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  1. Hey Drew. Those were the days for many. Especially for those "landscapers" with visions of grandeur. How many times have we seen a guy who cuts their neighbors lawn quantify themselves as 'landscaper'?!!? And some of them seem to have a need for extra attention. Those were the days though. Too bad the recession and the fakes seeking backdoor credit made it hard for the rest of us.
  2. another question though.... I used the calculator in the sticky. and it's telling me the following do not count towards B..... is that true? they were some direct EQ pulls in there. EQUIFAX: 01/22/13, 01/04/13, 02/25/13, 02/11/13 ND-EQUIFAX: 02/25/13, 02/11/13, 01/22/13, 01/04/13, 06/14/11 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS.: 02/18/13, 02/01/13, 01/28/13, 01/07/13, 01/04/13, 06/15/11 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES: 02/28/13 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS: 03/22/12
  3. Never mind. figured the how to see soft part. Apparently I had to select the report from the click and drop menu where all past reports are listed. thanks
  4. Should be able to see hard inquiries and then right below them the soft inquiries. What I do is I log in and update my report only for Equifax - ignore the two other options. Once you go through the process to order a new report it will be back to the same dashboard page. I scroll down and click on the revolving link. It's just a link that will show your revolving credit accounts. It takes you to a page where on the left of the screen you can click on other areas of your credit report. You will see an Inquiries link, click on that link and it will take you to the page where all the hard and so
  5. Thirst, you dont need to be military to get USAA credit monitoring. I never did anyway.
  6. Thanks again valdo... I had her sign up with those three for EQ and smartcredit for TU. question... on the equifax complete. She signed up for the $19.95 a month plan the EQ complete premier. her first pull tonight of course showed all three reports. but when she went to look at inquiries, all she saw were Hard inquiries from all three. When she pulls subsequent daily pulls with EC, will she be able to see her SOFT pulls for eq?? I remember when I was doing this, I depended on EC showing me softs to enter into the calculator here to see how close I was. We didnt see any softs on h
  7. thanks valdo.... do you still have to set up MPM/EIDT in some way where you get approved for a sign in and it takes a few days? and then do you have to call in every so often so they reset the counter and you can continue daily pulling? I remember the 24 hour plus a minute rule now that you remind me. that was annoying too.
  8. Bump to roy. my wife has a clean file but too many hards on EQ and TU. I did the B thing a couple years back, but as I know the services constantly change, I am wanting to know what are the actual Daily pullers that people are using these days? I know USAA had one, but did it get modified to having to pick a certain package to allow Daily pulls? Are there still Only 3 daily pullers which actually work? Keep in mind that we do not have an Amex card to use as I recall they offered one for their card members. If someone can let me know which 3 (or more) dailys I need her to use to make
  9. Ultimately they will make all the stores one name. credit accounts will likely be reissued altogether or the one company who gets their name switched to the other will have their cards switched. Since Citi underwrites it all, it will be streamlined to one card/account. right now, cards are likely to only be used in the store which bears their name until the merger details are more clearly laid out.
  10. It's usually $1K to start unless your very established and give them documentation. Though respectfully disagree with thew above stating $1,000 or $10,000. I have known many many people with CLs ranging between 1k and 10k.
  11. Interesting. Would 3 new accounts in the last two months qualify as a "lot" of new credit (1 auto and 2 cards)? Are they much like Barclays in that if they see more than 3 inquiries and 2 two new cards they are scared off?
  12. My wife has gone on a spree this last month. small one. She hadn't really had much showing beyond closed small limit Chase cards from 4 years ago. She also has a $240K mortgage joint account showing and a $27k auto loan. in January she was approved for a USAA Amex for $1500 and a Boeing CU Visa for $2700. Then she applied with with NFCU for two visas and a Navchek. the first Visa app was made initially and approved for $25,000. about 3 days later she applied for another Visa and Navchek on the same day. 2nd visa was approved at $11K and Navchek approved for $15K. At this time, the
  13. IF the old business needs to be reactivated with the state, this will ultimately carry over on your Duns which does keep track of when your corporate charter becomes inactive and then reactivated, as well as any licenses which go from active to non active back to active. When a 5 year old Duns file is theoretically better to use than a new one, if the old file has issues on it which may cause some flags to pop up (notations that the business went inactive.... i.e. out of business at some point will cause pause with some lenders) Closed accounts may also likely be listed and again you have t
  14. around 2004-05 was the golden era for Home Depot credit. the store credit could often be parlayed from modest 2500-6000 starter limits into bigger with aggressive recon calling for higher limits. the fakers would especially hit them up saying they need bigger lines for supplies and would often get it handed to them like candy! It was not hard to have 15-25k in HD store credit within a short time. Then of course there was the HD Mastercard fiasco which was almost custom made for fakers! Citi had some loopholes in their processing system which permitted the issuance of multiple Mastercar
  15. Gift card fraud was a huge issue in past years. Some folks with fake businesses and even some with real ones would take advantage of Home Depot store credit and Lowes. I remember I was rather stunned with my first business and Home Depot gave me about $20-25K within 3 months. A lot of folks were apparently manipulating the system and getting a lot of these accounts with 20 to 50k limits. Back then buying gift cards was not really taboo. I have purchased HD gift cards before to control spending on a job and had someone doing a project for me. I'd give them an agreed upon amount in HD gift
  16. I don't believe I was off track. But I will digress. I'm sure if one has a lot of time on their hands they can look back at some of my posts and see that free expression and exchanges were made and for the most part, the board gods did not come slapping our wrists. One would also note that I don't have a problem calling a fake out. But again, I shall digress as I am not inclined to be as spirited as in my younger days!
