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  1. My due date is on the 13 of each month but they always report to cra on the 30th sometime it won't show up after a week but still the reporting date is still the 30th
  2. Contact the department of veterans affairs collection department and ask for the negative trade to be remove that's all I did when I had an overpayment and did not pay VA after I made the payment I requested to have it remove it took a week. Hope this helps
  3. lowrisk

    Alliant CU

    I think max exposure for the Flagship visa is 80k if you we're grandfather but seems like from what I've read navy change it to 50k N rewards 20k Cash reards 20k Flagship Visa 22k Navcheck 15k Loan 26k
  4. lowrisk

    Alliant CU

    EQ for ALLIANT I app for membership JAN 2013 HP EQ then APR 2013 app for the CC another HP EQ worth it they gave me 15k initial credit line wonder if they do CLI every 6 months anyone knows? My wallet is full Navyfed 103k USAA 55.5k Penfed 36k Going for 300k availed this year
  5. I always use my navcheck and for the past year I'm always -negative balance on my checking that's what navcheck is for the back up if you don't have enough money in your checking navcheck will cover I use the whole amount every month 15k navyfed doesn't seem to care if you max it out as for me. But I always pay in full every month.
  6. USAA Platinum 11k to 20K CLI USAA World Mastercard 13K to 20,945? odd CLI Home Depot $500 to 11K to 16.5K CLI BOFA cash rewards 14k to 17K CLI Lowes $ 500 to 6K CLI Alliant FCU 15K
  7. Looks like my boys from navyfed at it again with all these CLI instant approval did everybody who got the instant approval got softed by navyfed on 2-26-2013? If that's the case I am tempted to hit the luv button. I say that bcuz every time navy soft me and I ask for increase it's always instant
  8. navyfed only AR me on EQ what I'm saying is every time i ask for increase and it's instant it always a SP but when i get the 3-5 message under review it's always a Hard
  9. My experience with navyfed is every time i get AR last time was 1-4-13 and ask for increase always instant approval only SP every time you get the 3-5 day message it's always a hard pull last time. Navyfed accounts 22k flagship siggy 20k n rewards visa 15k cash rewards siggy due for increase 15 k LOC 26k personal loan Total 93 k but I only owe 16 k as of 2-13
  10. I did it online it was a HP had to go through the whole process like app for a new card but was approved and transferred after 2 days no income verification needed just use the balance excuse trick always works for me
  11. it all depends with Penfed I opened my penned defender amex 5 months ago i ask for increase at my 3 months 5k to 10 k and was approved I used the balance transfer excuse always works for me
  12. when I hit my 6th statement with USAA they increase my limit on my Platinum 7K to 14 K a week later i ask increase on my World they increase from 7K to 15 K now I have my Amex coming up next month it cost me 2 hards no problem i already B them off i was denied for the personal loan for 15K but my boys from Navyfed gave me 28K
  13. i have almost 90k with navy fed with 694 EQ and 89k income
  14. same here someone used my flagship charged $340 online navy fed shut down the card and send me a new one no hassle simple form to fill out.
  15. lowrisk

    TU deleted...

    all you have to do is write the VA stating you already paid the overpayment and ask them to remove it from your report thats what i did they deleted immediately. they are not hard to deal very easy make sure you do it certified return receipt. Infact you can message them Via VA.gov

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