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  1. The non-PG types of financing will take time to build to. Unfortunately the higher dollar equipment stuff you will likely have to PG.
  2. For that kind of spending you really need to go a corporate card route. Otherwise the situation you had with Chase will repeat itself with multiple lenders. I don't know where you are located but as Hege mentioned above City National Bank may be a good option for you on this.
  3. For the amount of money you are spending it seems like a corporate card program may be your best bet. Most banks do not like business spend on personal cards and being above your limits across all accounts with them in the middle of a pandemic is a huge red flag.
  4. Oh, I wasn't justifying an 84 month loan. Just commenting on the correlation of manufacturers pushing the term made sense why it spiked. Even at 0% I can't see justification for a term that long.
  5. Even though it's financial suicide the 84 month part makes sense from the standpoint that manufacturers are pushing the 0% 84 month loans.
  6. We moved our savings to CIT about a year ago at 2.3%. Right now it's at 1.13%.
  7. When my wife and I started dating in 2007 I was in investment banking and doing quite well and was flashy and liquid. When we got married it was in 2008 and I had literally $0 income coming in, she married me anyway. Through a lot of hard work I built everything back up and bought a $30 million trucking company with partners in 2015. One VERY VERY shady partner and everything was gone again through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She's still here and has worked with me to build a very good consulting business. My point is wealth is fleeting, a good partner is not. Had my wife married me based on my good periods I likely would be divorced and broke right now.
  8. If they bring any RHD manual trans cars from overseas I would definitely pick at least one up. One can dream...
  9. I don't see how it would effect the market for manual transmission vehicles. Manual transmission rental cars are scarce at best and non-existent outside of specialty cars.
  10. I bought a CPO Subaru in February. If I had a crystal ball I would have put it off a few months. Not because the market dictates it but because I have barely driven in the past 60 days and could have done without the car. That being said, even if the value of the car dropped 20% (which it hasn't) it is what it is. If you need a car buy one, If you don't put it off and try your hand at timing the market. I don't think you will see a huge swing on popular models. Auto production on new cars is down, which means that supply will be short in the comping months. One could predict that would drive used prices UP. No one can tell the future. One thing I will say is a corporate bankruptcy like Hertz is not a liquidation, it is a restructuring. They are NOT dropping 500k cars on the used car market.
  11. I get the lease. DW's current Infiniti is on a lease. When it is up next year we will buy something and either finance it short term or the way we are trending we'll just pay cash. I very much get the finance cheap and make money off of market returns crowd but the less monthly payments we have the better we feel. Sometimes the peace of mind is worth it.
  12. I absolutely will catch up eventually. Until then then nothing will change.
  13. I have just hit a point where if I cannot comfortably pay for it in 3 years it just won't happen. If I have to buy a cheaper car so be it. DW's car is currently leased and written off for business. Next one will be purchased with a 3 year loan (or maybe no loan) in the company name and I'll depreciate it.
  14. People do long terms for the lower payment, It enables them to purchase more car than they can actually afford. Then they change the grille on the same model 3 years later and that person has to have the new model. It's a never ending cycle but it is extremely common.
  15. I have a 36 month loan at 1.9% that I am itching to just pay off 2 months in. I have had 72 month loans in the past and would absolutely never do it again.

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