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  1. Of course now I can't print the Target app! I think it has something to do with the PDF format. Sometimes I can't print that. sometimes I can. My computer acts like its going to print (loads mem and shows ink level) but the printer does nothing. hmmm... Don't think I have a paydex yet. In another 6-8 weeks I should have one. I have that time enough to determine why my printer isn't printing everything.
  2. I've had the same problem with the Wal Mart app. On your Target success, did you have a Paydex already?
  3. I have had a UPS acct for 8 months at least and I have not had them report (that Im aware of) to Duns or Experian. Some say UPS reports while others say they don't. I went to the source and UPS claimed to me that they do Not report. At best this is a convienance to help shipping needs (BTW I only get one bill a month) but I doubt they report payment history. If anyone has them reporting to their file let me know so I can call and yell at someone for not reporting to mine.
  4. I have done the go around with many auto financers and it's been at least my experience that if your over 600 you can get primary lender financing. It's only when your scores dip below 600 or if you have a lot of baddies on your file where you have to worry about getting creative, Where scores in the low to mid 600s aren't the best (better than mine though~) they are generally accepted as worthy in the eyes of many primary lenders. You should even get a half decent rate as well.
  5. Hi I make sure to use my personal checking acct., I don't get checks back at the end of the month but assume they are photocopied and accessed if needed. I'm thinking if I pay a solid two years and take those check copies in they may just get the hint that I am not necessarily what 2 of 3 of my credit files suggest. At least not a lifetime deadbeat. I had some pretty good reasons to trash my credit. Still very regrettable to me but didn't have much choice.
  6. Thats a bummer. Are there any farm equip 'super stores' out there that would carry commercial grade Deeres that allow for other, more liberal finance companies? I mean a car dealer would be screwed if the only options he had where to send everyone's application through GMAC. That is why they have dozens of banks and finance companies with different lending criterea. I'd like a Deere, but simply won't PG anything business related.
  7. Ah, I'm sorry Tina.. I read it wrong or at least didn't remember it right. But still you have to wonder if someone was just going for a dinky Ford Focus or whatever vehicle they have under $10K, how anal they are going to get making you jump through hoops for such a small amount financed. I am of course going by the principal of having dealt with many of these business card issuers. You request a $10K line for Lowes or Home Depot and they say no thanks, for that kind of credit we need either more established history on your file or a PG. Then you ask them what amount they are comfortable
  8. Thanks Cot.... was a long two years. Credit was the last thing on my mind. When it comes to whats REALLY important, you find out how quick you could care less about a Fico score or making Wells Fargo and Transouth happy. Thanks for asking. I think I will make payments for another year and then give it some serious thought. I really dont want to go back to 20% interest or pull the teeth it takes to even get there.
  9. Jen, Did you have a paydex when Best Buy and CompUSA gave you a combined $30k limit? also did they ask for your companies gross? if so, was it significant? 15k each seems pretty impressive. A lot of people start out with those with pretty low limits. wondering if the paydex is the key for them to give heavy limits. Are they underwritten by the same bank?
  10. When you paid the $25 to see your own report did it differ significantly from the eupdate version you can see for free? I have heard Duns will sometimes 'hide' info or trades on the eupdate version. Was just curious how your paid version differed from the free one.
