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  1. If it's a small amount, pay it and be done with it. This could still be within SOL depending on where you're hiding.
  2. Amazon is a host site like eBay. They operate on a commission and as a broker more or less. I'm sure they have lots of disclaimers in their agreement. You have to deal with the seller; I would not consider Amazon to be a third party debt collector since they are a party to the transaction. They always send me a picture of the goods in front of my door after delivery.... where's yours? Tracking info, etc.? Small items also come via USPS, some stuff they use UPS.
  3. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=0afbb02660adbeacc74a0a93f6e8ff40&mc=true&node=pt16.1.660&rgn=div5#se16.1.660_13
  4. First rule of doing this stuff.....read the statute that applies. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=10869f6d744f8f167ed40b568a123c36&mc=true&node=pt16.1.641&rgn=div5
  5. Send them a letter telling them that since they refuse to go to arbitration and prove the debt is theirs, they have no legal basis for a 1099, and if they send one, it's off to arbitration we go. If they refuse a second time, it's off to federal court with a petition to compel. I did that to them; eventually they paid me to leave them alone.
  6. Sounds like a confusing, needless strategy. Tabbing up a card then paying it off three times in a month means you already have the 3K. Why not just write some checks? It also raises suspicion as others have said. Besides, the billing cycle may not work fast enough to accommodate you.
  7. Ill. SOL is 5 years. Try reading the FCRA, it will answer most of your questions.
  8. You should be more concerned with being sued. Look up your state's SOL since this is a mystery board and nobody will tell us where they live, which means no help.
  9. Has there been any collection activity, like dunning letters etc? This is beyond the Fla. SOL for being sued.
  10. Looks okay, just save that letter. I doubt they'll pull any funny stuff, that would go badly for them in court.
  11. DOFD begins the day you missed a scheduled payment and never got caught up. You pay in January but miss February, so the DOFD is the date the February pmt. was due. By law they cannot change it. Doesn't matter what they report monthly after that; the DOFD is chiseled in stone.
  12. Just file for arb, don't waste your time with these idiots. Name Sprint and the current collection agency as respondents. (make sure it's a CA and not a debt buyer)
  13. Did you contact the clerk? Maybe they don't know about the BK. I would send a copy of your discharge and request an update.
  14. They are the bank's agent hired to do this. Any agreement you make with the agent is binding upon the principal. Just get it in writing.
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