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  1. Am new to this forum and have been reading a lot of posts and am still confused. If the CA sends you a dunning letter, what proof is there that you got it if it isn't sent registered mail? Many people have been talking about a paper trail in case of a lawsuit, but is it just accepted as fact the date that's on the dunning letter? What's to prevent a CA from changing a date on a letter if it's to their advantage and keeps you from getting into the 30-day period, and therefore they don't have to provide validation of debt or cease collections activity? Also, is there no protection in the laws for those people who might not have received the letter, for whatever reason (moved, wrong address, or mail not delivered), or if the only way you become aware of the collection activity is through seeing it on your credit report, which might be well past the 30 days? Thanks for your help.

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