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  1. Have had the gold amex for a year and a half now and looking to get the platinum card. Is there a point where it automatically upgrades me or do I have to apply for the upgrade?
  2. aristocrat


    Boom goes the dynamite...I actually didn't even have to call in to amex. They have the credit increase option on my account page. Asked me what I wanted my limit to be...9k and my income. 5 seconds later it was approved! Now I need Chase to do the same thing. Question, did Amex do a hard pull on my report for this? They didn't ask if they were allowed to so I'm assuming no.
  3. aristocrat


    Hey guys hope you can give me advice... Chase freedom with 5k limit opened september last year...for the first 6 months or so I paid off full balance each month. I believe I applied for an CLI in January and was denied. Highest balance was 4600 this past month and paid off full today. Amex Delta sky miles opened last november with 3k limit. Highest limit was again this last month at 2600 and paid off in full today. Carried a balance the last few month in the 1k range and made 5-600 payments What should I do to get an increase on these cards? How much should I ask for and who to speak with. My mistake on the chase increase was I think I asked for increase to 15k. Thanks Guys! I have score of about 705 on myfico. Freecredit says 724.
  4. So i just got approved for the Wal Mart Discover and a 1100 limit. How should I go about CLI?
  5. aristocrat

    Chase CLI

    I've had the Chase Freedom since Sept. 5k limit and paid off or pretty close to paid off balance each month. spend 2-3 a month on it. I think the largest balance I left on there was a couple hundred bucks. Would it be time for a cli for me and what should I ask for? I have a 3k amex, 500 amex, and a secured 2k cap one.
  6. So applied for the Amex Delta card and received a 3k balance. I fly fairly frequently. Now have the zync and delta...should I keep both? Now have a visa, secured master, 2 amex reporting on cbr. What should I be looking for next?
  7. Just found out that I was approved for a 5k limit which is very nice. Largest limit yet! I hate having the 2k trapped with cap one secured with no chance of graduation but it will at least show available credit for the time being.
  8. Applied for Chase Freedom and was approved! My next step in a couple months is to go for another card as the cap one secured has no rewards but a high rate.
  9. So Amex reported this to my bureau a couple weeks after account opened. A bit upset cause my bill wasn't due and I had 375 on the car with a 500 limit on the card so it showed a high utilization on my report and lowered my score a bit. Any card recommendations? I'd like to go for a different cap one or a chase...any thoughts?
  10. I pulled one from myfico and got 690 score if that helps
  11. Got my Zync card in the mail today...when I log online it says I have no spending limit...obviously I'm not gonna run it up but I was assuming it would say some type of limit. What other cards should I go for?
  12. Just applied online for AMEX zync and was approved...new card in a week! I am thinking about doing one more and am thinking a 10k secured card with wells fargo...thoughts?
  13. So I became debt free mid last year and opened the cap one secured card with a 2k limit. I have no other trade lines on my report with only one other line listed as paid from an old school loan and it is on my experian. Freecreditreport lists my exp 747, equi 730, trans 730. What would be my best bets for opening new lines of credit? Secured loan? I'd really like to get an AMEX but was denied back in April. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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