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    TU B*

    A lot of talk seems to happen regarding EQ B*. But TU B* seems to be less certain and discussed. Now I love that little soft counting calculator we all pretty much use. It's very accurate at counting EQ softs (though I would argue that it 'misses' a few non prefixed softs that have counted towards EQ B, I've found) Now when you enter the softs from TU into that calculator it counts only Permissible Purpose softs. This based on the programming that it shouldn't count Non PP softs because they allegedly do not count towards TU B*. there is also this number 63 or 65 posted about as the TU
  2. Since the search function does not take kindly to three letter words, I was hard pressed to do an effective search using BOA or CLI. So I will just ask... will BOA do a CLI at the 3 month mark or do they like an account open longer? online or phone request will result in a hard/soft? best number to call is doing it by phone is better? thanks!
  3. SCP and EC are easy. just Google. also for MPM google eliminateiftheft and sign up through them. do NOT go to my privacy matters directly. your question has been asked many times here, hence why no one answered it yesterday. read and read again. I answered as a courtesy because had you signed up directly through my privacy matters, you would have posted a new thread about if it will really take 2 weeks to get your sign in info and you would have to be told that you signed up the wrong way and will never get it and have to sign up through eliminateidtheft.com instead. (and by the way, once yo
  4. Well I wouldn't worry about jail. Even if you did commit fraud, in reality the system would do next to nothing to punish you and realistically you would have to be operating on a pretty large scale or have it be a recurring offense to actually see any jail time. Assuming this is just a scare tactic though and by the way they said this was a civil matter. Well, civil courts do not send you to jail. It's about money. They obviously want some. Now the question is, Is there anything to their story? is there fraud anywhere? or are you simply owing a debt of your own? or is this legitimately
  5. I'm getting TU B with less than that number. assuming the rule that Only Permissible Purpose softs are counting towards it. I have been nowhere near 63 or 66 PP softs/hards and have gotten B. So either those two numbers people have used are not accurate, Or some softs that are Not listed as PP are counting. Yes, you have to call every 8 days. I just called this morning. No big deal. It's a pain, but they are apparently quite used to doing it and have not made any fuss the times Ive had to call. I still don't like paying $30 a month but it will help knock off TU hards. By the way, USAA and
  6. Smart Credit Premium is the only Daily puller which counts on TU. USAA and MPM will count also, BUT NOT daily. TU has programmed their system to ignore many of the MPM and USAA softs. But it does Not ignore all of them. When I look at my TU softs for April, it appears that roughly 35% of my USAA and MPM softs that I pulled daily showed up on the TU. And thats not too bad considering it's incidental to my main goal of knocking hards off of EQ. But smart credit premium is the only one which will count DAILY towards TU. But the bonus effect from the MPM and USAA pulls aimed towards EQ certainly
  7. Again, I think there are two schools of B thought. Those who want hards gone as soon as possible because they want to apply for other products and will get declined for the existing hards. Or they just dont want them on there. There are those who don't want them on there for 2 years and also do not want to spend or find the necessity to do 3 monitoring services per day. They aren't in any major hurry to make them go away and consider it fine if they can clear them off at a slower pace. Assuming they stay off the C list (and it's a pretty SHORT list of those who are Not on it) then they can
  8. Yeah, I looked at it pretty funny that day. But at this particular store where it happened with the young lady I wondered if she was flirting of her own free will, or her boss was such an over driven jerk that he may have been screaming at the associates in the back room that he didn't care if they have to go out there and sleep with the customers, but get them signed up! I know thats probably pushing the theory a bit, and in reality the young lady knew she was hot and knew full well the average 40 year old man is easily open to suggestion if she uses the right body language. I just have
  9. Consider this. The vast majority of folks are On the list. This happened every month. Yes, there are a wide variety of things that get you on the list. I was on the list before I Ever pulled a backdoor, for the record or joined multiple services. So there is no safety really if you consider having not done those things to be definitive safeguards against being on the list. C is something Equifax does because they are too cheap to fix the flaw in the system. If TIME is ANY factor whatsoever, then it's prudent to just do the 3 services because they will defeat C anyway. If you have 3
  10. You can find out if C has happened by pulling your Equifax direct. I do it through Equifax Complete. But I assume any direct EQ product or backdoor should show them too.
