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  1. I am currently in the process of refinancing my 2012 Hyundai and at the same time looking to purchase an additional car in the form of a 2011-2012 Jeep. I started by going through PenFed and was able to get approval @ 1.99% on a 60-month. Since I have all of my auto policies and home policy through State Farm I figured I would give their banking side a try to see what kind of rates I could get. I met with my local SF office and they were touting a 2.64% APR on a 60-month refi/loan (although higher than PenFed, this was appealing to keep everything under the SF umbrella and the free GAP was nice). A few hours later I received a pre-approval @ 6.24% -- I was extremely confused and somewhat shocked that SF would even consider this a "competitive" rate, especially since I provide them with so much business (6 policies) and have a flawless account history. My credit has no baddies and sits somewhere in the 700-715 range depending on which CRA you look at. I pressed my agent to get a recon from an underwriter on the rate and she came back approx. 30-mins later stating that she he was unable to get me a better rate than 6.24% and that she had made a mistake as that the 2.64% APR she had originally touted was reserved specifically for individuals with a credit score in excess of 780. I was of course frustrated to receive this info as I had apparently pissed away at least 1-hard inquiry in the process. I would not have applied had I known this crazy info. Now, I realize that I still have PenFed to fall back on with the 1.99%... so its hard to complain, but part of me wants to at least get my money's worth out of this wasted inquiry. SF seems to push everything to their local offices, but I figure there has to be a way to speak with an underwriter directly (i.e. backdoor). Has anyone had a similar experience? Any info that might be helpful?
  2. I have read and searched, so if I missed a similar thread from the past, my apologies. Back Story: I co-signed on an auto loan for a family member back in August 2006. Loan was originally with Sovereign Bank until it was sold off to Santander in May 2009. I currently have (9) 30 day lates and (1) 60 day late reporting on EX/EQ/TU from Sovereign Bank -- last reported 5/2009. The loan was paid off in-full about 1-year ago. Santander is not reporting any information after the loan was paid-off, it has been completely removed from all 3 CRA reports. The loan never went to collections or repo, just lates. I did not keep a close eye on my credit in the past, so I only knew of 1-2 lates when I got a phone call from Santander saying that the account was behind. It's my fault for not being on top of my reports at the time. I am about to write a goodwill letter to Sovereign Bank, but I cannot find a good place to send this to -- has anyone sent a goodwill letter to them with any success?? Aside from throwing up a 'hail-mary' with a goodwill letter, do I have any other options? I suppose I could dispute with EX/EQ/TU and request verification, hoping that they no longer have any of the files, since it was closed/transferred and last date of report was 5/2009 -- I have cleaned off all old addresses/names/employers from my reports. On the other hand, I do not want Santander to start reporting again -- I do not know the likelyhood of this happening, but I know the two companies are linked. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I learned my lesson with co-signing -- The damage has been done, but I am trying to find a way to clean this off my report (if possible).
  3. I suppose this makes me feel a little bit better... I just became a penfed member, decided to apply for the platinum rewards visa since it's not going to cost me a hard pull and I was denied. But, if you are pending approval of 1K with a >800 FICO, I can't expect much for a while. Does this specific card just have a REALLY high threshold to be met? Are any of their other cards a bit more flexible with regard to approval? Anyone have advice to getting on their good side over the next year? Hegemony, you seem to have the secret formula -- how do the newbies attain such status with PenFed? (none of this is meant to be sarcastic btw, all very serious questions)
  4. This thing has a ton of milage on it -- honeslty I am amazed it is still running. Unless you have a long-term plan to hang on to it, I would only replace what it NEEDS. You replaced the battery and it starts better now. Keep your air filter clean and change your oil -- unless you are experiencing a serious lack of power while driving I would leave the tune-up alone. If you are in the mood to spend some money, as mentioned before by others -- plugs, wires, cap/rotor is not going to hurt. I was a dealer tech for 10 years and have been building/racing cars for the majority of my life... I have seen some crazy stuff break/explode, but I have never seen this happen to a spark plug (without dropping a valve and it rattling/smashing around inside a cylinder like a pin ball).I really hope that this did not happen to one of your vehicles at some point.
  5. https://www262.ameri...eaol/welcome.do Fill in your info. You'll see that you were denied and they give a phone number to contact them. I called them multiple times last week and desired a higher person to resolve it. Warning: Most of the CSR's who answer first are not really a high pay grade. You may not get the answers you want from them. I asked for a floor supervisor and persisted for a recon. Thanks for the info.