  17. A few current members love telling stories!! That much is certain. But one must be tactful when calling them out. I have been 'put in the corner' a couple times for calling them on their BS. I've been on the board a Long time. And the occasional self deluded faux business owner and their claims of unrealistic credit approvals is tedious enough. But there have been a couple who felt compelled to be the self appointed business credit board guru, but unfortunately didn't effect much REAL knowledge (likely because they did not actually own a true and functioning business) and were either
  18. Read back... You will find many many examples of posters seeking attention by posting completely illogical supposed approvals. It's not uncommon at all. This is a message board on the internet. Prone to the issues all message boards are. Not hard to believe at all. I've been on the board for several years and I have seen it first hand. There have always been braggarts seeking attention. You want amusement? Go back and read the story of but one such guy. a certain landscaper from the midwest. He was always good for a chuckle. Too bad he took himself too seriously.
  19. It is possible to get non PG credit with prime lender backed store credit. There is a "by the book" protocol that many underwriters use and do not deviate from. Others will be random about approving newer businesses. It can be quite an individual thing and may require calling back and getting a different rep. Keep in mind that many of these lenders keep ongoing notes on the application, so just calling a new person may not always help. There is no real science to it. Having a certain knowledge or savvy about business credit building or following a list of what to do can only go so f
  20. I've financed three Fords in the last decade with company credit and no PG. As I have mentioned back then as well as recently, the F&I fleet guy and his connections can make all the difference. If your business exists and is recorded properly and has some credit history, you can get done with Ford IF you have the right fleet guy working your deal. Some dealers have terrible fleet managers while others can get a deal done with a company that has little age or payment history and have a deal wrapped up and approved in under an hour without you even having to walk onto the lot.
  21. The FCC reg means little to commission hungry non citizens, even when working for a US company. I know many business owners as I am part of a local group in our community. I assure you that the DnB sales attacks are live and well for many, despite being threatened with a law or regulation. Let us be honest, to many there is little difference between a Duns sales vulture and a collection agent. Both do things which are technically against laws or skirting the laws, but many many many of them still do it anyway because more people than not will Not take the time to report them. And even wh
  22. If one can truly get off a call list, I think it's more a matter of luck. Duns vultures typically do not ascribe to such things as a request. Glad it works for some, but I've known too many who despite whatever they ask the reps, they will always get a repeat call. Real or Fake business, it's pretty unwise to obsessively check your file. Getting your Duns frozen is not fun and has happened to real and fake businesses alike.
  23. "Needed to take a little break from some of the BS thrown around by some on here!" Hahah... I remember those days too. Back when I spent a lot more time here than I do now. There were Way more inhabitants on the biz credit site here because back then in the pre-recession era there were a ton of fakes on here. Guys with bad credit all of a sudden using the ole biz credit backdoor. Some of them were so clearly fakes and when they posted usually invited a message board battle because they were not only fake, but some were coming on here and giving out some very bad advise. They started a
  24. I just called them up and applied. I have used them before but usually paid cash. They gave me a $1K opening limit and they verified by corp existence through the SOS site. This is the limit most have seen to start. $2500 seems feasible with perhaps submission of other docs or PG. But occasionally people luck out. I think the no doc starter limit for most is still likely $1k more than it is $2500. I've had Grainger with a couple past businesses over the years and while you can get a CLI with them with a little history, they are more giving with supporting docs. But overall they are not
  25. Do be careful about the iUpdate system. It's a great thing to keep an eye on your file and what is showing. But be careful about accessing it repeatedly. Much like it's earlier incarnation of eupdate, if you sign into it excessively you raise the potential for flags and possibly a frozen file at some point. Why? Because Real businesses do Not have the time, nor interest to be frank, to check their business credit several times per week. It can lead to your file being potentially flagged and tagged and having to deal with some unpleasant folks at Duns to get it unlocked, if even possible.
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