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  1. Okay I know this is not financially sense but I'm not seeing another way out and would love some opinions. We have an 80/20 mortgage from 2004. We are underwater most likely By $20000 which is about how much is left on the 20% Heloc portion which is currently at 6% interest rate. I have a 17000 personal loan at 13%. I was planning on paying off the personoal loan in 2.5 years. However I can't refinance or sell my home since it is underwater. If I put all the extra mo ey towards they Heloc I could get my home closer to market value. Perhaps then sell it or refinance and rent it out. We really want to move into a bigger home for our growing family and feel trapped. I know I will pay more interest but maybe this way I can sell and not have to be a landlord and stress over two mortgages. Thanks for any advice. Sarah

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