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  1. Chopped here also. 17 down to 6 though 5 of those are stickies, I should have done a triple puller because I am certain I only need 1 more soft to bump the last inq. Oh well, still success in my book.
  2. When you update there is a link that allows you to update to daily, ime best to call because they will give you add the unlimited w/o an extra charge for the current service month, the next month will increase to $24.95 unless you are able to talk with the csr, some times they'll extend the daily at the same price, ymmv depending on the csr. Not sure if it charges you the difference if you use the link.
  3. The recent soft inq's probably have nothing to do with your 10 year old collections. I wouldn't be surprised if you have new collections in the near future.
  4. Yeah, I completely missed seeing the TU Plus entries. Again, I think that there are other things to be concerned with...that's just my opinion.
  5. Wow, terrific! Congrats on all the progress!
  6. You are almost certainly on the chopping block w/EQ, you need to add in Credit Secure (AmEx holders only) or USAA to get B* on EQ. C* is coming up this weekend so if you add in USAA or CS you should see B* during the next B* period. For TU keep pulling SCP, I'm guessing you must have missed some days in the 2 months because SCP works by itself, you should see B* on TU soon.
  7. I'd be more concerned with the CA's and JDB's accessing your report than B*ing right now. Probably a good idea to opt out. As far as answering your question, Pathway Data's should all count, CreditKarma 2-3 should count. Don't see any other though.
  8. I know people complain about Experian often, my experience was great though. Experian is my best report and has been the easiest for me to deal with. If you have TL's to dispute it's my opinion to dispute them w/all the CRA's. You may be surprised with your Ex results. Even if you don't get the deletions you can at least know you tried and attempt later from different angles Make sure you dispute through the mail (certified). Freezing your report just keeps creditors from pulling that report for credit applications. It's useful if you go on an app spree and get too many inq's on Ex...freeze it and many creditors will pull Equifax and/or Transunion instead...others will request that you lift the freeze, just depends on the creditor.
  9. Poor you! The foothills were horribly hot yesterday! We had a power outage when it was 104 2 Fires and a drowning on the American River also...yesterday was a rough one! As far as the home buying we're at a stand still right now. We have had a busy busy week. We're hoping the house we like drops in price this week, we looked at our finances carefully and we *may* go forward even if it is a bit more than we initially wanted to spend. It would still be well within the DTI allowances....just more than WE wanted lol. Our current DTI is under 4% and our income allows for the higher purchase. I just may not be able to shop as much...which could be a blessing really
  10. For Express after you enter your zip code it will either populate a pop up...or not.
  11. You can do both. I'd call right away just in case...request again that ALL old addresses are removed and that an updated report is sent to your current address. Then send them a letter CM and reference the telephone call, add the date, time and rep you spoke with as well. Keep a copy of that in your records along with the copy and receipt for the CM. I'd look into what Occam said as well.
  12. That's why you should call and explain the situation and get the old info removed.
  13. I'd call EQ directly and explain what happened, they should send a copy to your current address. While you are on the phone have them remove all old addresses as well
  14. Not entirely positive...I looked at it briefly but haven't really had time to see what it offers and what info is available through it.
  15. Hubby 705...down from 722 Mine dropped below 700 to 695.
  16. +1 to the first part of this, someone should have caught this...not sure if it should have been the agent or someone else...but certainly SOMEONE should have known. I really hope this gets worked out for you immediately!
  17. I rebooted and was able to log in to both accounts...phew! I was worried. Weird though, both of our accounts were unenrolled from electronic billing. I wonder if there was a system update or something.
  18. I just went to make a payment on hubby's WM card and it said unable to process request (no incorrect password message). I tried several times and then tried w/my account and same message. I recently removed myself as an AU from his card and am worried something is wrong with our accounts now Anyone else having problems logging in?
  19. Since you got the approval on CareCredit you will *probably* get approved for both Lowes and Walmart. Be careful about opening too many store cards and too many cards from one bank (GE in this case). If it were me, I'd get the Walmart for the free Fico monthly.
  20. Hope this hasn't already been posted.... CFPB added a database of complaints... http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/dig-in-releasing-credit-report-and-money-transfer-complaint-data/

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