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  1. AdamC

    Auto Financing

    Oof mods are asleep and Hege is away. What is the purchase price of your beloved AMG and where did you get a $1k/mo lease price from? Is it 3y/36k? With two secured cards and a credit done... I question.
  2. Depending on who you already have accounts with, you may be eligible for free monthly FICO scores. For me, Amex(EX), Citi(EQ) and Discover(TU) all provide me a FICO 8 score monthly.
  3. Checking in because I was hoping for a new juicy post in the myfako condones this crap thread.
  4. I see the freedom flex is going to be a mastercard, while the normal freedom is/was a visa.
  5. I believe the general consensus is yes, however it is just not the cheapest thing in the world.
  6. I seem to remember it's not FICO 8, rather an older model, maybe 5? Just checked on DCU and couldn't find exactly which model it is, sorry. Citibank gives me a free monthly EQ FICO 8, however I imagine there's no way to get it without having a CC with them
  7. You can get a free EQ FICO monthly by being a member of DCU.
  8. On my lease, I negotiated the sales price in advance, before telling the salesman I wanted to lease. It put me in a better position to negotiate monthly lease price/ $0 security deposit/residual value as well as miles allowed. After we negotiated a price I went home and put it into one of the lease calculators you can find online. On my car, a VW GTI, I found with the amount I wanted to put down, a payment around $300 would be a steal. When I returned to the dealer, I said I wanted to put $x down, and my payment to be $300. Walked out with a smile on my face, a lease at $340/mo for 3y/36k and a very unhappy salesman. A month ago I purchased the car and now own my baby free and clear.
  9. Mine expires in June, is there an option to pay for an additional year now at the old rate?
  10. Disco too, right? *edit* I mean Discover It's new free fico.
  11. AdamC

    MPM down?

    Down for me too. Can log in to EIDT, but once it links through to MPM it's down. *shakes fist*

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