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  1. Never heard of them, check the website - I am guessing you are in the Lehigh Valley Area, I hear good things about First Commonwealth FCU that services the same area.
  2. It's a credit union, and you are basically an owner with your shares. You have a say in the running of the institution, you get to vote on issues and board members - and they are more lenient with credit vs a traditional bank.
  3. I'm lost - Apple Lease? Is this business or Consumer? And are we talking about Apple Computers? Sorry lol
  4. Delaware despite it being the banking capital is quite consumer friendly
  5. I'm not sure what your worried about. Just apply and go from there. This is what I was worried about... App'd online, 5-7 day message. Called backdoor # and was transferred to credit services to verify app. Guy was about to start asking randomlly generated questions and then all of a sudden says, "Oh, you'll have to wait for a letter in the mail with the decision. Thanks for calling." *click* Called back, guy said app denied and to wait for letter with reasons, no one can overturn the decision because it's system generated and no one can tell the reasons for denial over the phone! WTF! I
  6. Some people have had success after the 2 year point with their retail cards - especially the gas cards. It is hit or miss.
  7. Yea, I'd also say in-store. Got all my GE cards, both past and present in-store.
  8. Yes, and just because it was an official court proceeding, a Federal One at that.
  9. No - I don't. Actually I got the card on Friday, and the range was 300-620 on a GE Retail Scale, so I am not sure what they use to formulate their own scale. But I got a 489 out of 300-620 according to the back of the card.
  10. Thanks everyone. @Rogue - SDFCU has kinda been hit or miss for BK folks, but even more so since they switched from pulling EQ to EX. But, they did ok by me, I dunno if it had to do with my score on EX plus the rate of establishment I had since the BK. Since this post, I was also able to pick up another GE Account (Old Navy) and with that I am gardening
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