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  1. Hi Joe, I went ahead and uploaded all my documents to Navy Federal along with my membership approval email from Navy League that showed proof of payment. I did not wait to receive the welcome packet, and I was approved with no problems...
  2. That's great news about your scores. I just read your entire thread, and wanted to let you know how inspiring it is. You're doing a great job - keep up the good work. And I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss; it took a lot to share that, I'm sure...
  3. Have the link - instant doubling of my CL to $14,000. Yes, it's not a useful card to me other than to pad utilization, but the increase was worth the hard pull. Thanks for the heads-up...
  4. ^ ^ ^ On second thought, maybe they all would... Love it.
  5. These chicks look like tons of fun! LMAO! Could you imagine seeing this walk through the door. Holy molie!!!!! Or, lying under the tree on Christmas morning... I don't think even one of these beauties would fit under the tree...
  6. DW has had this card (for 2+ years now) and there are constant/ongoing BT offers. If you click on the Balance Transfer link, it will show any current offers. Right now on her account there are two: the first at 0% for 12 months with a 3% BT fee, and the second is at 0% for 15 months with a 5% BT fee.
  7. Yep, I'm so ready for this. Here's the specific quote: "Furthermore, Experian will make FICO Scores available to consumers through myFICO.com and through third parties."
  8. Highest instant approval/CL ever for me: Chase Airtran - $18,000 Got the 2 free tickets, 2 free Business Class upgrades w/$2000 spend requirement. EQ - 765, 4 inquiries at the time
  9. I have. And as previous posters have already stated, it's a nightmare to get signed back up. I cancelled last summer, and "re-enrolled" in February. Had to pay a one-time $15 fee + the first month's charge, so my CC was billed $25.95. In March I was billed the monthly fee of $10.95, then a couple of days later started getting emails from them stating my CC payment did not go through (LIE - the charge was on my Amex). I sent them 2 emails and tried to call multiple times, logged onto my EIDT account and changed the CC info to another card, but they never responded in any way. As of April 1st, I could no longer log in and kept getting a notice that my account had been cancelled. After multiple further attempts to contact them by phone I finally got a live person. The short of it was, it was simply a nightmare to get my account reinstated. I did finally speak to a nice lady in the Billing dept (receptionist is a dragon who guards their lair and does not want to transfer any calls, so good luck with her) and after three more phone calls with her they did get my account re-set. It took until the middle of April to get this all resolved, and by that time my new CC had already been charged the monthly fee for April and I STILL couldn't access any of my reports. I ended up having to re-register as their system did not recognize my log-in information. My advice is to never let it lapse, and if you do be prepared for a long and excruciating ordeal to get it reinstated.
  10. Yep, I'm going to keep an eye out for this.

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