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    I'm a singer/songwriter, a Wordpress developer, a mother of 5 and I volunteer helping run a group that does random acts of kindness. I'm determined that my family will achieve stability in 2015.
  1. OK, I printed the form and we're sending it today as soon as Hubs signs it. What I don't understand is why it was ever filed at all. The amount we owed was nowhere near the previous threshold of $5,000! I'm glad that it is now raised to $10,000... but why has this been destroying our credit for years? It should never have happened in the first place. We were committed to pay our taxes, we just needed more time. We got on a payment plan and kept the obligation until it was paid in full. I will never work another 1099 job!!!
  2. Sorry about that - I didn't see a forum for tax liens and wasn't sure where to put the thread. I believe this was for our federal taxes. I don't see anywhere to upload a screen shot of what I see. Anyway it's with the local county registrar but it was federal taxes we owed one year that I was working 1099 and was then unemployed at tax time the next year and we couldn't pay the final bill by April 15th. Once I got another job we made payments and got it caught up. Thank you for your reply.
  3. We paid a tax lien in 2008 and it was released that same year. I thought that tax liens aren't supposed to remain on the credit report after they are released? What do I need to do to get that off my husband's credit report? Thank you!
  4. Yikes, you too? Send me a private message if you'd like to commiserate. I had to get beyond the birth before I could really think about the lawsuit seriously. I have another legal atter to tend to then I will most certainly take out my dragon claws for this battle. This has already cost me probably $20K+ and the bills aren't all in yet. I am out for blood.
  5. I had the baby! My profile pic is his picture at 22 hours old. 7 lbs. 2 oz, 19 1/4 inches. I named him Vaughn Isaiah. After 12 hours of labor, I wasn't progressing and the baby couldn't tolerate labor. Labor was killing him - plus he flipped to frank breech (butt down) DURING labor and had his cord wrapped around his neck twice. He couldn't get out and couldn't stay in. An emergency C-section was required to save both of our lives! This was not a cheap delivery! We are going to be OK. One of the friends who visited us in the hospital teaches medical school (heart surgery) and when I told him about this story he commented, "Any lawyer would want this case because they are going to win." That was a good reassurance. The most important thing is that my big little miracle is sleeping a few feet away from me and will soon wake me for his next meal. Thank you all for your kind words of support which buoyed me through this harrowing experience!!!
  6. You should start your own thread. You will get your own advice and attention - and it doesn't belong in a 6+ year old success story post. Good luck.
  7. I'm no expert, but I'm crossing my fingers for you. I would think that any debt incurred when you were a minor would be your parents' responsibility, not yours! Hopefully Why Chat will respond with the requisite wisdom of how to word the disputes. Proof of your age compared with the dates of service would certainly establish that you were not an adult yet! Can't wait to see a good result for you!
  8. I read on CB that whenever you get a new dunning letter, always DV right away. Many times you'll just never hear from them again. Indeed, I did this and never heard from the CA again and it never appeared on my reports either. That's not to say you'll get the same result, but if you don't respond within the 30 days you can probably expect the item to appear on your credit reports. I suggest following Why Chat's HIPAA letter program because it will allow you to keep these items off your reports (or get them off as the case may be).
  9. Wow, I wish my student loans would voluntarily disappear off my credit reports! I've been making faithful payments for 2 years and I'm just sick that these get to poison my financial outlook for 5 more. I didn't find out about "rehab" until recently and I don't even know if they will do it now that I've been making payments again for this long.
  10. Great to know you got a good result despite being discouraged to try to do so.
  11. I personally would not ignore any legitimate medical bill that big. It's best to make some kind of payment arrangement with the OC before it goes to collections. My specialist's office told me that any payment at all - even if it's $5 a month - will keep the account current and out of collections. I don't know if that's the way it is everywhere (I hope so). Now that you've been sent to collections, perhaps you could still make a payment arrangement with the OC. I am no expert, but I would give that a try. My last resort would be to make a payment arrangement with the CA. Do make an arrangement, though. A collection of this size popping up during the mortgage app process would be very, extremely bad. Refer to WhyChat for all information. His advice trumps anything I have to say. This is just my two cents. I'd rather deal now than to have to pay extra in grief, sweat and tears to have something removed from my reports later. I've also had the unfortunate experience of having a $110 ignored doctor balance cost me $1300+ after the lawyers got their chunk, and it's still on my reports. Never again!
  12. I wouldn't waste any time complaining to Aetna! They will get after this crooked place on your behalf! These thieves can't collect for a service never rendered! Moreover, your health has suffered as a result of their incompetence! A "stat" same-day x-ray has you waiting MONTHS later! What treatment could you have received if your caregiver had gotten the x-rays on time?! What would you have been able to do with your hand by now?? Perhaps it has healed in some undesirable way due to having to wait this long. Have you thought about contacting a malpractice attorney?
  13. I had about 7 or so old medical debts that were set to age off my reports by this month. Breeze told me to go ahead and dispute them all as "obsolete" and most of them came right off! I waited a few months and today I verified that they're all gone. You should try that - it's worth a shot! They're almost gone anyway! I'll leave most of the advice-giving to the experts but I do expect someone will tell you to establish a little revolving credit to up your scores in time to get a mortgage. Good luck getting that judgement off - I have one that says "filed" which makes me think it was never actually recorded, and I want to get it off my reports too.
  14. Well written. Hope you don't mind if I try this with my tough nut.
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