  11. We just bought JD 757 Z-trac w/ bagging system for $7900. One step down (to the 737) w/o bagger can be bought for around $6500. Start paying close attention to the equpiment you see on lanscapring trucks....lots of Exmark, lots of Scag, lots of JD, a good bit of Toro. If Cub Cadet was "all that", you would see it more often. They just are not big players in the commercial market. Rigirl.....your input is needed here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You are right there. I mainly see Deere or other brands that are strictly commercial. I am in the liquidations business. We do aucti
  12. I haven't seen the commercial Deeres. probably are pretty nice. Yes, the one I had experience with was an overpriced consumer grade machine. Im not sure I want any type of PG though. I will definitely look into the commercial grade Deere though. I just really didn't want to exceed $10k. Which I am assuming the Deere Zero turns are in excess of that? Just curious what is bad regarding the Cadet commercial grade? Since I don't make ,my living in this area I ultimately don't know the weak points of any machine and a salesman sure isn't going to tell me. many thanks
  13. Hello Which database do they rely on to track a corps time in existence? How long you've been in Dun'a file according to Duns record (which is often unreliable as Ive been in business 6 years, but have only a year and a half of Dun's file. Another question I thought you may have an answer to... is there a good source for financing commercial grade lawn equipment? We aren't in that business but have an enormous amount of grass with various terrain and the $2,000-3000 higher end consumer grade pieces just aren't cutting it (pun not intended~) We;ve had the property since the 70s and have go
  14. I know the big credit lines require a PG unless you have decades of perfection under your Duns belt. But does anyone have Visa/MC/LOC with say a limited in the $5k-25k range without a PG or excess docs? I'm guessing few and far between but would be curious if anyone has gotten them and what type of history was on their Duns at the time.
  15. Well I don't mean to be a negative... It's just isn't there a difference between getting lucky with some disputing or exploiting FCRA technicalities and going to a car dealer and saying heres some copies of my checks that say I at least wrote the checks to pay for this car, but since my name wasn't on the note and I have some haunting from the past issues, I just find it dubious that such a thing could be swung. Of course if you know of some precedent or similar type of story I am all ears and will gladly eat my hat. These boards are wonderful. They teach you some good lessons and many
  16. I only wish it could happen. I have little doubt that as long as the couple on the auctual note don't have to pay anything they wouldn't be opposed to concurring that I was indeed the guy who has been paying the note. But I kind of dismissed the whole thing is that I was stuck to pay it all off and at the end Id have a 6 yer old car clear. But no credit to show for the effort. I mean I figure that GMAC would just dismiss it as some elaborate attempt for this couple to get their friend (and This couple and I are not social in the least. we just met once and i offered to do the deal) some c
  17. I've often wondered that myself. Debt to income is right up there behind a reasonable credit score. But have you noticed that if you Do have a good score that lenders aren't breaking their back to ask for paycheck stubs, etc. I know what this couple did for a living. But I have no idea what they put on their loan application. I suspect they exaggerated something.
  18. Well, it is hardly an ultra safe agreement. Yes I have a contract with them, notorized, etc that as long as I make the payments the car will remain with me and upon payoff they will sign it over. They seem decent enough and haven't bugged me about anything. Guess they are just feeling lucky that they are getting their credit protected and built up. I noticed by the statement that the first 2-3 month when they had it they had a late layment or two! they were clearly sinking. Under ideal circumstances I wouldnt have touched the deal because they had sales tax and an insurance policy rolled
  19. Ok, if the title confused here is my story. back in the past 2001 more or less I had my credit go down the drain when my ex wife kidnapped our children and went on a 2 year run across the country. I had a reasonable life up till then. 2 cars with payments and was rebuilding credit from years before when I was late teens and abused my credit. I was really building everything up well. was graduating from substandard CCs and had three paid off car loans with perfect credit before this. though on any of them I managed to pay them off in terms of less than two years. So my ex runs off with ou
  20. I have no paydex yet, and had only two (that I could see anyway, never know with D&B hiding trades) trades and one is an erroneous under 30 day late. My experian report says 3 trades though i can only see 2 and one of them being the erroneous under 30 days late once. the Experian report score is 67. I applied for Home Depot about 12 days ago. Got the code 25 reply online and called them up. after clearing up an old address issue I was issued a $2800 approval. much less than I requested but hey, it's a start! later that day I tried to apply for a home depot 30 day net account. again co
  21. The website is PreferredLease.com -- do a search for it here on CB. No PG, no personal hard credit pull. It was an instant approval. I don't know the terms yet since I have no immediate need for it. I'll prolly give my account rep a call for more details. Good luck! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I applied for this one too. didn't ask for an EIN or Duns number and within a nanosecond approved at $75k. I believe it is essentially bait to get you to go to the 'final step' which is contact the rep. the rep tried to call me twice and emailed me with a form that basically asks
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