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  1. I had a bad streak and my Capital One account was charged off and placed with Midland. 1k balance went to 7k and the terms they propose are laughable. I can dispute, but my biggest priorities are avoiding suit/garnishment and short term credit score improvement. Is it best to try to make a payment plan, dispute, or ignore? Is there another option I'm missing?
  2. I'm trying to jump right in and get as much done fast as possible without skipping steps. I've already drafted letters to the CRAs to dispute old address. I have TLs from 5 collection agencies for small accounts, mostly medical. I would like to send validation letters at the same time to get the ball rolling, but I'm wondering if it's okay to do this before the CRA's have responded? Also, do these letters to CRAs need to be sent CMRR or is it okay since I'm not disputing TLs?
  3. I was on here before, so long ago I can't recover my password. Now I'm back with a new account. I had great success here around 5 years ago but life has intervened and now I need to focus again. I'm re-reading psychdoc's seminars and other good noobie stuff but I'm left with a question I can't find the answer for. Has anything changed in the 7 years since this was written? Almost all solid information on here is from '05-'07and everything since is following up. I can't read every thread and will continue doing my homework, but is there anything earth shattering I've missed? Thanks.

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