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  1. And here I thought this was the follow up to the 2004 Playboy magazine, The Women of Home Depot. Ya have to wonder how the women who posed in that issue were able to exist in their jobs afterwards. I would imagine the line at these women's customer service counters got pretty long after it came out.
  2. On a serious note, Merrick Bank does have its strange way of doing things. But co branded bank cards like this tend to show more favorably if the customer actually solicits the business. Hmm, maybe solicit is not the ideal terms in this particular case.... This methodology is often used with store credit cards. The more you shop and use the card, the more credit you end up with. This is not a definitive statement of course. But one with clean credit and where no ARs find anything negative, then often times a store credit card department will increase your credit line in relation to usage.
  3. This is definitely a worthy experiment. I will go just to see if by some strange coincidence my NFCU MC gets an increase. So report back after you've dropped by a time or two. And guys, to clarify, we are looking for reports of Credit increase.
  4. I wish I could get my credit cards to give me an increase if I went to Hooters! Maybe you should investigate this theory more. And anyone else who has a Hooters card. I'm sure this will be a difficult experiment.
  5. Ford is likely the easiest. BUT it does Greatly depend on the fleet f&i guy at the dealer!!! Some of them are not at all adept at getting a fleet deal done. Others make it look like a walk in the park. I remember my Ford business approvals were completely done before I had to both to even walk on the lot. just fax the app and he did the rest. Easy transactions BUT it was with a fleet guy who had been doing just that, FLEET, for about 40 years! He had his chosen underwriters he liked to work with. I had 2 businesses back in the day. One was a long established 30 year old file. but no
  6. The soft calculator is quite handy, but it does Not recognize all countable softs. I usually B earlier than it says I should. I have a couple non prefixed softs on mine now that it doesn't count and likely should.
  7. Alpha... Back in the day as it still is today I am sure, the fake businesses are only detectible if the person creating them is cutting corners or otherwise creating their business on the cheap. it's no secret to the majority of real and fake businesses that creditors not only check business CRAs, but also things like Lexis, city, county and state licensing and corporation registration databases. Some fake companies (and some real ones too) do not always register their business in the conventional way as many do. But the fakes who used to play the game in the past for high stakes had in
  8. I'm pretty sure when they did it that it was based on an EX soft AR. I have about 28 hards on EX. So I had to explain them (as best as I could). But I fear it happening again. Wish BOA didn't AR EX. would make life easier.
  9. Yeah. It's my own fault technically for not being at the computer when I still had time. But still irritating that they don't do things the way everyone else does. MPM and SCP are the two worst. I wouldnt even be doing SCP but I am getting gradual B with TU between them and the USAA/MPM pulls that sometimes count towards TU. I want to keep the TU hards down in case any Barclay or other AR. BOA unfortunately ARs my EX which sucks because the last time they did that they chopped my credit line and I had to find a nice rep to put it back (after SHE pulled a fresh EX hard again. sigh). I do
  10. I paid $2359 for the 17.3". i7 Quad core 750hd. It's way faster than my 2008 duo core, It's a pity that BB doesn't bargain on their protection plans. But I figured I had a no tax card with BB so I could eat it a bit on the accidental plan. Not sure I would personally buy a non accidental plan. Most of the issues that arise with my units are through wear and tear. if I have the accidental plan they never ask questions about condition. My 08 MBP looked seriously worn when I brought it in for servicing. every panel had huge amounts of scratches. it had been dropped on something on its si
  11. the 19th would be nice. MPM and their stupid 24 hour thing cost me a pull last night simply because the time of day ran out and was into 11PM central time. so I just didnt bother trying to pull so late and started clean this morning with all three. But I might just start on the 12th and I have 5 to kill with some softs in between them. the 19th would be much better.
  12. I just bought my new MBP last week. Best Buy had 18 months at 0% and the Macs appear to be on sale everywhere at present (well, as much of a sale as you ever get from Apple anyway... probably 5%). My last one gave out about 3 months ago. So much better of a machine that the PC I have been forced to use for the last few months. I switched to the 17.3 inch version this time. great screen, but heavy. Their accidental coverage plan has gone up too I've noticed. $449 for 3 years. This is the Only item I buy that I get one with. And it has paid for itself the last couple times I've bought one
  13. Once you pass their scrutiny test you should be fine. I have great scores and no negatives and they shut my lights out after 3 days on 2 accounts and it a pointless act to apply for anything else with them. If you get on their list of undesirables it's over. not that I particularly care about them shutting my Amazon and eBay Mastercard down after a few days. they were stingy with their lines and after being approved and using the card a couple days later they decide they want me to fax them my first born?? They are hyper sensitive if you have moved in the last six months and don't have ever
  14. Just pulled my EQ Complete. Oddly it lists this Chase credit card account in the classification of 'OTHER'. not mortgage, not installment, not revolving. but OTHER. confusing. my BOA card is listed in revolving. Not sure how Chase ended up in the OTHER section. and as such will future apps disregard this debt as it's not classed as revolving?
