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  1. Hi lweingart, I appreciate the response. I've disputed accounts before, some online, some through the mail, and a few account we're cleared off. So I did a little more research regarding the remaining accounts and finally came here. The whole process just seems so time consuming to me that I would just rather delegate it to someone else.
  2. Hi Guys, First of all, there's a ton of info on here, thanks! Reading through all of this information, I'm becoming a little overwhelmed with the concept of credit repair. I know that I can do it myself, but I'm just not very organized and diligent. I tried before, and I didn't follow through all the way. So here's my question, if you were in my shoes and didn't have the time, patience, or organizational skills needed to fix your own credit, would you hire someone else to fix your credit, and if so, what company would you hire? I know of a few out there like Lexington Law, but it seems a bit expensive. There's others out there like SkyBlueCredit.com, OvationCredit.com, CreditFirm.net, etc... that only charge $40-$50 bucks a month for the same service as lexington law. Who would you recommend? What are your experiences with these companies? All help will be much appreciated Thank you!
  3. Don't worry Nanara, stay strong and positive. I'm sure your credit will improve, it's only a matter of some hard work and a bit of time.
  4. WOW!!! This is all I can say, WOW. Lots of great info but honestly, Credit Repair just got 10 times more complicated for me. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the patience or the organization to pull this off.
  5. A bit off topic, but since you guys are discussing Macy's... Why don't they report a credit limit?
  6. The SOL is based upon the state you lived in when opening the contract or the state you currently reside in. Creditor can choose. How can I find out which one the creditor chose to use? Do I have to ask them directly? That's a great question! I'm sure if you call them you can coax the info out of them. I once called a collection agency in regarding one of my accounts in an attempt to settle the account and have it deleted. Well, things got a bit heated and I wound up telling the rep that I decided that I wasn't going to pay her a dime because the account was most definately outside of the SOL. The rep proceeded to give me the exact date that the SOL would expire on my account, as well as a few other juicy tidbits of info. So my suggestion, call and tell them that your account is outside of the SOL, then wait for the response. Let them give you all of the info you need.
  7. Great site, lots of info, thanks to who ever started this....thing.

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