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  1. any idea on getting them removed? I hate how they're treating this...no one had my permission and I want them gone.
  2. We told this guy over and over not to run our stuff. I guess once we thought this car was ours and he said we HAD to use GM, husband said ok well this is a rock and hard place...but then within 10min we knew it wasn't the right car, our credit was still ran.
  3. Local car dealer, we paid a deposit on a car and they pulled our credit. Husband didn't fill out a thing, I've never even stepped foot at this place. I didn't get notification right away in order to get on this. Once I did, the finance dept would not call us back. Sales guy on 1/7 said since it was past 30 days they couldn't do anything (I think this was Nov when I got covid) and to get with the bureaus. I already filed a dispute with EQ. They closed it the same night and said get with dealer. Which I had already tried. Now dealer won't budge and bureaus either. What recourse do I have here or what are the best next steps?
  4. Images are not attaching for me so I am not able to show their reply. However it says: In response to your prior letter, this office investigated and verified our credit report on the referenced account. We then informed you in writing that no in accuracies were identified in either the account or the report. This account represents the emergency department position fees for services provided in the emergency room on March 30, 2018. As stated before, if you have a specific dispute, we will immediately reopen the investigation. However we are now classifying your continued vague dispute as frivolous attempts to dispute information you know to be accurate. This communication is from a debt collector attempting to collect a debt on behalf of Texas medicine resources. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. a few things. This debt has not been with URC that long, maybe since January that I am aware of. So they’re wrong on that account. I am pretty certain I started with “LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCY ON MEDICAL ACCOUNT REPORTING WITH A BALANCE DUE” which appears to be the wrong step.
  5. I sent a validation letter to the JDB and this was their reply. It was a whychat letter but it’s in my laptop not phone so I can’t access it at the moment to recall which one I sent.
  6. No I called the billing department. This is an ER branch of a bigger unit and they always say to call billing in my experience.
  7. While we're still waiting to decide what to do, the biggest debt (with United) they said they didn't have anything to send us regarding the debt, and sent us back to the original debtor, the hospital, and the hospital says they can't tell us anything bc they already sold it off. What the heck. They also wouldn't take a partial pay for delete as that was our goal just to get it off the dang report. Why exactly should I pay you $1100 and you can't even tell me when or what it was for?? We have a long closing, June 30, so I am diving in ASAP to try and get this resolved.
  8. We got our current mortgage four years ago. I had an er visit with terrible short term insurance and it cost me OOP about 5-7k. The radiology bill was paid at Medicare rate and the rest was my responsibility. The ER dr bill same, except I thought I’d paid so would need to dig in my records for that. However assuming I didn’t, my question comes into play. we’re house searching and getting credit pulled for new mortgage. Lender tells me about the above two bills in collections. I knew the radiology one was but not the ER. I’ve only received one thing about the ER dr bill. I went online (it’s owned by United) and there’s no useful info for me to refer to the collection. I submitted that they mail me something so I could have this in hand. here’s my issue. Lender wants me to PFD which at this point it seems that is all I have time for? We’re talking closing within 30-40 days so do I have time to do whychat or something else? He’s in a hurry and I’m not exactly wanting to throw $2k at them just yet but I do see the urgent need.
  9. Hi! I've been a member for many, many years back when we were cleaning things up for our first mortgage. Since then, we've successfully purchased two homes and had no issues getting auto loans, nor credit cards with extensive limits. We're in Texas, where I was able to use the TFC to my advantage. It really works, y'all! I sent countless letters and took DH's score from low 500's to mid 700's!! I'm now back for medical collections, which are new to me. We had Tricare prior, where they paid literally everything and nearly nothing was trouble. When I was hit with a terrible ER bill on a high deductible plan, and the insurance wouldn't pay but the Medicare rates-OOF you can imagine the fear and panic when bills started rolling in. I've got two JDB's on my report and am working thru using the TFC again to get them off. I hope everyone here takes matters into your own hands and has great successes like we have! You can do it!!
  10. Has anyone sent a letter for goodwill? I can't seem to find anything on the best place to send a letter would be.
  11. I'm trying to get my pull before the date and it's not even an option for me now. My last pull for all 3 was 9/9.
  12. We get a free score but I think they only update with use BC mine hasn't updated since May. I haven't seen a report though, only a score.
  13. I know creditchecktotal experian runs daily.
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