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  1. Jefferson is a junk debt buyer. They are allowed to report as of the date they bought the account. The date it will fall off remains the same.
  2. I seem to remember that in some circuits, a cease and desist etc. maintains its status if the debt is given to a different CA.
  3. Correct. A lot of posters expect us to do all their research for them. I found the above paragraph in less than twenty seconds. Incidentally, it appears under the heading "Telecommunications." In this case, it appears to be a common unpaid bill, so the above is probably what they are going to hear if they go this route. Sprint has arbitration; I used it for leverage when they sent me a $107 bill I did not owe. Cost them a grand to get rid of me, nice consumer that I am.
  4. I had a similar problem with BofA. I use my debit card on Amazon, and one day it was declined. It had not expired and there was plenty of money in the account. Come to find out, they had mailed me a new card after one of their famous data breaches, so my old card didn't work any more. There was NO indication of the decline on my statement. I talked to a gal at the bank, and she said declined transactions are not shown on statements because they don't charge for those. Maybe that's what happened here. Although............. the transaction should have been declined at the point of sale, not several days later.
  5. From the MD PUC web site: (It appears that they do not get involved with billing disputes, collections, or credit reporting) The Commission is empowered to hear and decide matters relating to: (1) rate adjustments; (2) applications to exercise or abandon franchises; (3) applications to modify the type or scope of service; (4) approval of issuance of securities; (5) promulgation of new rules and regulations; and (6) quality of utility and common carrier service. The Commission has the authority to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity in connection with an electric utility’s application to construct or modify a new generating station or high-voltage transmission lines.
  6. Did you talk to them? Offer to pay it if they'll delete it.
  7. The topic basically comes down to an issue of personal responsibility in money management. Some people have it, others do not. I've seen countless threads on all boards where students drop out in their last year, and want to know how they can get out of paying their SLs while they run a cash business on the side and put their new Camaro in their GF's name.
  8. You should run for your life with that one. Give me one good reason why I or anyone else should have to pay for somebody else's kid's education? How about this..... the govt. should get out of the lending business. Or, how about making the universities stop charging tuition and / or paying themselves huge salaries? The basketball coach at a state run university in my state makes almost 2 million a year.
  9. READ the VZ arb agreement. You'll like it. If you have a winner you can get 5K from them.
  10. PRA is not really a collection agency, they are a debt buyer. As such, they assume all the rights of the original creditor and are considered to be lenders as well as debt collectors.
  11. File for arbitration and you'll never hear from them again.
  12. Best to withdraw most of the SS funds the day they arrive if they sue. Paypal agreements are tied to a bank, usually Comenity or Synchrony. They have private arbitration. I suggest she file for it; that prevents PRA from using the courts. Besides, the startup fees for them are close to $6,000. They won't pay those fees because they cannot get them back. They have refused to pay so many times AAA won't even take their business. That basically kills the debt. Her fee will be $200 and after they close the case for non payment you can have a LOT of fun with PRA.
  13. The Youtube letters won't work. You can dispute the entries, but you have to provide hard evidence to the CRAs that the accounts are not yours in order to get them removed. The only thing that is going to correct this is payment. Three paid chargeoffs looks better than three unpaid ones. Normally I would suggest arbitration against a junk debt buyer, but yours is only $500 and probably wouldn't help much. Cap One has no arbitration.
  14. They can legally sue, but you have a perfect special defense with arbitration invoked. You can countersue if you know how to write up a complaint and are creative.
  15. If your "other bank account" is in a corporation's name, it is much harder for them to get money from it if the judgment is against you personally. There is a limit to how much effort these people will put into this.

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