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  1. I stopped Paying all CC in May of 2008 thinking about a BK at the advice of my now ex-wife, I have continued to pay my car and home loan since but not done anything with my credit since. Obviously they have been sold repeatedly so I believe I should start challenging the credit agency's on the grounds of SOL (in FL) or just disputing and asking for original signatures & contracts??? I also have received a judgment against me from a CU CC as a result of the above, it was in 2009 for $21k & began garnishing my pay for 25% which cost me a job as I could not afford to live so now Im now self employed as an LLC waiting to pop up on the radar (3 years). I was served in 09 but regrettably did not show up due to not having any money & just feeling beat. What can I do now to fix this judgment. When I contacted the firm handling it for the CU the were uninterested in doing anything & told me that interest is accruing. please advise of any options. I'm now needing to begin the rebuild process, thank you for any advice.
  2. I have not made any payments on any of my CC since May 08, I was told if no activity in 4 years they would drop off or i would be able to remove them, is this true? Also 1 of the cc companys a Credit union got a judjement against and started takeing 25% of my pay.. what are my options if any? BTW I live in Fl and have kept my house and car payment up Im looking to clean up & rebuild but many of my unpaid cc have been sold & sold any advice will be greatly appreciated and used diligently..

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