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  1. On my lease, I negotiated the sales price in advance, before telling the salesman I wanted to lease. It put me in a better position to negotiate monthly lease price/ $0 security deposit/residual value as well as miles allowed. After we negotiated a price I went home and put it into one of the lease calculators you can find online. On my car, a VW GTI, I found with the amount I wanted to put down, a payment around $300 would be a steal. When I returned to the dealer, I said I wanted to put $x down, and my payment to be $300. Walked out with a smile on my face, a lease at $340/mo for 3y/36k and a very unhappy salesman. A month ago I purchased the car and now own my baby free and clear.
  2. Mine expires in June, is there an option to pay for an additional year now at the old rate?
  3. Disco too, right? *edit* I mean Discover It's new free fico.
  4. AdamC

    MPM down?

    Down for me too. Can log in to EIDT, but once it links through to MPM it's down. *shakes fist*
  5. Approved last Thursday for BCE, they pulled only EX. It was an instant approval if that makes any difference. Now I've just got to be patient waiting for the darn card in the mail!
  6. AdamC


    This has to be valuable information!
  7. Yes you can combine your caps into one. I used to have two and combined for a decent limit However got a notice a couple of weeks ago I was approved to switch to the venture rewards. Letter said I don't have to do anything other than call and accept I accepted ...no cli but no annual (actually forgot the card had a fee) Perhaps many moons ago, they don't combine anymore, it's been a while since they have-unless something has changed. +1, even the kindly EO guy told me no PCs (well, user initiated I guess, hello Quicksllver1!)
  8. I got the PC letter in the mail too. I had the average credit $39 AF cash rewards card, and they PC'ed me to the Quicksilver One. Same $39 AF and they were sure to state several times that the only difference for me is instead of 1% cash back plus 50% annual cash back bonus, that it was going to a straight 1.5% cash back card.
  9. For what it's worth, I emailed the support link on the site a few months ago, and a nice guy named Mikhail responded with the following: Since then, it has updated each month near the beginning.

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