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  1. Thanks ... I like your suggestions. A few questions though: 1. Why freeze Equifax and Experian - is it because of the difficulty in removing inquiries from them? 2. Re B* Transunion - I have USAA Credit Monitoring, and I am able to do daily pulls. Is that all that is required when I want to "Bump" inquiries from TU? What other services can I use to increase my bumps? How long will it take to get rid of lets say 10 inquiries? Thanks very much - Oy
  2. Great - thanks very much - I will do just that. Thanks for all the suggestions about the used appliances - where do I find such used appliances - apart from YellowPages ?
  3. Yes, I think so -- I will wait for about a week and see if I can get a Sears...
  4. Thanks - just tried applying for a Home Depot card - and got approved for a CL of $700. Thats a start - I am happy. And I will use it wisely... rgds, Oy
  5. Thanks - does it matter whether I apply online or in person/in-store - particularly, if I intend to choose an appliance right there and apply?
  6. Hello Folks, I just closed on a home and need some appliances. All my scores are in the mid-600s. I applied for Lowes and got declined. I want to apply again for another card preferably a store card that can help me get my appliances. Could suggest which direction to go, and whether to apply online, in-store. Also, if declined, which cards allow for reconsiderations? cheers, Oy
  7. Thanks - will the dealer be able to see (in the "system") the NMAC rate, or I have to show them the evidence?
  8. Hello, Thanks for all your advice and contributions to my various questions. As you know, I am in the market for a car. My credit is not so stellar, as my previous posts here indicate. But I have made progress, raised all my scores to mid 600s and was able to close on a home. The only stumbling block to an auto loan is a very derogatory history I've had with a previous auto loan: the car was repoed, then redeemed, and the final balance of about $2K was settled. I am interested in a Nissan Pathfinder, with a total purchase price of $42K (taxes inclusive). The dealership run my credit. My experian score (the worst of them) was 666. But they could only qualify me for 5.0% APR for 72 months through NMAC (Nissan Financing). The resulting monthly payment of $678 is affordable. Other banks they tried denied me financing: the dealer tried 2, and I also applied through PenFed and got denied. But I wanted to see if I can get a better rate, by asking another dealer with a competing quote to run the file. Do you think this would be worth it - including the cost of multiple inquiries? Or, should I just continue my gardening, improve my scores and then refinance in about a year or two? Thanks - Oyiwaa
  9. Hello, We are considering a car - we think we can afford the direct financing now, but with a slight stretch. But we like the car and want to own it. So, I am thinking of the unlikely (and probably unpopular) scenario of leasing for the first 3 years (to help with the lower monthly payment), and then buyiing out (financing) the car at the end of the lease. Please, kindly share with me your thoughts about when such an approach makes the most sense - does it in my case? Is it better to swallow the monthly payments now for 6 years, or lease and then finance the same car later? Thanks very much - Oy
  10. Thanks again --- are there dealers / finance companies that use traditional FICO scores, instead of the Auto Enhanced versions that put more emphasis on car loan history? cheers, Oy
  11. Thanks very much.... yes, the listing is what confuses me because I never received any "Notice of Repossession" - right after the car was taken, I contacted them and was able to reinstate the loan (by paying the missed payments + repo fees). So technically, was it a reposession? I am not sure, and worse still, all 3 CRs don't list the current as repossession or redeemed repo.. Is there anyway to find out what auto financiers see? cheers, Oy
  12. Hello, I plan to apply for a car loan late this summer. I understand previous car loan history is one important consideration. Yes, I indeed, have a car loan, which eventually get settled - here are some pertinent details about its history: Car loan account opened in 2004; closed in 2010 (balance of $2K charged off) -- Three (3) 30-day lates in 2008 -- One 30-day & One 60-day lates in 2009 -- One 30-day; One 60-day & One 90-day late by April 2010 (Car was taken to be reposessed, but I intervened early, cured the outstanding debt and prevented the repossession; I was offered a settlement of the balance of $2K, and I accepted and paid it in August 2010). The full extract of how it is currently reporting is available in the link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Jcfdnug_WLN1ZmekNWLWQ1a00/edit?usp=sharing Questions: -- Even though the car was almost repossessed - they did come for the car, but I had to move quickly to get it back, hence never fuily went through the repo. But will current car finance companies see this information? -- secondly, what would be the likely/potential impact of this history on my application ? -- Would it weigh a lot? Thanks -Oy
  13. Thanks, MarvBear .. I should be applying late May / early June. Cheers, Oy
  14. Thanks Admin. I'm not sure what "the highest" refers to - but I will attempt an answer here.... hopefully, it contains what you are looking for. I've only had one auto loan - with Suntrust between 2004 - 2010. Because I settled the final balance of $2000 (because of a charge-off), I guess it wasn't paid in full. The loan was for $17K. Hopefully, this helps ... cheers, Oy

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