  15. I just noticed that my Chase signature account started to report. They do not list the limit. However they do list the 'High Credit'. IS this high credit amount given the same weight in determining available credit and subsequent UT as if the trade simply stated the credit limit itself? My USAA service reports the high credit amount as part of the overall credit limit, thereby suggesting that it's seen as part of my limit and balances on these cards that dont report the limit but merely the high credit aren't casting total negativity on my UT in general as its contributing an amount towar
  16. I called and they are not able to transfer balance to a new card. they can transfer available credit to a different product. So basically any card that says 'signature' is not one that reports the limit. What a crock! Why are these places who say you have these cards and not report the limit? I guess when I was told that I was approved and the limit I presumed they then report the limit. my BOA flex card is like that too. the limit is clearly the limit as I have been declined for even trying to go $20 over it (But ironically my other BOA card which is not a flex spending card and reports
  17. I will definitely have to. thats insane. its bad enough one of my BOA cards does that same thing. wonder which department is the right one to call? any numbers floating around? I sense if I call the number on the card that they will just give me the run around.
  18. Ouch! my UT just got slammed then. Does anyone know if they are so kind to switch you to a product that WILL report a limit?
  19. my FIA card (which is basically BOA) is offering a 0% BT which I'd like to use, but hate their 4% no cap BT fees. I have read a little on another site that these fees are sometimes waived or negotiated and was wondering if anyone has actually had FIA/BOA waive, reduce or cap the BT fee for them?
  20. My Chase SW Airlines account finally started reporting today or EX and it does not list a limit. Needless to say I am not happy about that. Does this particular card Not report the limit? And if thats the case will they consider moving balance to a different card which does report it?
  21. I would also be curious but from a different perspective. My brother is an AU on a couple of my cards. He asked me to do that a couple months ago. He has some negatives on his file. I am curious for A-does AU status on my good credit really impact his credit that much? B-Will they start doing ARs on his CR and screw with MY account if they see the neg stuff of his (not all his accounts are bad, but he does have some lates and a few collection write offs). I want to help him out, but only if I am secure with my accounts in doing so. I only put him as AU on 2 cards and he doesn't actua
  22. Hmm, when I go online FIA does give me a 0% BT option for a year or 1.9% for 16 months. Wonder if I should load all my balances on that card while the limit is still there for fear of another computer AR leading to a reduction. I am not actively seeking right now. Just wanted to get a couple pieces of unfinished business next month when my EQ is at 0 inquiries again. I am not going to add any EX pulls but if they do soft ARs as frequently as DSNB does then that line restore they did today might still be on borrowed time. Still, FIA being under the BOA umbrella means BT fees are 4% with no m
  23. I just checked my FIA card this morning and they reduced my CL from $12,500 down to $700 (card balance is $612). I thought that was pretty strange. but FIA which is of course affiliated to BOA is pretty paranoid at times. I assume it may have happened because they did an AR soft on my exp (I assume they did as I never see their softs on my EQ) So I called them up and ask for the credit department. The rep seemed perplexed as the account was fairly new. She did a review and asked me income questions, etc and then she pulled a hard EX. Which sucked since all my hards are there still.
  24. I personally must disagree to some degree. When you have more and more creditors declining you when you have 3 inquiries, it becomes necessary to clean then off. Citi PLOC and Nordstrom Visa are cards I want, but neither of them want to see more than 2 hards and as some of the reps say, 0 hards look even better to them. I don't think the fact that some people have gone on sprees indicates a true psychological disorder. Indeed some people of course Do get a rush from applying and amassing credit. No doubt. But I think those folks are in the minority. just my opinion.
  25. Tang No offense intended. As I pointed out, the number suggested as inaccurate was but one of my suppositions. I have many non PP softs on TU that combined with the PP softs and hards would likely make a number in the 60s quite accurate. If indeed the number is accurate. And indeed if there has been much research to suggest this is true, then I must conclude that some of the NON PP softs Do indeed count too. There are many here who state that ONLY PP softs will count towards B. As BW states above, it seems any non promotional soft will count towards TU B. This may well then be the
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