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  1. Hi everyone, Im getting ready next week it seems to apply for a term loan for my corp. Chase bank said they will pull experian biz and personal reports. As the only biz owner I will be signing to guarantee with personal / and allowing bcc filing I just ran my experian on myfico as it shows all scoring models I was wondering what scoring model people think they will use the banker didn't know for example my fido 2 is different than my 3,8 and 9 etc Any insight / help would be appreciated. Thank everyone in advance for your time.
  2. Hi, Thank you to everyone for these responses. I very much appreciate this! I will spare everyone the details of my nuances. This is clearly a late not a paid less than agrees apparently. I only hope the good will letters yield some results unless I can find a good suggestion for disputing even if just for the end result! I want to thank this community again for the time and help you have given me!
  3. Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I posted last month about this topic too, basically I had auto reoccurring set up thru an outside account for my US Bank Visa, my mom got very very sick and I thought it was taken care of this credit account but my payment went above the reoccurring payment I was sending in, my fault completely. Although I did rectify when they let me know I received my first baddy ( 30 day late payment) / not "paid less than agrees". The monthly statements and transaction history clearly show dated identical payment amounts like clock work. I am going to apply for my first mortgage in 1 month and I am paying off my utilization this month etc. This late pay hurts tremendously. I wrote 2 good will letters and have not heard back yet but it has not been long (10 days ). I am in a time crunch though, I was thinking I could if advised to mail the cra' a letter stating ( with copies of statements or maybe 1 transaction print out showing 3-6 months / not sure which if any ) I paid less than agreed not late payment if that was advised of me so technically to remove because of error? or ?? I don't know if this is the best approach. In researching the statements now after the fact it did say minimum payment one amount and my reoccurring payment credit being less than that so technically I am confused. I'm starting to get desperate. Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you for yours advice and time. I dont look st the statments normally when it gets crazy honestly. I had it set up to pay a set amount. Do you think there is a special department I send the letter to at us bank as I can likely write s good Letter but wouldnt know where to send my yet. Thank you again for your time.
  5. Hi, I been offline a long time and dealing with family health issues. I need advance / help. I have auto payments set up for all my accounts. It seems my us bank visa raised my min or my usage in that card went up and raised my minimum monthly payments. I missed that but didnt miss a beat on monthly payments but got a call and reviewed my status and it showed amount past due. I immediately paid online then called back and reviewed the account they said true I made monthly payments. But Less than required and they actually waited a month before calling. I did make a error but paid same auto payment for years same date. I do not see paid less than agrees anymore and dont know if that is better but Im getting ready to try and buy a house. This is only negative on whole report and the timing is horrible. Does anyone have any dispute suggestions! Maybe submit my regular payment statments showing less than min payments but that I paid so its not a missed payment but less than agrees or maybe there is alternate ideas ? Im very unsure what to do for a change ?? Any feedback can make a big change to my future
  6. Hi everyone, I need some advice please ...? I joined NFCU a couple years back thought I qualified thru board thru my stepdad being in service / army and after getting a ploc and applying for a biz account they asked for discharge papers for my step dad which i submitted.. Turned out for what ever technical reason i didn't qualify..I have a letter i think somewhere but i didn't fight it. I been following this thread / topic and joined navy league as instructed and actually mailed my entire package in today. I now see others faxed and emailed, but i am already in motion with this express mail package to address on application.I included all data plus a check for opening of savings for $5 My questions that I need help with hopefully are: 1) I expect they will run my TU when they are processing the application , hopefully although i have read another person say they got approved b4 they ran the CR / TU..Last time I applied online I also selected ploc which was instantly approved. How does the process work now that I mailed my application, I understand they will prob run my tu when membership processes my app then reach out prob via us mail. I am hooping the original pull will still be good / why wouldn't it by the time I get online access..But suggestions woudl be appreciated, also my eq is lower than my tu so I am worried I might also get a additional eq pull by requesting the ploc after approval although I do have a freeze on my eq. 2) Does anyone suggest I email my data and attachments over later tonight or early am which will supersede the express mail that wont actually land until Wednesday, so that i can get online access quicker thereby avoid the snail mail delay of utilizing my tu hard pull for membership etc?I m also trying to beat some charges reporting soon lowering my score more because of utilization but I have no other baddie except high usage which im trying to lower as it affects my scores. 3) Finally with the tu hard pull what combos of credit products am I eligible for without another hard pull..I know sometimes you can apply for multiple products within 30 days of the same pull with different banks etc ( I might be OK with getting 2 smaller credit limit products and asking for increases later if suggested / although it seems logically the more new lines you get the newer your average trade lines are which could also lower score but I don't know the percentage)? Thank everyone here in advance for everything including all the past help and knowledge I learned!
  7. Hi a friend I'm helping is going to 1) try to refinance home loan 2) lease a new car 3) apply for multiple ploc ( personal lines of credit ) They have a 780 Fico on average for all 3 cb's And zero inquires or maybe 1-2 tops as they have not applied for anything in a while I advised to do the refinance first Second apply for lease Three then apply for ploc by specific issuers using the credit pull database For each action I advised to start by having freezes on all 3 CB THen systematically removing the appropriate freeze for a day - 2 days for each application so that he doesn't get multiple unexpected inquires on multiple cb. Does anyone think or suggest a different order of the 3 and if so why ? Also any other advice is appreciated. Thank u in advance.
  8. David Thank you do you suggest the DV first or the dispute as obsolete as first and finally should I submit electronically or written
  9. Eq directly and original was credit karma but the eq online direct from Site was hit hard....
  10. It's only on one eq. I was wondering. If I should dispute first and if doung so electronically or by mail is best, can someone please advise ? Also what dispute option is the best first letter or option
  11. Hi, kinda frantic just got a odd time warner collection on my report that may or may not be valid its dated opened 7/2009. I have a business with good Credit I worked very hard on. This is new and only Badie Stated unpaid from focus receivable dropping me from 700's to 600''s $30 balance owed. I Never receive contact and its date assigned 6/14. I am scared maybe my biz crefit lines will be affected and want to eliminate this asap but need advice on the best steps to proceed as to not unotmetnerinslly verify something that if handled people's will go away before the 7 year drop mark that seems available in July this year. Can I please get some Advice from Some If you how to Proceed ? I feel nervous and surprised but know from Reading around here to do the footwork of what's suggested.
  12. Hi I have some products like smart credit and bumped 5 inquires over time. I joined another service to have a total of two and all of a sudden all of the bumped inquires showed back up today after months of being off. In not sure what happened and if I just need to start over again. Any advicd would be appreciated.

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