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  1. Hi everyone. I have a few baddies on my report listed below. Any advice one how to tackle them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! This auto loan is reported as included in Bk on EX but not on TU and EQ. This collection account is from an apartment I was living in a few years ago. It is reported as included in Bk on EX but not on TU and EQ. I am still getting letters and phone calls from the collection agency. This account is from Credit One. It is sold to LVNV Funding for collection. These two charge offs from Cap One and Discover have not been sold to collections. I currently have the funds to pay for delete or settle for less and then dispute later on. Any advice on how to tackle these will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. i am going to write them a letter demanding that they send me a confirmation that the report is frozen with the pin.
  3. have you received your pin yet? the rep told me the same and i still haven't received my pin yet. it has been more than 3 weeks.
  4. I have a few loans with the us dept of ed that's in default. i haven't been paying them for a couple years and now they're in collection with Coast Professional, Inc. I just got out of a BK so i want to start making payment on the loans again. rehab is not possible anymore because i've done it once already. what options do i have now? thanks
  5. I am in the same situation. i filled out the online form to get opt out and received an email saying that it got approved. I also called in to freeze the report and they said they'll do it. I requested they send me a pin and instead i received a letter saying thank you for contacting them re opt out program and send them any documents pertaining to id theft etc. its been weeks and still haven't received the pin. they have a case number whenever i am on the phone with them. i disputed the bk with all 3 cra and all came back verified. at this point how can i confirm that LN is frozen? here is the email i got from them: Dear ____: Thank you for your interest in LexisNexis® information suppression program. Your request to have information suppressed from LexisNexis public records products has been approved and the suppression is in process. Please note that your information will remain in the following products and services: restricted public records products which are available to law enforcement entities; products regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act; third party data available through real time gateways; news; and legal documents. This suppression request does not expire, and LexisNexis will attempt to suppress all of the information available based on the information you provided in your request. Due to the variations in personal information contained in public records, or insufficient or inaccurate information provided in a request, it is possible that personal information about you may be reintroduced to LexisNexis products in the future. If you become aware that your personal information is available through LexisNexis public records products in the future, please notify the LexisNexis Privacy Hotline at once and the issue will be investigated so that we may take appropriate action. Should you have any questions regarding this confirmation notice, please contact the LexisNexis Privacy Hotline at 1-800-831-2578. Regards, Privacy Manager
  6. had multiples order from grainger, quill, amsterdam, uline, supply works and amazon capital in August 2017. continue to order each month. Paid all invoices immediately. Exp shows trade lines. Still nothing from duns. not even a duns number. should i wait it out or should i go with govt contract route? company is s corp with website and listed on google and bbb. i am waiting for duns to report to get some gas cards.
  7. How long did you wait after freezing LN,Sage and Innovis did you wait to dispute? Did you receive confirmation back they were froze? for Ln, I waited about 2 weeks and 1 week for the rest. I did receive confirmation back that they were froze. Should I wait till next month to send out mov letter again?
  8. Hi Blake. I removed the address associated with the BK for all 3 reports, froze LN, Sage, and Innovis. Sent out mov letter to all 3 cra. Transunion came back as verified as accurate. Still waiting on eq and ex. Anything else I can do with transunion? Am I missing anything? Thanks
  9. I did not receive notice of completion. The TLs disappeared for about 2 weeks then reappeared.
  10. I sent out a mov letter disputes with Equifax 3 weeks ago. About 1 week after the letter were sent out, I noticed 2 OC TL dropped off from my equifax credit monitoring service. They were off my report for 2 weeks and now they're back on again with a note saying re-investigation in process. Can they do this? The TL are a little over 6yrs old.
  11. ok. thanks for the info. i've also read on the other threads that people have had success with cli with cap one after the 3rd closing statement.
  12. I requested a cli online a couple days ago. Today I got an email saying the requested is denied because: "Recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too high". Is this normal for cap one? my current limit is $300 and I max that out about twice a month and pif every time. i've had the card for 4 months now. Also is the EO email (fairbank) still working? I sent an email to that address 3 days ago and still no response from them.
  13. Hi Blake. I removed all my old addresses and frozed LN, Innovis and Sagestream. Should I send out a Mov letter disputing iib items first, or should I dispute the BK first, or can I dispute all of them together. Thank you.
  14. Its impossible to get on the phone with equifax since the data breach. I always get the busy tone.

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