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  1. Well, the credit union is a smaller one I have banked with. And while a couple extra accounts I am told (by said manager) won't bug them, he said his board prefers not to see any inquiries on the EQ for at Least 6 months prior. I know, it doesn't make a ton of sense given they won't hang me to dry for a couple new credit card accounts. I have not prodded too hard on it with them since it just happens to be one of those small independent lenders who sets forth their own strange, and sometimes contradicting criteria. But I very much wish to be doing business with them at that time, so I will leave it at that.


    Yes, it seemed apparent Citi wanted to double pull, and I would have gladly taken a double pull off EX and TU if they wanted it that way. But given my limitations, at this time, I suppose Citi and Chase are not in the cards. It's just frustrating that both reps failed to admit they pulled Experian and stated they had No credit info in front of them to use.


    I did find one number to the Executive office, but it seemed to be a voicemail identifying themselves as the executive office, please leave a message. Is that an appropriate action or is it pretty much going to be something that will get ignored? Not that I expect any positive resolution anyway if they are to insist on the double pull.


    Anyway, I do get more mileage from my various credit union relationships and I will concede that ultimately I don't need an account if I am not willing to let the creditor access the report their system selects. Just bad luck of the draw for which CRA they wish to take. But there are bigger losses than a $5-20K credit card compared to a lender who might be illogical and nitpick over things as silly as wanting No inquiries in the 6 months before app, but accounts newer than 6 months are ok. Makes no sense, but I have to play their game. I had simply hoped Citi and Chase would have been content with either of the other two CRAs. thanks

  2. I applied yesterday for an AAdvantage card and was told online it was declined. I figured maybe as I had a fraud alert that it just needed to be addressed as I didn't expect any type of automated approval with a FA in place.

    Well I see on my alerts that they pulled my EXPERIAN. a clean report with low 700s and oldest account being 31 years and AAA being 7. Now my Equifax is frozen because I have a credit union I will be dealing with later in the summer and my banker there says he would prefer not to see Any inquires when I go to do that business.


    So I get this email this morning from Citi stating that my application is pending and processing has been halted because they need my Equifax to be unlocked. Something I am not willing to do. And as they just pulled the Experian I am not interested in them double pulling anyway. So I call the number on the email and explain they already pulled my Experian so I dont think they should need to pull the EQ. The rep tells me they Never pulled my experian and have no credit report to look at. I went through two reps who swear they did not pull Experian (even though I am looking at today's fresh Experian report that says Citi on it) and need me to unlock Equifax if they are to complete processing.


    If anything I'd like the Experian pull removed if they claim so much they never did it. the rep gives me the address of the executive response, office of the president PO box is SD to mail my complaint to so they can hopefully deal with that. But I went to two different reps who claim the Experian report was never pulled and they don't have that report in their system.

    the number I called was 1-888-201-4523.


    Are there other numbers to try to attempt to get this clarified? Kind of sucks they tossed a hard experian on me and supposedly dont even have the data to show for it.


    I can understand if they had simply just pulled Equifax and sent that email and I would have just chalked it up as no harm, no foul since it was frozen.

    I tried applying with Chase 3 times this week and they keep pulling Equifax, and the reps say they can't process unless its unlocked, or to try applying again and maybe the luck of the dray will pull a different CRA. I think after 3 tries I'm done applying with chase as they seem bent on 'randomly' pulling EQ. And they refuse to pull a different one.


    ​Anyway, thanks for any input. EQ is just not going to be an option to unlock though as my local credit union manager was very emphatic and didn't want me to jeopardize a future loan app that I will do in the early summer.

  3. Well USAA still hasn't put the 'approved' Visa account up online yet. rep says that underwriting is 'fulfilling' the account. I've already got and activated the MC I applied for at the same time. They say to look for the Visa to appear around Oct 9 to 15th? guess I am perplexed as to why it should take so long when the MC was done and sent out in a flash. On another note, Nasa was nice and turned the card that they turned off back on and it appears back on the online page. So thats good to see. Glad they finally called me to ask if I applied.

