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  1. A good friend had a car reposessed last year after he lost his job what kind of letters do I send into the credit bureaus to make this go away? all help will be appreciated!!
  2. Looking at your nubmer you can not afford a NEW CAR go look for a 2010 or 2009 car that would cost you less every month. And did you know that all new cars depreciate 40% the second you drive it off the lot!! go USED!!
  3. Made the mistake of co-signing a car lease my "FRIEND" has faulted on the payments I can not make them I am turning the car in can I get this repo off my credit reports?
  4. Let us know how this works out for you -- so we can do it too!!
  5. I have several loan defaults from mortgages I could not pay a few years ago during the real estate boom. Can these be disputed off my credit reports? Thanks, BBFL58
  6. (in rereading this, my wording is choppy, but it's a direct c/p for example purposes) As you can tell, my DVs include an explanation of why/how they were reporting wrong since after verifying the first time (after my general dispute to the CRAs) they obviously didn't know that they were reporting wrong When I've disputed this way, they usually fall off quickly. There have been a few exceptions, but considering how many baddies I started with, I consider this method a success. Then when I dispute with the CRAs (part 2 of the punch), I make sure that I am disputing the same bulle
  7. I live in FL and I'm helping a friend in KY clean up his credit and need to find out if they credit bureaus call charged off CC accounts "Negative Items" or "derogatory credit" Thanks!
  8. Since 35% of your FICO Score is made up of your credit history -- the three credit cards - do not close them down just pay them off and leave them in a drawer if you need them for an emergency.
  9. I'd like to know how this turned out can you give us an update?
  10. Try getting on americanloansearch.com look for free credit repair link and send in another dispute address to Credit Bureau Updates not mine letter to Wells Fargo this may just work . Also for Household Bank find out who purchased the account and send another dispute letter CMRRR to that company.
  11. Everyone's different I started out in 2001 searching did not know CB existed at that time to get rid of 10 baddies on my credit reports I found americnaloansearch.com had free credit repair tips and letters to mail to the CRA's. It has taken me 4 years and now all the baddies are gone.
  12. The best place I found for letters for the CA is Free Credit Repair they have everything you want to know for FREE to clean up your credit reports with the Credit Reporting Agencies -- also depending on where you live you can also get a free copy of your credit report from Annualcreditreport.com I used the letters on American Loan Search and these letters really work I was able to make 10 charge off accounts go away!
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