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  1. CTSoxFan - that was my thought, but I only know enough to be dangerous, so I wanted to see what everyone else's take is on it too. I hope you are right! I know that a 72 month loan on a used car is not ideal (to put it mildly) - especially with my interest rate, but I need a car now and won't get my bonus until March. My bonus may be enough to pay it off right then, but... even if it won't pay it off entirely, it will definitely pay off more than half of what I will owe at that point, so it may not be as bad as it seems
  2. I believe they were both 72 months. The paper they brought in to me with the $435 per month payment didn't include an interest rate and when I asked what interest rate that was, I was told he didn't know, but that they'd tell me that back in financing.
  3. neither. The prequalification I went in with from Capital One is exactly what I got. I'd put in my negotiated price in the calculator when I printed my prequalification form. The purchase price is what we'd agreed on before I started trying to get financed. The interest rate is exactly what was on my prequalification. I don't know who they were using for that first offer they came to me with, but it wasn't Capital One. You don't think they're going to come back to me in a few days and tell me that didn't actually get approved, and I need to come up with a huge downpayment or something, do you?
  4. So... my prequal for this particular vehicle gave me 0 down with a payment of $307. The first financing offer they brought me was $2500 down with a $435/month payment! I was shocked. I told him I didn't plan to put anything down and he left and came back again with $0 down and again a $435 monthly payment. After that, I pulled out my prequal letter and told him that this is what I was expecting. He came back with exactly what was in my prequalification. Maybe I should've lead with that, but I was thinking that they might be able to get me an even better deal on financing than what was in my prequalification. I did go ahead and pull scores from myfico ahead of time so I would know what I'm dealing with in general, but they didn't ever mention my scores.
  5. I did the prequalification thing through Cap One. I found a used car that I want to buy and negotiated the price down. (already checked it out it in person, just had to call to negotiate with salesperson. ) I'm supposed to go into the dealership this afternoon to do the financing. Now I have anxiety. I have low scores, but Cap One prequal gave me a decent interest rate with a payment I can handle. I'm just nervous about getting in there and them telling me that Cap One won't actually finance me after all and I'll have to go with some other company that wants to give me a high interest rate because of my credit score. Is that a possible scenario, or will Cap One for sure honor the prequalification amount since I have that? (according to all of the "free" monitoring I have, my scores have gone up since I applied for the prequal through Cap One, but I know those aren't "real" scores) Would it help me at all to pay for my FICO scores and have them with me when I go in to do the financing?
  6. Yep. This was a former employer that I left, so they were not helpful at all when I contacted them about the issue. I've been dealing with the lien issue since November of 2014, and it's still not done. I was assessed additional taxes for tax years 2010 and 2012 for the same reason, but I received the notices early enough to appeal those in tax court and got those fixed and the cases dismissed before any kind of collection action was taken. Unfortunately, I didn't know my 2011 taxes had been audited and I'd been assessed additional tax until I got notice of the lien having been filed. Definitely a mess, but... glad the board is here so that I know better than to just let the IRS release the lien! (need to request that withdrawal for the sake of my credit scores!) Thanks!
  7. Update: I contacted the appeals representative I'd been dealing with and asked why the lien cannot be withdrawn. (Guess I should've done that in the first place) She said that the lien can't be withdrawn as of the date that decision was issued because the $30.73 balance is on the account. (that's what I was told is the lien filing fee) She said that once the filing fee is paid, (or abated if I request that), they'll issue the release and after the lien is released, I can request that the lien be withdrawn. She mentioned that it will probably take 30 days. So... it sounds like the procedure is that you get the lien released first and then request the withdrawal. I guess she didn't anticipate them assessing me a fee for the filing of the lien when she initially requested the withdrawal for me. Regardless... sounds like it will get withdrawn, I just have to get the release first.
  8. There is no more to the story. The lien should never have been placed. The income they claimed was mine, was income of the company I worked for and the company paid the taxes. I'll be contacting the taxpayer advocate. Thank you both so much for your help!
  9. Okay, so I'll need the release before I can ask for a withdrawal? Is that correct? Apparently, the collections person I was working with submitted a 12277 to the Appeals Officer when the decision to abate the additional assessment was made. Our decision says that we do not qualify for a withdrawal and that the lien will be released when we pay $30.??, which I'm told was the lien filing fee. It doesn't make sense that I should have to pay a fee for a lien that was filed erroneously, but the decision notes that I can ask for that fee to be abated too. The remedy for disagreeing with the decision that we do not qualify for a withdrawal, according to the decision, is to file a case in tax court, which I don't have a problem doing, I just hate to have to pay another $60 filing fee to get it reviewed by the tax court. This has been a huge mess. If I just pay the $30+ fee to get the lien released, and don't file an appeal in tax court, will I be able to get the CRAs to delete the lien, or will they only delete it if it is withdrawn? I don't have a problem with filing an appeal in tax court, I just want to take the easy way. Thank you!
  10. The IRS assessed additional taxes for my 2011 tax year based on a 1099 that was issued that was not reported on my tax return. This income was not required to be reported on my tax return, as it was income of the company I worked for and not my individual income. I did not receive the initial communications from the IRS concerning this assessment, and, as such, did not appeal the decisions within the proper time frame. (they sent notices to an address where I had not lived in the last 2 years) I had no idea there was an additional assessment until I received a notice of filing of a lien. (obviously, they got THAT notice to the right address... why not the others?) Anyway... long story short, I contacted the IRS and appealed the filing of the lien. I just received notice that the assessment has been abated, but they said that we do not qualify for withdrawal of the lien. I don't know WHY, since the assessment was made erroneously, but that means we'll get a certificate of release. I thought it was better to get a withdrawal. The lien currently appears on my credit report. If I take the release, will I be able to get the lien removed from my credit report? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  11. I do have a job - I've been working steadily since 2001 in the same field Most recent events: I got approved through Roadloans, there just aren't any vehicles I want at the dealerships they are affiliated with. Just waiting it out for now until I find the vehicle I want. (the one I'd originally picked out has already been sold)
  12. I'd like to buy a car. I've got a low credit score (in the 500's). The car is $26,591. My down payment is $10,000. Am I off in la-la land to think that someone will finance me?
  13. Applied online for a Kohl's card. I got this message: We're sorry, but at this time we're unable to instantly decision your application. I'm guessing that means it's denied. Anyone know for sure?
  14. I don't have a monitoring service and since I just got copies of my reports online, they show me the same one for the next 30 days. I did get a new report online from Experian. The only mention of a fraud alert was in the "Your Statements" section. Is this normal? I guess I was expecting a big "FRAUD ALERT" heading at the top of the report.

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