  4. Yep. Everything matches perfectly. Nasa did call today, but simply asked if I applied for a card, which I said I did and they thanked me and didn't ask anything else. I figured ok, and signed back into Nasa, but so far so reappearance of the credit card. I hadn't applied for credit for about two years and pretty much had all the ducks in a row but thats just a weird one to me. I'm not going to sweat it, but it is frustrating. I waited two years to do my app spree. And it is tending to work out better with the bigger banks. Chase Blue preferred for $27k auto approved. Barclays declined, then recon approved for 12k. CLI at activation up to 24k. Amex blue $2k?? at least it was an approval. Hopefully they are still open to doing CLIs at activation as I have read this to be the case. After USAA I was pretty much done.

  5. Thanks for the input. Normally I probably wouldn't question the absence of the second account not showing up a day later. Bought a week ago I applied for and was approved For a NASA credit card. I passed their somewhat lengthy LEXIS-NEXIS verification and electronically signed my documents, and the account showed up on my online page. A week later the credit card account disappears off the page. I call in and they transferred me to the security department. Yet I either get completely disconnected, or sent to a voicemail where no one ever returns my call. And that was a $26,000 credit limit. A week later I still have no clue why they closed it down. No call back no letters, nothing. So I guess I am a little sensitive at the present time about approved accounts not showing up on my accounts page. Anyway, I will give it a day or two to see if the USAA on line page updates the second account.

  6. I had applied back to back for USAA cards. I had a preselected offer for the World Mastercard and accepted it and was approved at $12K, then applied for the Visa (not preselected for). Also instant approval for $12K. The first MC showed up on my online access accounts page within a few hours. But a day and a half later the Visa has not yet appeared. My USAA messages page confirms I have been approved for both. I was just curious if anyone else who has gotten two approvals same day has had an issue with one of them not appearing. Did the preselected card show up faster because it was preselected?? Just curious if anyone has thoughts on it. thanks

  7. My CLOC app had the 'In Process' status until I returned the paperwork.

    Thanks for confirming that! My credit card status says approved, so no worries there. But I wasn't sure why I was seeing the "in process" status hours after I got the approval popup and the confirmation email. They said they were just sending out the docs to my home for signature and mailing back, so don't figure I need to visit the branch as I don't have one handy to my area anyway.


    I have seen a lot of people on here also who have both a Navy Visa And MasterCard both. As well as a CLOC. I have read of a lot of people getting all 3 products in one day or week. As my goal is to have overall tiny utilization, another card would come in handy towards that goal. But Is it a poor idea in Apping for all three the same weekend despite what appear to be a lot of people having success in getting all three in a day/weeks time? I would rather get my hard pulls out of the way before I lock down and not app for anything else for another couple years. But I don't want Navy raising a flag if I ask for three credit products in short order if there is reason not to do this. Any thoughts?

  8. Yesterday I was approved for NFCU flagship for $30k. today I requested the checking LOC and was approved for the max $15K instantly. also got an email confirming the approval and that the loan paper will be sent out for my signature and to send back to them. I did notice this evening that the status for this checking LOC technically reads Still in Process. Does it say that simply because they have yet to get the signed loan document back before officially classifying it as approved in the 'status' section? I don't mean to sound paranoid, but was just curious if the instant approval and email approval message was a solid approval and it was just a matter of signing the document and returning before they classified it as such? I have no other pending messages about it or any requests for supporting docs or anything like that.



  9. Is Chase likely to match the credit line of my Citi or BOA card in their 20s? From what I can see on the pulls database, there isn't a large flow of $15K+ opening CLs. Are there other possibilities (other than NFCU which I am not eligible for) that tend to match the existing high credit line that are at least more prone to pulling TU or EX?

  10. I am open to other possibilities than PLOC. Which cards might I be able to get that might open a CL at 20K to start with a 0% intro rate? I am not looking to carry the debt more than 6 months. I have a Citi and BOA cards both with limits in the mid to high 20s, but no longer at a rate I would find prudent to borrow a large amount against. thanks again

  11. Hello


    Had a question on the best odds approval for a PLOC of around $20-25K.

    have $100K income. TU 757 average account age 14 years. credit file age 34 years. Oldest account Visa from 1986 with a 28k limit. 36% utilization on TU. EQ is 689 with 63% utilization. EX 750 with about 50% util. no baddies but EQ has someone elses $400 electric bill collection on it from 2 years ago. Just realized that today when I pulled my file. but no collection showing on TU or EX. 0 inquires TU, 0 inquires EX and 2 inquiries EQ.


    not a ton of accounts showing. between 4 and 6 open accounts depending which CRA you look at.


