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  1. Yes I suspected this was the case. Ouch. What a shame after 5 years of work. Hopefully I'm able to get it deleted. Solid advice on the minimum payments.
  2. Its an REI Mastercard CC. I was in Malaysia and was having a difficult time accessing the internet. Unfortunately, it went 30 days late (by less than 24 hours) and now its showing on my credit report. It dropped my FICO a good 20 points :-( What should I do to ask forgiveness? This is a card I've used a fair bit in the last few years. Thanks in advance.
  3. my friend provided me with the referral. I do appreciate it though.
  4. thanks for the reply. Yes part of what I'm trying to figure out is what ducks I'll need in a row for the application process.
  5. Not positive if this is in the right area, I apologize if its not. I'm trying to get a business credit card. I'm a 1099 salesmen so I technically own my own business, but I'm not sure will apply. My friend who recommended the card says they ask what your sales #s are, and website etc. I don't have a website or anything like that but I do have revenue numbers. Does anyone have experience with this? Does my situation qualify for this card? Thanks team!
  6. they continue to call me. Whats my course of action in making them do one of the following: a.) realize I'm not going to pay b.) stop calling
  7. As far as I know the rental company did not pay the fine. Is this something I should put in writing to ask them? It sounds like the general consensus is I don't have to pay this, but I'd like to be sure of it. No plans of going back to Italy but I don't want this thing hanging over my head either.
  8. sounds like in 2016, all three CA's agreed they won't accept traffic fines or other debts that “did not arise from any contract or agreement to pay" https://www.thecreditbureau.com/credit-report/credit-agencies-stop-reporting-unpaid-tickets/ Hopefully this is a good source? Here's another source...about half way down http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/new-credit-reporting-protections-the-national-consumer-assistance-plan.html
  9. thank you for the reply. I'll look around. If someone else has the link handy, I'd appreciate that. So what do I do about the CA calling me? Just tell him I can't pay it? Ignore them? If what you say is true its probably in my best interest to send them a letter stating the laws preventing traffic tickets from showing up on CR, and ask that they stop contacting me....right?
  10. oh I probably should have included this piece of information: the ticket is from a street camera that allegedly viewed me driving in a restricted area without authorization. In my research these fines are legally binding in Europe.... with the courts ruling in "almost 100% favor of the police" when presented with the evidence. The collection agency attempting to collect is Cedar Financial...he said he was calling from California (USA) Lastly, the guy on the phone said the country of Italy is legally required to show me documentation of the fine within 360 days of receiving my personal information...he said they were in compliance because it took them a long time to get my information from the car rental company.
  11. I'm an American citizen. I went to Italy in October of 2015 and rented a car. About a year after our trip, I received a letter stating I owed money for a traffic violation. It was from the city of Firenze (Florence) I paid the fine, I believe it was about $125 Euro. Fast forward to today and I receive a call stating I owe $427.24 for a traffic ticket from Italy. The collections agency stated they had mailed several documents trying to collect this debt. Sounds like it started out as a $140 fine and its now gone all the way up to $427.24 I asked them to email me (or snail mail) the documentation from the traffic ticket. He emailed it to me and it looks like the documents were being sent to my old address. I notified the gentleman on the phone that I had previously paid off a traffic ticket from Italy, but I wasn't 100% sure if this was the same ticket. He said I can look for the payment on my credit card and then call back with the dollar amount, and from there he can verify if its the same ticket. He emailed the paperwork and so I saw a user ID and PW to log onto "European Municipality Outsourcing" website to view information about the traffic ticket...I tried logging on and the ID is not working, perhaps it expired. In any case, what is my best course of action here? I've worked my flowers off to get myself into a good spot credit wise... I'm currently sitting at a 748 according to my Capital One credit monitoring. Upon quick glance I do not see anything regarding this ticket on my report? Any help is appreciated.
  12. thanks. In case this is of relevant to others trying to answer the question. Stubhub is based out CA (San Francisco) The bank I was doing business with when I facilitated to the transaction was in CA Event was in CA. Thanks gang.
  13. one last thing. I have an eBay account that I haven't used in probably 8-10 years but I'm unable to get into it. I don't have access to the email anymore and I definitely do not remember the PW. So I was thinking of just setting up a new account if Ebay will let me.
  14. here's the story story: -went to a high profile concert in August of 2010. It was three nights of music. Just a few days prior to the concert, I had something come up so I couldn't attend the second night of music, and those were the only tickets I had. I decided to list my night 2 tickets on stubhub, and use the proceeds to purchase tickets to the night I was able to attend. -my purchase of night 1 tickets went fine but my sale of night 2 tickets did not. In short, stubhub sold my tickets for me, but the buyer said the PDF file was not uploaded properly. Months later I got a letter saying I owed Stubhub around $1200.00 because they had to correct the issue for the buyer, and the only way they were able to do it was purchase a pair of tickets listed for $600 a piece, and deliver them to him. Stubhub claimed to have called me to notify me of the problem but the letter was the first I had heard from them. I could have easily missed the call? I essentially told them I don't have the $1200.00, sorry. They threatened me and I requested they not communicate with me again unless it was in writing. The representative tried to talk me into making a payment but I did not. I never heard from them again and nothing ever showed on my report. Here we are over 6 years later. I'm not 100% sure of the statue of limitations on this failed transaction. I am attempting to set up an Ebay account and it occurred to me that I may awaken a sleeping giant. Stubhub is owned by Ebay. FWIW I was living in the state of California when the transaction took place. Any advice is appreciated.
  15. thanks. They said it was solely because I've opened 6 cards in the last 2 years. He reccomends I reapply in Feb. That sucks....this card would save me a lot of money with my business.

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