  6. What number did you call for recon if you don't mind me asking? I need to do the same on card I just app'd for and was denied -- same thing, no hard pulls on any CRA's.
  7. Thank you for the bump and for the response. When I made the comment about possibly settling the account, I would only do so for a PFD (and obviously I would like to avoid this). Since this account has been charged off, I am thinking of doing the following: 1. DIspute and Request Verification or deletion from the CRA (Experian) 2. If they verify, and provided proof from the OC -- I will then send the OC a letter that they are reporting and attempting to collect a debt beyond Virginia SOL. 3. Follow up with CRA that SOL letter was sent/recieved CMRR, requesting deletion. Does this sound like the correct flow chart to follow? As I stated previously... This was an electric utility bill, so I would assume based on what I have read that VA SOL of 3 years would apply?? opinions and suggestions please.
  8. Taking a closer look at my EX report -- I noticed that an account that was once a collection by the original CA has now changed status to: Account Charged Off. $1,226 written off Only reporting on EX I have not recieved any collection activity on this account in a VERY long time from the CA -- old electric bill from 2006 (former roommate issues). Does not appear to have been purchased by a JDB yet. I would like to attempt to get this removed -- if I end up having to settle I am willing to do so, but if I could get around that due to lack of response or something else that would be better. I lived in MA at the time of origin, but now live in VA and believe I am well passed SOL. Anyone have suggestions? Dispute/Verify with EX and see what comes back? This is scheduled to be on my report until 6/2014. Here is what is on my report: National Grid Service Co Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Status: Account Charged off. $1,226 written off. Date Opened: 08/2006 Reported Since: 09/2009 Type: Installment Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0
  9. I want to Bump this thread -- I too have been doing a TON of reading lately and perhaps am starting to get things mixed up. I would also like to have some clarification to the question below and quote below -- I have moved (6) times in the past 4 years, different states in most cases for work. Midland is reporting, and has been on my report since 2011, but I have not recieved a dunning letter (that I am aware of) -- they did call me once and I answered, I cannot confrim weather or not they actually validated my identity, but I still do not remember any mention of having 30-days to dispute. I just sent a DV letter to Midland -- (it was recieved this week, waiting to get the green card back) -- I assume they will not respond or reply with some sub-par bs, and I will end up sending a follow up letter and then ultimately disputing with all three CRA's if I do not recieve proper validation. Based on the 30-day rule, will the CRA's kick out my dispute, if it gets to that level regardless of recieving validation or not?? I have never recieved anything standard mail or Certified Mail from Midland (that I am aware of)
  10. I just recently got approved for a walmart card $300 CL -- Awaiting approval on Lowes (7-10 days) How quickly can I call the UW phone number listed and request CLI with some hope of success??
  11. since posting this and doing some more reading, I think that sending in a DV letter -- even though I am well past the original 30-days. here is what I am planning to send in. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this DV letter the wrong way to approach this issue?? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name 8/14/2012 Re:Account #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DearMidland Credit Management, Inc., Idispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to theFDCPA. Be advised that I not refusing payment, nor am I requesting"verification" that you have my mailing address, I am requesting validation;that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation or other instrumentbearing my signature to pay you. Also, pleaseprovide the original creditor's name, address, account number, and date offirst and last payment activity. <br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"><br style="mso-special-character: line-break;">Regards,
  12. I have been doing a lot of reading, but with all of the information here I have found myself a bit lost on what might be the best way to dispute a collection account from MCM. Can someone please help -- MCM pops up pretty regularly on here, so I would assume that their tricks and habits must be somewhat known. MCM purchased my CIT/Dell account: Account was originally opened with CIT/Dell in 2003/2004 -- would have gone delinquent sometime in 2006. They are reporting that the account was opened in Feb/2011 with last activity 120+ days past due in Feb/2007 Reported as an "open account", factoring company in the "account details" on my EQ report Reported as a collection on my TU report Reported as Closed on my EXP report I was working with a credit repair company, and they sent a dispute to the CRA's back in 2011 -- came back as verified, but I never recieved any hard information. Obviously listed as an open account, and my total amout due keeps raising with each letter they send. I never signed any type of credit agreement with MCM -- this should not be an "open account". I have called CIT/DELL and they have no records of when the account was opened, sold to collections, or the original date of delinqency -- they referred me to call MCM, and the information I obtained from them is the same as they are reporting to the CRA's and it is not correct. Should I send a DV letter to MCM ?? Should I Jack Attack EQ and TU ?? (I have a few other accounts that have been paid off that are reported negatively and need updated -- could be included with MCM dispute on attack)

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