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  1. First, obtain your Lexis Nexis and Innovis reports. Second, do a little research here on freezing the Lexis Nexis and Innovis reports here on CreditBoards. I cannot remember out of the two which of them, if not both, make it a little difficult to freeze them because they require you have a "legitimate" purpose, like identity theft. There are many threads on this and many strategies on what wording to use and what documentation you may need to supply them with to achieve this. Once you have received documentation back from them, usually a confirmation letter with some sort of PIN, etc., begin WhyChat's dispute process from the beginning. ​I used this method to get a paid NYS tax lien DELETED. I can't find the exact threads that I once saved, but the OP alluded to this method working because it "suppresses" what the CRAs use to verify legal entries, like judgments. ​It worked for me with great success. I am away from my files this weekend, but come Monday, I will post here the CRA it worked for for me and whether I wrote/called, and for which steps.
  2. I too, just tried this a few moments ago for an entry that has a DOFD of 10/2009 and will report back on my results.
  3. cyberone, Would you mind sharing your score when you were approved? I joined PenFed and apped yesterday for the same, and I'd like to do a balance transfer for about 10K, so I'm looking to see recent successes with the process and accompanying scores, if I can. A few threads for your perusal: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=549956&hl=%2Bpenfed+%2Brecon https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=542935&hl=%2Bpenfed+%2Brecon https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=536758&hl=%2Bpenfed+%2Brecon
  4. Just reporting back that all is well so far, and I was able to add SO with no troubles.
  5. I took a chance and did it online. It went through, account was opened. Just hoping Milton isn't behind a desk over there, cross referencing old accounts.
  6. Thanks cv - I'm closing on a home on Thursday and have been trying not to "rock the boat". Right after closing, I'll give it a whirl and be sure to post on my result.
  7. So, Significant other would like to open a joint account to pay bills with TD Bank. I, however, burned Commerce Bank for $250 or so, before they were bought. What do you guys think my chances may be that I won't be absolutely embarrassed if and/or when they figure it out? P.S. I successfully disputed their entry on my credit report approximately a year and a half ago. Spank you in advance.
  8. Thanks so much for the response LKH! Will do.
  9. Sooo, yeah, just got an update from Equifax that all Monterey did is reduce the debt to $0.
  10. Thanks shifter! I will take your advice and check back in six weeks or so if there is no change.
  11. There is a much longer story to this, but after NUMEROUS disputes, complaints and the like, I ended up doing a PFD with Monterey Collections. I got a letter from them clearly stating they would delete, and sent a postal money order CMRRR. They received it on August 24th. Should I continue to check my report to see if it falls off, or should I do a "last" dispute with Experian and Equifax, in hopes they will hold up their end of the deal? If they don't, how soon and what can I do to "enforce" the deal?
  12. A few questions that can help obtain more data points: Are your old addresses associated with your BK still on your credit report(s)? Were your results from all three bureaus? How did you submit your dispute? Online? Phone? Mail? Telegraph? How long did your did it take to receive your dispute results? Were there any changes to your IIB accounts? Update: All three PRs were deleted from TU. My old addresses are all gone including the one associated with the three PRs that read specifically on TU as 'State Tax Lien'. My result was only from TU, because it is the only one reporting all three. I submitted my dispute online. I checked my TU report and interestingly enough, there are three empty data fields in the grid where the PRs used to be. Took about three weeks. When I checked it again a few days later, the dead bodies had been buried. Online anyway. Let's hope those bodies don't start stinking.
  13. I am in a state where freezing is the law. Has anyone been able to confirm whether you need to "opt-out" AND freeze? Is a freeze "stronger" than opting out, somehow?
  14. Just infusing some new thinking here: If by definition a 'lien' is "a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged" (thanks Google), and I have had no 'lien' placed on my property in regards to these judgments, and these paid judgments are over five years old, what would be the most effective route to get to someone's eyes and brain at Transunion on this argument? Is it airtight or no? Attorney letterhead? Just thinking out loud.
  15. I like this idea since I have no discipline whatsoever. No debt, but no savings discipline either. I'm going to call in and request that the debit card feature be removed/cancelled.
  16. Bannister, Exactly. I no longer have the entries on any report other than TU, which lists it as a tax lien. When it WAS showing on Experian, it displayed as a satisfied judgment for me as well.
  17. Hi Why Chat, Might you be able to provide insight on whether we are reading 380-j correctly? (iii) paid tax liens which, from date of payment, antedate the report by more than seven years or, a paid, satisfied or vacated tax lien involving a purchaser, transferee or assignee in a bulk sale transaction who has been deemed liable by the state tax commission for sales taxes due from a seller, transferrer or assignor under subdivision © of section eleven hundred forty-one of the tax law, where the receipt by a credit reporting agency from such purchaser, transferee or assignee of a notice, or true copy thereof, from the state tax commission to such purchaser, transferee or assignee that his liability has been wholly paid or satisfied or no longer exists, antedates the report by more than thirty days; - See more at: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/nycode/GBS/25/380-j#sthash.AxuuG2CS.dpuf
  18. I'm big on birthdays; didn't celebrate mine for the first nineteen years of my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!
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