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  1. Thanks for the input.... I appreciate it!
  2. HI, So I have 72 month 1.9% Honda Finance loan for new Accord. I just made my first payment due September 22 and I see there is an option to pay over my scheduled payment amount and I can choose whether the extra dollars go to the principal or to the total loan balance. Under what circumstance would I NOT WANT my extra dollars going toward the principal amount? ( i paid $100 over and selected principal this time.) It seems like a no brainer but is there something I am missing where I would only want to pay down the total loan amount? School me!
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  5. I called at 6 months and took HP on EX to go from $1,000 to $1,500. FICO was 667 with lots of inquires and a couple old baddies from 2010.
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  11. Not worth it to me....couldn't get credit card. I had to have the form notarized to close my account! Took a week to open share and checking account.

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