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  1. Borrowed two $2100 loans from Avant and OneMain for emergency expenses. While looking for money shook some trees and have a friend going to repay me 5K of a 10K debt. So, I want to retire this $4200 high interest quickly but want to leverage it for history on my big three reports. Should I pay off in one lump or run it out three, six months to show some history?
  2. AlanJ44

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  3. Found it Yeah! http://www.mastercard.com/us/personal/en/c...violations.html
  4. Went outlet shopping in Foley, Alabama! Good gosh how many times do they ask for ID with my signed card? Everywhere except Coldwater Creek and Polo store! Walked out of Direct Tools with no purchase when the sales guy got smart about it. So my question is... who has the link to report these clowns? Thanks in advance
  5. My wife got a total cancel on her zero balance GEMB World Market card. Letter stated her credit report lead to the cancellation. So bogus, she is over 100 points higher and four years further removed from our BK7 than when they issued it. Here is the pisser, said the entry would state "closed at credit granter's request"! What crap.
  6. CNN reports Amex is cutting credit limits for half of their precious card members! Boy that's how you stick with your customers in hard times. Oh wait they have never stuck with anyone! Been posting forever that these folks are awful financial partners, but go ahead and keep worshipping at the alter of the Amex Gold and other semi precious metal cards. They and their collectors will bring you back to earth when hard times come around.
  7. I vote for a visa-mastercard issued by your primary bank. It's low profile, doesn't attract attention, and the smuck in line behind you doesn't have a clue to your net worth or in my case lack of net worth! Plus if you do any online banking payments and maintenance is a snap. My disclaimer is this: American Express is not all that and chips! They are your partner when times are good, but take a turn and they become your worse enemy. I had the same mistreatment as that guy with the radio show.
  8. Don't waste your time with AMEX! They are all your business partner when times are good, but have a bad month, watch out! Then after black listing they continue to send pre-approval offers.. I had to get a lawyer to get that crap stopped. I'm well aware that neither me nor my children will ever be "good" enough for their product but they keep rubbing in our nose with those BS offer letters. Please..... There are plenty of other products that do the same service.
  9. Never mind all that crap! Just keep hitting the CRAs with disputes. I had 5 trucks repo'd and within 18 months all evidence is long gone. I now have a yard full of cars, trucks, camper all financed!
  10. I would tell them to bug off! After the way they and their collection agencies treated my wife and I during the recession, and our bankruptcy of 2001 neither of us will even think of them as a financial partner again. We had to suggest court action to get them to stop sending us applications that we all know would be denied. Bordered on harrassement I thought.
  11. Cap ones stick like glue, Them and Amex are the only hanger ons I have remaining. And now with some age on them they are non issues. Once I spoke with a Cap One manager, I asked point blank will PFD work? His reply "save your money since it's a charge off for us anyhow, PFD will never happen" So hey!
  12. Discover is a joke, I've never known anyone with class to want this piece of crap!
  13. The GMAC people are hard marigolds. I have several form letters from them telling me life is tough, lates on the CRs are facts that must follow me for the life of the seven year law! Can't wait to send them a copy of my Toyota buyers order financed via credit union, just as I promised if I didn't get a little goodwill! I'd rather buy my 8th GM product, but hey.......

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