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  1. Has anyone sent a letter for goodwill? I can't seem to find anything on the best place to send a letter would be.
  2. I'm trying to get my pull before the date and it's not even an option for me now. My last pull for all 3 was 9/9.
  3. We get a free score but I think they only update with use BC mine hasn't updated since May. I haven't seen a report though, only a score.
  4. I know creditchecktotal experian runs daily.
  5. Recon. My score isn't as good as yours and I got approved online for $3k. I called the next day and asked for $25k and got it.
  6. It didn't affect my csp approval.
  7. Maybe ask for goodwill due to the situation of totaling a car. Also, how old are the lates?
  8. Have you disputed with the OC?
  9. Okay I must've misunderstood. Sounds like you got it down, just have to be careful of reporting times.
  10. They say authorized users don't matter and don't affect getting a loan since the other party isn't responsible for the card. I would leave it as is. The best thing would be to pay the card off and util will go down/score go up.
  11. I tried for a NFCU CLI and got $1000 but said they denied what I asked for-can't remember how much I asked for now but I'm thinking $25k. Worth a recon message?
  12. Did you read the paperwork it came with? You could also do online customer service if you don't want to call-I've banked with them for years and their CS is super nice and quick to respond.
  13. NAC

    Navy CLI

    My recent CLI was a hp also.

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