  11. I was on the C list before I signed up for 3 a day. I'd say if time is in any way a factor for the OP that he just assume he will end up on the C list and the only way to beat it is with 3 daily pulls. 4 if you have an Amex to access their exclusive daily pull monitoring service. If the OP is in no particular rush to get the hards off their EQ then 1 a day May work if you dodge the C. Not a whole lot of people dodging the C though these days. MPM= My Privacy Matters. you need to sign up for it through the eliminate ID theft site. Not directly! get Equifax Complete. You can sign up throug
  12. One of the BB stores near me seems to really push their employees on this. I was with my kids last month, rooting through their $5 movie bucket. Some associate came up and asked if I needed any help finding a movie. She proceeded to actually flirt with me and brought up their great credit promotions! :rofl: Too funny, yet sad she felt she had to try to use her young womanly charm to try to get me to sign up for a card. And while she did have her charm in all the right places, I passed. Another time I had one of their pushy cashiers also ask me multiple times. I said in parting "I'd
  13. If it shows 'Redeemed Repo' then I'd say it's an accurate statement. This is not to say if you were displeased that you couldn't dispute if you don't see it that way.
  14. mine worked fine around 730AM CT this morning.
  15. Just watch out sometimes, they will hit your EQ for a hard even after you have established an account. especially if it has been awhile since you used them. I like that they are hidden, but they are near impossible to recon with as I tried in vain to get a macmall account with them and apparently (I assume) had reached an exposure limit with webbank. They simply always defer to the message the computer gives you and try to pass the buck to the merchant (as if they can help you). So they are not recon friendly just for the fact they are hard to reach in terms of specific account departments.
  16. my last two C dates were April 21st and May 19th. I would prefer things go until June 19th myself. thats about the time I need to get the rest off.
  17. I understand. No sure what that method is, but if it doesn't work, no big loss of knowledge for me. Sure wish I could find a number 4. I was just denied a LOC from Citi for having 3 hards on my EQ. the underwriter said anything more than 2 in 6 months results in auto decline. Citi and Nordstrom have to be the most sensitive to inquiries I've ever seen. But I know the 2 I will apply for when I am back down to 0.
  18. 4-5 pullers? dont be teasing us with an unknown #5, Foe. I still can't get a #4 since Amex hates me. But Foe is quite right. 2 ain't gonna get it done. 3 barely gets it done if MPM doesn't screw you over too many time.
  19. Me neither. I'd dump MPM quick if I did have Amex (well, an Amex that counted. rebranded Amex cards don't count I found out). I have not had any MPM issues lately, but used to quite a bit. Their system is screwed up. I used to pull late at night sometimes and I swear they don't even keep the correct time. I'd pull an MPM report and it would give me a date for example like May 5th on the report. I'd pull EC and see that it was recorded as May 6th. The EC report was accurate regarding the actual MPM pull being the 6th because I know it was the 6th. But surprised me when I pulled that MPM t
  20. well, I may indeed call on a weekend. I think the thread continued longer because some tend to be quick to smell something foul when a person isn't willing to put their head in a possible noose. I signed up with completely honest and factual data. I am not concerned with eligibility or proof of income or identity. My irritation was with why they don't get it all out of the way before hand. I have read countless occasions where people here applied for a MC, Visa and Navchek all within a weeks time as well and didn't get slapped with any online access lockout. We can theorize all we want.
  21. I do indeed have legitimate eligibility. That is Not the issue. My point is that it simply is not my job to do Their job. I am a bit stubborn and yes, I am a bit hesitant because Some people who clearly were legit Still got screwed over at the hands of the over zealous fraud or eligibility police. I don't think it's fair to suggest that because Iberia Bank made my MC app a living Hell that there was fraud at hand. No such thing at all. This was clearly a bank being way over protective of why they hand out credit cards to. I verified my identity, residence and employment ten times over w
  22. Im not concerned about getting called on false info. I gave only legit info. But it certainly sounds like these freezes can be a pain for those of us who are legit. Taking 6 months to get your account access back sounds like a royal pain and that someone somewhere dropped the ball. Validating eligibility, income, identity are things that all should take a very short time if things are being handled in an efficient way. I do have to hand it to BOA. They locked me a couple times. once for using my card at a Blockbuster video. A place the rep told me they deem 'high risk???'. Another time was
  23. I signed up in November 2010. That day I applied for rewards MC and was auto approved for $25k. I also had applied for Navchek and the next day applied for the Rewards Visa. they called me and said they can't approve the Visa app because they gave me all the exposure they could on the MC. They would split the 25k and open the visa for 12.5k if I wanted. I declined. They called about the Navchek app and asked me to fax in my first born basically. I declined as I truly hate faxing things in because it involves me getting the docs and driving a couple miles to Kinkos and pay per page. I simpl
  24. I understand your overall implied point. My contention being is if they haven't locked my card yet and it's been over 6 months, then when will they? I've read about people being proactive and yes, sometimes they worked the issue out just fine. But not always. I'm curious of how many people, if given that size line that they were being allowed to use and pay with no problem for over 6 months, if they would be willing to make the call and potentially screw that up? I simply contend that these folks don't always make things easy. There are some examples of worse case scenario happening to so
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