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  1. Was wanting to use one of those checks that came with my Navy credit card. Are these checks pretty straight forward in terms of processing? I need a short term cash bump for about 45 days turnaround time. If I write a check for about 90% of my credit line around $22K to my bank will these generally process without Navy calling up to play 20 questions before they pay it? I only want to float it for one billing cycle before taking it back down to my usual 5% card UT. I am hard pressed for time to generate some cash to make a purchase from a party and don't need any hiccups in funds clearin
  2. I have all three. Just got the rate advantage which they also refer to as a platinum. I got 12% though. My USAA MC & Amex are both 10.9%. I think so many new accounts in general probably has my interest offered up a bit. I got approved for the Platinum card, personal loan and a car loan all on the same EQ pull. but it's not bad overall. having 5 different products with just two hards. the good thing about USAA is that they use the same EQ for 30 days no matter how many apps you make in that time.
  3. I froze mine today in anticipation that when I applied for Ameriprise Elite I would end up going to recon, which I did and they tend to pull TU initially, but on recon have a nasty habit of pulling EX. Well, I was able to get recon today and approved without them getting to see my EX and have to explain 25 hards there. So in that case it worked well. But it all varies depending on who your dealing with and their desire to alternately pull others rather than just decline.
  4. ok. guess it was a mass system update or something. finally got account access and noted all was as it should be. You just never know though. It's not beyond an underwriter to reallocate between accounts, but they usually Ask you. So it had be scared for a few minutes when I couldn't get through. Anyway, a nice new Ameriprise World Elite card is on the way with a sane interest rate (6.24%). Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to reallocate from Priceline over to this one. My Priceline rate sucks. Cool looking card, but the rate sucks. Wonder how many TU
  5. Tried to login to my Priceline account and it said account currently unavailable. I called in and was not given automated info but prompted to wait for a rep. no rep ever came on and just some recording that said to try back later and it disconnected me. I am just curious as I was approved with some recon for their Ameriprise card earlier today and then called back and had them increase the limit (went from deinied to 11K on recon to $21K on calling the backdoor number.) and was making sure they weren't reallocating without my knowledge some of my Priceline credit. Has anyone had trou
  6. I would bet it's probably even higher than that when it comes to not putting accurate data on a credit app. Many of those who knowingly do it know that the worst thing that will happen 99.99% of the time is they will get called on it and not get approved. People seldom Ever get prosecuted for this. If there are no consequences then there is no fear of getting caught. Yes, I know there are laws on the books which list consequences of these infractions. But in reality it's just not a viable threat. Even ID thieves who operate on a small time scale (i.e. Not harvesting people's personal d
  7. Hmm, Mine actually went UP! my limit is $16,000 and up until this week the cash amount was $4500, now it's the same as the credit line, $16,000! the CLI button is gone though I noticed. Not sure why mine went up. I wasn't especially worried as I had this FIA card set as my USAA overdraft protection backup. So I could have written a check on my USAA checking and it would have tapped this FIA card to cover it up to the limit anyway. I like that you can designate any credit card to be used as overdraft protection on your USAA card. Well, actually they don't let you use Visa. I wonder if
  8. Age means A LOT! Now more than ever. And when it comes to credit, the only age that means anything really is the start date on your D&B file. Even if you were to buy an aged corporation that states on the SOS search that the business has been around for so many years, this in itself is nearly useless unless back then someone started to get some form of business credit. something that caused Duns to start the file. An aged corp is better than a fresh corp of course, but it's still not going to get you as far unless you have an aged credit FILE. and of course a clean one. When you buy
  9. I applied for a Citi Flex LOC and checking plus line on May 19 and was declined because my EQ had like 4 or 5 inquiries. Now that they are gone, I was wondering how long I need to wait before they pull a fresh EQ? Also did they just end the the 'Flex Line' and put out something called 'Custom Credit Line' in it's place? I swear last month I applied for the Flex Line product which no longer seems to be there,,, at least in name. I have also read that a Citi PLOC will not report. is that accurate? Does anyone have the line?
  10. I didn't want Mr. Wang spanking me again for giving out too much info I hope this method is working for the rest of you, but even when I do it exactly as prescribed, I get validation errors. It worked at first but now it's being inconsistent. I think I can knock my last hard off with just 3 a day. I only have 8 softs in my way.
