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  1. Breeze, thanks for posting this info.
  2. One of the first to join creditboards from creditnet. Proud of it !
  3. Anyone getting "B" on Experian ?
  4. I checked out the travel discounts at hotels through this card's travel program. Very impressive, up to 50% off.
  5. $1000 CL 21% apr but that's ok 50% discount at many hotel chains thanks creditboards !!!!
  6. Tough break. You don't have to answer this, but what was the name of the stock that tanked ?
  7. DENIED DENIED DENIED ONE SCORE WAS 739 THEY "MAY" BE A TARGETED CREDIT CARD COMPANY (just because I was denied 3 TIMES doesn't mean you will) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> GEORGE ! They denied you with a 739 ?? Tough break !!
  8. Any comments on Juniper ? Is it a decent credit card ? Good customer service ?
  9. Got my answer. CCB is Chevron Credit Card bank.
  10. I applied for a Chevron Premier card over the weekend and saw a hard inquiry on my EQ report from "CCB" today. Is this Citibank ? Anyone know ?
  11. As I said before, the new Chase site is terrible. How do you like this extended downtime ? I am really considering closing my account with them.
  12. I'm bumping this since this creditor is responsible for what I consider to be overly aggresive reporting to the CRAs. Does anyone have an updated contact for the Cap1 exec offices ? A word of advice to newbies...avoid Capital One. Use someone else.
  13. I'm beginning to think you're right.

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