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  1. This isn't technically about auto finance, though it's related. I am going to look at a car this afternoon, and I haven't had a chance to get mine cleaned up or detailed. Will that make a difference as to the trade in value?
  2. My DH's father was retired from the Army, and we were able to become members recently through him even though DFiL was never a member, and passed away in 2015. We have his DD-214, but so far nobody's asked for them.
  3. Yep, going for the secured card this week. May need to just tough it out. Good news is, the car is doing fine.
  4. Any data points on the possibility of an auto refi with NFCU? Just joined and was declined for a CC. Completed Chap 13 BK in Feb. Exp. Score 577...others are right around there. I have just over a year remaining on a Cap One loan at 20 something percent for a 2010 Honda Odyssey. Or maybe I should just trade her in...?
  5. I reported earlier that DH was in with NFCU through his dad, retired Army, who passed a couple of years ago. We called to apply, and were told to wait for the welcome packet in the mail before funding. Got that in the mail last week sometime (lost track of time with him in the hospital) and finally did the funding, over the phone again. With a just completed BK13 and scores across the board in the high 500s, I had no hope of a c.c. approval, but went for it anyway while we were on the phone. It took a couple of days, but sure enough...denied. However, we're going to do a secured card, and star
  6. I just opened a new Cap 1 card at the first of March with a $500 limit after finishing Chap 13. Following advice here, I am putting a lot of my normal spending through it. I put ~$260 on it and paid all but $12. I have put another $300 on it. Checked it online. Bal $312, which is right. Available credit: $73 and change. My questio6: Where is my other $115? I have looked at the transactions listed and they seem to be all there. I would call them but I am sitting with DH, who is in the hospital, and he is sleeping. And there doesn't seem to be a chat feature. So I thought I'd ask the exp
  7. Called NFCU over the weekend and DH is in! Got the email, now just waiting for the welcome packet. CSR said to wait for that to fund the account. May have to send in docs at that time as well. We are in through DH's dad, who passed 2 years ago...he was retired Army. Once all that is done will app for a cc....secured if nothing else.
  8. I have read somewhere here (and I can't find it now) that we need to use a paid hard copy of our reports for cleanup. Can somebody explain the difference between a paid-for report and the annual free one from the annualreport.com site?
  9. I am rebuilding after completing a BK13. I have a brand-new Cap1 I will PIF each month. I know I have read on here about timing this payment before the statement cuts, but I can't find it now. What exactly is the best way to do this?
  10. Thank you for the links!!!❤ I snuck around today at work reading as much as I could but I did have to, you know, work, so I didn't read as much as I wanted to.
  11. DH and I just completed BK 13 last month. I have been reading with interest a lot of threads re: NFCU. My DH's dad, who passed a couple of years ago, was retired from the Army, and would have been eligible for membership. If I understand this correctly, that means DH would now be eligible. Assuming he can get in with them, would the BK keep him from being eligible for any credit cards? Scores are low (high 500); waiting for our paper reports to get started fixing what we can. I know scores aren't everything. I got one card, Cap1 at $500 limit, and made him an au to get things rolling.
  12. Bewildering to say the least. I do appreciate the helpful responses here!
  13. If you want FICO scores, why would you go to Experian or Equifax? If you want FICO, you go directly to them at myfico.com. Because most people don't know about MyFico. We are all in a bubble here and assume that every one knows the basics of FICO scoring. I can easily see how an average person would join the service to get their "official" credit report from the source and their "official" Equifax score that doesn't use 3rd party scoring models (as they advertise). I can easily see a person getting confused and not knowing to look for the words FICO. But you are correct, the OP sh
  14. I went to experian.com and equifax.com, just so I could be sure I was getting FICO scores. This is so frustrating. How are people supposed to know?
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