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  1. I've never been asked to volunteer employer info as a verification question. Usually it's just "pick from one of these 4 options", not a fill in the blank.
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-16/webbank-where-peer-to-peer-loans-are-born
  3. Have you checked to see if they have any demographics in common? Maybe they are young, from a bad neighborhood, or minority and are worried that an employer will assume they have bad credit. Or this is something those dumb resume websites are encouraging people to do. And there's no shortage of terrible advice coming from college career offices nowadays. Yes, this person who hasn't applied for a real job in 15 years and has never actually hired someone is a great source of advice on resumes. /rant
  4. So someone logged into your account and (over)paid your bills? Is this a thing that hackers are doing?
  5. If the loans weren't part of the bankruptcy, they weren't part of the bankruptcy. Sounds like you knew they weren't and signed off on it. Should have got a different lawyer if you thought they were wrong about something important.
  6. Don't you have to be in school to get student loans? So you're going to pay however much in tuition just so you can use the living expenses portion of it to buy a house? Can you actually get a student loan without being enrolled? Even my private loans required verification from my school.
  7. This seems dumb. I fail to see any advantages. So when I want something, I will use this account to buy it. But rather than having one total of all the stuff I've bought, I'll have a bunch of separate accounts all with different due dates, amounts, and interest rates? And they tout it as being less confusing? It's basically making you apply for a loan every time you purchase something.
  8. Pretty sure you will lose the rewards on the closed card. Use them first. I also think it tells you when you start the combining process.
  9. What are you hoping, that they'll delete it? No chance. You can pay it, and you can stop worrying about getting sued or getting annoying phone calls and letters. And once you pay it they'll stop updating so it will have a chance to age and stop affecting you so much down the road.
  10. Took about a week after applying to hear back that I was in. A few days to get my info. Two days for them to figure out their computer problems. And then, approved for a 25k credit card (current highest is 10k, scores around 650). But then I was outrighht denied for the CLOC, which seems a little weird to me.
  11. It has completely changed. Goodwill letters and random disputes used to work decently well, but nowadays unless you have some meat to your GW or your dispute, success rates are pretty low. Search threads on it, you mostly find people talking about being rejected.
  12. Student loan companies generally give you a longer grace period before they start reporting lates. If you dispute the reporting they'll just add on the 30 and 60 day lates.
  13. Quick History: Paid off a delinquent student loan, got a little bit of a discount on the total. They stopped updating the account (last update was May) but as of this week it still lists a balance and an amount past due. They are slightly different, but are basically the amount of the discount I got from the settlement. I'm working off paper reports, on my EQ report this is listed in the header area. The monthly area below that stops at May and it lists the last update as 6-20. I'm pretty sure this is still killing my reports as it is a current delinquency, not a past one. (only remaining
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