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  1. One of us has to be and my intelligence is at times debatable
  2. Haha, I was willing to go 48 but the wife was insistent on 36. In the end the 1.99% rate was for 36 months max so she won. Happy wife.....
  3. Needed to add a car to the house since I left the company that provided mine. I have been in some kind of company/business owned car for the past 6 years. Didn't want to break the bank and I am just shy of 2 years post DC. Data points: FICO - DW 846, me 685 Pulled TU Income about $130k We put $5,600 down and financed $12k at 3 years with Subaru/Chase at 1.99%. Obviously DW's credit pulled the loan. I did burn Chase in the BK for about $10k on a business card. Instant approval when they submitted to Chase. As a bonus they allowed us to charge the down payment so we'll pick up some UR points as well. Overall very happy with the deal.
  4. If you made your first payment to the finance company then the contract was funded and there is no issue.
  5. You can take the depreciation and interest write off which would equal your entire payment assuming a 5 year loan and 5 year depreciation period.
  6. Too many people buying cars they can't afford with easy credit and stupid long loan periods.
  7. Just an FYI the Genesis cars lease like crap. A G80 will run you north or $600 a month not including the upside down amount.
  8. I agree with #4. You know what you have in your current vehicle, you know how it has been maintained and driven. Now if it has not been maintained and/or its been abused unload it and go with #3.
  9. IMO you are asking for trouble. You need to take the emotion out of it. The actions (including your own) show that the intent was always for Navy to hold lien on the title. If you push too far and this ends up in court you will lose. You criticize the ethics of the rep from NFCU but your actions far cross the line here. You are getting a $22-$26k car for $18k, take the deal and move on. Or don't and test NFCU's reputation for being aggressive in pursuing litigation. Your choice.
  10. Looks like the thread was deleted. It doesn't even show in my "Threads You've Participated In" anymore. We'll have to see if the wireless router does anything else with the CB data
  11. To a CU a $2k balance is not a "tiny" amount. If this were CapOne or another CC issuer I would tend to agree with you Rocket. However - this is a member owned credit union and is very very likely to sue. Yes, even over a "tiny" $2k balance. You are correct that OP does not identify the CU or what the letter actually said and everyone guessing is making educated assumptions. If this debt were defaulted along with another $5k credit product (OP does not identify but another poster referred to it) then I would all but guarantee that the CU will be filing.
  12. Linx - this makes no sense. I'd request an accounting for the loan. If they refuse file a complaint with CFPB. Sounds like something underhanded going on.
  13. You owe $300k on it, what is the value as it sits right now?
  14. Check prequal on Discover and CapOne for a start

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