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  1. legaleagle2012

    Inquiry from Collection Agency

    Pulls for purposes of litigation / collection are permissible.
  2. Read the pinned topic on arbitration. You file on line. You need the credit card agreement, too.
  3. legaleagle2012

    Collection for my real address but not a real name

    there is no record of this shipment on my account Then how do they expect to justify sending a CA after you?
  4. Barclay's has arbitration in their agreements; I would file for it before they sue. PRA is so bad at refusing arb AAA won't even take any cases involving them anymore. They paid maybe $300 for the account, and the initial fees for them in arb are 4-5K. 98% chance they won't pay up. If they refuse, you can have a lot of fun with them, and usually you'll be getting a check, not them.
  5. legaleagle2012

    next step to help remove JDB

    Maybe it took them 5 years to decide to sell the account, who knows, ask them, not us. It's beyond the SOL to sue, so this is how they try to get leverage. Maybe if you offer them a few bucks they will delete, since they cannot sue.
  6. Most of what you describe could be interpreted by a court as a fraudulent conveyance, and can be set aside by a judge. That means Daddy could be out the house, and all the money he paid for it. Kind of like receiving stolen property. Besides, all this is public info and after they do the math they are going to ask you two things; why you sold a house 100K under value to a relative, or, where is the money you scored on the 100K profit if you sold it for full value? I would talk to an asset protection lawyer before doing any of this.
  7. You don't just have somebody put a lien on your house. In most states, you have to have a judgment against the person. That requires a lawsuit and showing the court some sort of legal agreement between you and the other person. Fooling around with stuff like that when it isn't true can get you into a lot of trouble.
  8. legaleagle2012

    next step to help remove JDB

    The SOL for reporting is different from the SOL for being sued. Reporting is 7 years from the date of first delinquency. If the account was sold, the new owner can start reporting any time they want, but they are still held to the 7 year limit from the DOFD. If the account was sold the original creditor should be showing a zero balance.
  9. legaleagle2012

    Target Red Card/Forster & Garbus

    What state? F/G is a NY law firm.
  10. What's so obvious that this is a JDB? He gave no names.
  11. legaleagle2012


    Gotta read the whole thing. We do not control the timing within which the credit reporting agencies process our requests.
  12. You might consider transferring the house into someone else's name since you "haven't stopped paying" on the cards yet. It would be almost impossible for them to claim a fraudulent transfer a year down the line. Otherwise, you might want to sell the place and wipe out some of the debt. In some states, if there is enough equity to pay off a judgment lien, they can force foreclosure. Check your state laws.
  13. legaleagle2012

    Target Red Card/Forster & Garbus

    Probably not, it just means they aren't going to waste their time sending letters or calling you. They can still sue you. If they do, you'll have to work a settlement; Target cards do not have arbitration, so you won't have any leverage.
  14. Sol is three years from the DOFD. Figure it out.
  15. Pay it and be done with it. If they knew you were on Medicaid they should have submitted the claim. Ask about that before paying.

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