar happening to them: Quick background: no baddies EVER, rarely use HPs (maybe once or twice per year tops, this was my first one in a year), real EXP score 749 fresh pull a few days prior, and it only dipped down to that due to some unforseen expenditures. UTI around 14%, never goes higher than 20%. AAOA 8.78 among 22 open/closed accounts, oldest account 13.5 years. Was simply looking for a card that I could use to finance some large purchases for my wedding later this year at 0%. I made an educated guess that this would be the easiest card to get approved for, and I wouldn't worry about the limit, because I currently have BCP as my 2nd largest card at 24k limit with over 2 year history so I would just move some of that limit over (about 20k). Instant approval but for only 2k. No big deal though it kind of made me wonder that it was a close call possibly. Then again maybe also just reaching my exposure limit with them which is fine. Who knows. Anyway the next day just for kicks I chat with a representative, asking what my APR will be once the promo period expires. She says it is 22.24%.....WTF???? I practically fell out of my chair. my next highest APR is 13.24 with the BCP and most of my other cards are around 10-11%. By the time I made it back into my chair, they offered to lower it to 21.24% wow thanks Amex. The very moment 0% expires on this new card I intend to move back all of the original limit on the BCP, and sock drawer the Everyday. Has anyone else seen something like this from Amex before? Also should I be concerned at all these crooks will somehow try to change their fairly easy policy on moving limits around before I get to take full advantage of the 0%? because I certainly won't be happy if that happens and suddenly I'm stuck with my 2nd highest limit on a crappy card.....

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