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  1. ceemee


    Los Angeles
  2. I had a student loan that didn't update for, what felt like, a year. I think, unfortunately, this does happen.
  3. I have around $60k in various locations. Currently in my late 20s. Really focused on making more money so that I can start saving and investing more (only doing employer match in my 401k e.g.). Just finished getting a new degree so I hope to have the money I spent (no extra loans), will begin to benefit me. My parents have no money saved so I don't want to be be in their position when I'm their age.
  4. I never really used Manilla, other than to keep it open so that it collects all of my statements. I downloaded all of my statements from the site today. Also went to each of my accounts and downloaded all of the statements that are there. I'd rather have them just in case, than not have them and need them.
  5. Los Angeles
  6. It depends. Chase pulled once for me (EX) when I opened my freedom in January. Two years ago I was double pulled.
  7. Last card and one that I was not planning on getting: AMEX SPG. $6k CL. I say I wasn't planning on getting it because I was done when I got my Barclaycard, but I just realized that my Starwoods account is about to deactivate (due to 1 year of non-use) on 4/30/14. Getting the SPG is the cheapest way to keep it active, from what I could tell. Upside is that it will have a MSD of 04/08 (I joined Amex for the first time in 2012) and will hopefully help improve my AAOA since I opened 2 other cards this year. And I'm officially done. There are no other cards that I want.
  8. I decided to downgrade the the Green (from the PRG) and AMEX also gave me a $100 statement credit. I did pay the fee last month, but they're refunding as soon as I get my new card. But yes, my bill cut higher than I liked month.
  9. ceemee

    Barclays Bank

    Los Angeles
  10. Does this count? I applied for Barclays and was approved on Tues. 3/19. It's already been reported to all 3 CRAs (with the balance and etc, normal reporting) but I haven't even received the card yet.
  11. Barclays Arrival World Mastercard - $7,50. Approved on 3/19. Pulled TU.
  12. I use check.me. Payments usually post the next day and I've never had any issues paying multiple times a month.

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