  11. I'm surprised it took the second visit. Maybe he's starting to get old Stopped by there on the way home.... MAN I forgot how bad their food is! Oh well, It's all in the name of science. I'll let everyone know if I get a CLI. I actually love some of the food there. They have the best buffalo chicken sandwich IMO. Everyone else likes to feed you a sliver of chicken. But, there's always the view. Well, for a company that prides itself on ensuring there are No sliver-like breasts in their restaurants, it should be no surprise that it's big. I do wish they w
  12. They can be, but are more open to recon. I'd say it's easier to get into a BOA card than Citi or Nord IF you are talking inquiry sensitivity. I've had BOA open accounts in recon with a reasonable explanation of why I had so many hards (they Do pull EX as a secondary fairly often in recon, if not initially. which is usually our worst for hards since we can't B them. I kind of fibbed to them and said I am on the board of a corporation and as such I am required to sign for the business for all bank accounts and credit pulls. they buy it. I used to be able to use that as a legitimate excuse whe
  13. I'd say 6 month is what most consider important. I know they are sensitive to more than 2 hards though.
  14. each inquiry shows as one inquiry. I believe in certain elements of lending such as mortgage or automobile, when other lenders see a group of inquiries related to that area in a short time when they do a manual review, they do not ask too many questions and generally regard them as an attempt to just secure one loan. I am not sure of the other theories behind doing mega apps. the only time I could see where you can get more than one credit product for one single inquiry is for it to be at the same bank. Some lenders use the same app to base decisions on. But I've done multiple apps in
  15. So does this mean whatever we pull today just will not count at all? I ask because if that is the case I won't pull my MPM today so I can reset it for a more convenient time starting tomorrow. Keep pulling. even if C is happening elsewhere it may not be your day yet. if you are within a 5 day range of knocking something off, keep at it. Mine counted today and I will keep pulling until my EC shows the softs gone.
  16. Jason. If the hards are recent ones, make sure you don't have softs in the way that are dated older. I went from 5 to 1 in a day, but my last hard is dated 5/20 and I have 10 softs in the way, so if C is happening (and since I am in MN, I have no way of knowing yet) I better hope I get another few days. I'm back to 3 a day because for some reason the new 4th puller discovered is giving me error messages despite pulling according to instructions. I hope thats not a bad sign for others too and they simply don't like me anymore.
  17. +1 If others feel it advantageous, I or they can list how it shows. But I don't want to mention something here if they are trying to keep it off the radar and some might find listing the inquiry ID to be less than discreet. Also though I can confirm though it will let you pull more than once a day, only one pull a day will count.
  18. I was about to come in today and point Andera out also. I just bumped that soft off today and after having it on twice, I also confirm it counts. Additionally, a non prefixed soft called CASHEDGE INC also seems to count.
  19. PM sent. please PM me back. thank you!
  20. I overpay my credit card bill and the next month there is no required payment. I generally pay 5 times the minimum. It only goes for one month, no matter how much you overpay. but you could technically pay just 6 times a year (every other month) if you desired. You just have to overpay. I mean at least double I would assume and not incur a giant balance increase within that next month to where the minimum would be higher than what is already covered from the previous payment.
  21. thanks for the info. Not sure why mine was 4% before. And I certainly was not late! In fact I make payments even when they give me the month off for overpaying the month before. hmm... guess it's no big deal. was just curious as I saw it fluctuate.
  22. I swear my statements come in monthly with a different percentage for minimum payment every other month. Can anyone else tell me what they are charging you for minimum payment? I pay usually 5 times the minimum so the next month I don't get a payment due, but swear the math has been fluctuating in terms of what they are deeming minimum payment. I swore I read on their web site it was 4% but some months they ask for less than that. It's now a matter of trivial curiosity as to what others are getting billed in terms of minimum. I would never actually pay the minimums (who wants to owe on a
  23. Good. Yes, lets hope its the 19th! Tmax... the softs all have to be newer than the hard your trying to knock off. Consider it as 'first on-first off' , So you would need the 62-65 softs pulled AFTER 5/22. Your probably knocking older softs off right now. I will be in the same spot on my EQ this month. 4 of my hards are on 4/22 and I will knock them off fine assuming no early C. however I have a 5/20 hard and that one isn't going to move unless I push 85 softs pulled after 5/20. that is the one that is going to depend on if C comes early or not for me. Im not worried about clearing
  24. The counter does not always recognize every bumpable soft. Also not to offend as its a general issue that a number of people have asked. But that is 85 softs and hards combined. not 85 softs to start knocking hards off. it's a combination of the two totally 85. Again if you knew that I was not trying to insult. But its a question that gets asked from time to time. I should start knocking them in 3 days hopefully. But I have some softs that will slow things up a little since I have to knock them off too due to their dating, and the fact that since I am in a constant state of pulling da
  25. Just speaking from an observational standpoint, but have to wonder why they bother branding it with a MC logo given that you are restricted much like a wright express card to just service stations and fuel centers. I mean I know the BP Master Card is like that. Also a net 14. I assume this one is probably as restrictive? I frankly don't understand the point of employing it as a Master Card which is something one uses as a general and non restricted credit card and turning it into basically a glorified fleet card with the same fleet restrictions.
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