    Any ideas where I should apply for a 20-25k PLOC where it would likely be an easy deal? I don't have any affiliation to qualify for USAA or NFCU that I am aware of, so I guess those are off the table. I can deal locally in Minneapolis if anyone knows of a regional bank or credit union there.



  12. I understand. But she already hit the link and filled out the app then they pulled a hard EQ and approved her and issued an echeck and an auto loan account pending her basically taking the echeck to a dealer and getting a car. they made the decision good for about a month. as such I would think in theory anyway since the approval has already had a hard pull and has an expiration that they would not be pulling another report on her.


    I was just asking because I didnt want her to go through all the dealer garbage just to have another incidental hard pulled with for whatever reason with potentially negative results. I figure since the approval expires that this would at least indicate there would be no other need for another hard pull assuming she bought a car within the timeframe of this approval.

  13. My other half applied for a USAA auto loan through a preapproval link on her USAA page. They of course pulled a hard EQ despite the "pre-appoval" (no big deal. we expected them to).

    they approved her for about $4K higher than the maximum amount listed on the pre-approval offers page.

    So she printed her electronic dealer check and instructions and her account page indicates and auto loan which is pending her actions to pick a car and process the check.


    my question....


    a week After her approval her ex who is ordered to pay some combined student loans they both had failed to do so and some student loan lates appeared and of course made her score tank over 100 points! She is greatly distressed because after inquiries the student loan folks are of course not giving her any immediate satisfaction or solution and the later are of course staying. the ex supposedly had auto pay hooked up as he had been paying them for the last couple years just fine and supposedly switched accounts and didn't let the student loan people know. so they are legit lates.


    Will USAA have ANY reason to pull another report on her if they already issued her an echeck and decision good for another 3 weeks? I would assume if they had reason to do that it would obviously reflect the later and her ex's fault or not, they are there.

    Just curious if anyone has had USAA pull credit AFTER they already issued the electronic check ?



  14. Hey, SCM. how goes it?


    I came back here and it's much more quiet these days. A good thing since many of the scammers are gone (though some still remain). But the business credit scene is naturally more conservative these days. Go by the rules that were established back in our day and just expect lower credit lines. There is nothing really new on the business credit front. Use the basics that have been around for years and avoid the 'advise' from those who are trying to reinvent the wheel.

    You had some great accomplishments back in the day. Theres nothing really going on new that you don't already know.

  15. If one just started doing B for the first time starting around 2/28, are they automatically going to get noticed on their first month of pulling 3 a day? or does the system sometimes not pick up on first timers and they might actually go till April before they see C? My wife started for the first time on 2/28 (which granted isnt going to help her much if she is immediately going to get put under the C. Was just curious. I havent personally done B in some time. a couple years I suppose. But I remember that I thought it took a few months before I got hit with C. Just curious if anyone who has started in more recent time if the axe falls on you right away when you start B.



  16. The increase was fine, but the first one basically had them giving you their new exposure level for you in general. It's not so much you didn't use the other account much. GE tends to be exposure conscious and had you at maximum after the first request. There was simply no more exposure to grant you in general. When the underwriters look at your file with them, they are already seeing all the accounts and overall exposure. Usage will play into it, but I dare say you could have used BA account a lot and you still would have been declined if the first request used up all their extra risk they were willing to grant you overall.


    More often than not with these Big creditors like GE, Citi, Chase, etc... you have an underwriter who is looking at ALL of your credit they have granted you and factoring the exposure accordingly.

  17. I will indeed call a spade a spade <_< Most folks know that of me. (by the way, disclaimer for the PC sensitive: the term I just used was coined and used years before it was ever used as an ethnic slur. History lesson for those who didn't know B) )

    Though in my older age, I have mellowed a bit. For that, I am sure the board Gods are happy.

  18. There are certain limitations, despite the MC logo.


    The average business person who Owns a startup business should never fear PGing an account. It's part of the process. If your scores are bad, I can understand. But still, some people act as if the PG is something any real startup can avoid and obtain significant universal credit with.

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