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  1. Few months ago actually, which surprised me I'd get an invite so quickly. 5% cash back and cash back match for the first year. 0% intro APR.
  2. Congrats on the Discover!!! I'm a little confused though. It states in the thread below that Discover was in fact included in your BK. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=497094 That was from a 2006 or 7 BK. Not the most recent one. It's been about a decade since I've had a Discover card.
  3. Just over a year out of BK7 I have one CU credit card with a 2k limit. I also have a paypal credit, kay jewelers and LOC overdraft that all survived the BK. I applied for a Discover shortly after BK cause they were not burned and I haven't had one in several years. Not approved. Then a few weeks ago in the mail I got invited to apply for the Discover It. Approved with a $1600 limit. I'm going to keep my other CU card for every day purchases and keep the Discover for things like grocery store, cable bill etc....
  4. Maybe, then we could re-fi later. I think our friend might bite on the land contract idea.
  5. We've been renting a nice four bedroom house in Los Angeles from a friend of ours for 3 years. Our friend is interested in selling the house and asked if we were interested in buying it. We ARE interested but here's the rub... I just filed a BK7 in June, it's set to be discharged in November. That knocks me out for an FHA loan for at least 2 years. My spouse doesn't have perfect credit but has a few baddies from several years ago that are about to fall off or will easily go away with FOAD letters as they're all WELL past the California statute of limitations. My spouse however has relatively low income. Approx 20k/yr where I'm at 63k/yr. My spouse also has ZERO credit cards, loans or any other credit products. Although, he is an AU on his moms backdated Amex from the 1970's which is probably helping him out. Are there any options open to us? I've been doing some research and it seems perhaps a land contract would be a good deal and then in 2-3 years post BK I could likely secure an FHA loan. If not then no harm no foul since we're already paying rent for the same house. Another thing I've heard is that if we combine our bank accounts (right now our financials are more/less separated) a mortgage lender would look at "our" bank statement and see my more favorable income and consider it in the loan decision even IF only my spouse is on the loan. Is that true? Any help is appreciated!!
  6. I'd have kicked the person out right then and told them they can take an Uber of Lyft back home.
  7. WhyChat HIPPA method for Medical Collections. Some magically disappear after the initial dispute letter. Try it!
  8. Based on credit pulls it looks like Ally favors Trans Union and Equifax. FYI
  9. I like the VOLT a lot, I had considered getting one. We have charging stations at work so unless I was going on a weekend trip I wouldn't even need to charge it at home. Plus in California and some other states as you mentioned there's addition rebates included and in California you're qualified for the HOV lane. Then again I might wait till the new cheaper Tesla sedan comes out.
  10. I tend to agree with the others though. Work on getting that medical collection off EX and EQ and you should be all set. Adding another card to the mix with a low balance and you should qualify for the best financing offers just about wherever you choose to go.
  11. I will look into Mercedes.. thanks.. Im in Arizona Ahhh yeah. I live in Los Angeles and everyone and their brother has a BMW, Audi or Mercedes so there's a lot of market saturation. Around here you could get something like this negotiated down to 25k with the extended unlimited mile Mercedes warranty. But it's a few hundred miles from Arizona. When I did a quick search I didn't find anything too appealing out that way either. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?endYear=2016&zip=85001&listingType=certified&listingTypes=certified&maxPrice=26000&mmt=[MB[][C_CLASS[]]]&modelCode1=C_CLASS&showcaseOwnerId=66839&makeCode1=MB&startYear=2006&maxMileage=15000&searchRadius=300&minPrice=11000&listingId=406328121
  12. Also, my scores were not much higher than yours and I had a medical collection on EX when I was approved for 2.99% on a certified pre-owned Hyundai. 10yr 100k mile powertrain warranty and the balance of the 5 year 60k mile bumper to bumper. Push the dealers on price and the interest rate, if they REALLY want to make a deal they can.
  13. What state do you live in? I'd try and find an auto manufacturer that has a lending arm that pulls TU since it's by far your best score. For example, Mercedes pulls TU. You could probably get a certified pre-owned c-class for around $25,000 with the extra Mercedes warranty (which you'll want) and a low interest rate with your score and income. I think Nissan also pulls TU but search around the credit pulls database. It's your friend.
  14. I called but never got a PIN, they just sent me some info that said I was "opted out". Over the phone the representative said it would be frozen and I'd recieve a PIN. What gives? This was a month ago.
  15. That's exactly why I just opened a BofA checking and I'll try for their secured card instead.

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